The Hermes Birkin is synonymous with classic. But what do you think about Hermes’ take on the Birkin Club for Spring/Summer 2011? The bag features stripes (some refer to them as racing stripes). Tri-colored, we think the colors are gris, perle and Mykonos blue lizard.

The overall vibe of the Hermes Birkin Club has a younger feel to it – something meant to be seen as more fun, with even a tad of a sporty finish. Do you prefer the classic Birkin or the Birkin Club?

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  • barbara

    Truthfully I dont like it. I feel the Birkin is classic and there is no need for them to try to modernize. I am 18 and I feel the regular Brikin is much younger than this one

  • Stylista

    No, no, keep it classic. It’s really difficult to make such a sophisticated, classic bag for a younger crowd, and this certainly doesn’t do it well.

    • PAM

      Is the price younger? What is the price?

  • 19yearslater

    I like it. Nothing from Hermes appeals to me personally but I like them both.

  • Lucia

    I like it!! But I prefer the classic!

  • Letícia

    To be honest, the stripes really don’t suit this bag. But probably because it looks a little off, I LOVE IT! <3

  • Vitta

    Crisp color combination! Perfect for spring/summer. Love it!

  • rashida

    I don’t like it I think the classic is timeless…

  • Laura

    Not a fan…why mess with what works?

    • Sam

      That’s how fashion works. If nobody “messed” with anything, then what would we all be wearing right now? Plain shirts and jeans?

  • quds

    i like the color combo, they didnt choose anything funky, but if its the same price as the regular birkin, well then i would get the regular birkin instead!

  • Margaret

    I adore the classic Birkin and would love to own one. If I had that kind of life / $$$ I think I’d be able to find a place in my life for this sportier, summer-y version! Most definitely…once I had the classic one, though!

  • MsLabelsofLust

    Its okay but whats the cost of this one?

  • annabelle

    i dont mind this birkin. i like the sporty look.

  • mochababe73

    Personally, I think that it makes the bag look cheap.

  • ChanelAngel

    Does anyone know the price of an Average / normal Birkin??

    • Karenina

      You know the old adage, don’t you? If you have to ask, you can’t afford.

    • couturemepink

      The average cost is $9,000, but you have to spend a few thousand in the store before they sell you the bag to keep it “exclusive”. They normally won’t sell it to you if you just ask for one without buying something first.

      • Lisa

        Are you serious, you have to buy something else to buy what you really want, wack!!!!!

  • papertiger

    Give it to me!

  • Ana JB

    Come to mamma ;)

  • LDJ

    Hunny, I think I just had a pursegasm. I like both looks. I’ll rock them both!

  • Karenina

    It looks like it needs a number “53” on the side of it; Hermy the Lovebag!

    No thanks.

    • Mariah

      LOL! Exactly.

  • BooIn

    I love classic beauty!

  • dj


  • Stacy

    I like both. Love the colors they chose for the bag pictured.

  • KathyB

    Love the Birkin, don’t like this one, though. I would like one in the solid gris. Anyone know the price??

  • Dawne

    It’s very pretty, but as you say it doesn’t have the classic look of the Birkin.

  • Lisa

    UMMM, no, the color, if you get something on it, it’s a wash for the amount of money you put out!!!!!

  • Call me crazy, but I love it. The colors are crisp and compliment each other well and for ladies who already have several single-color Birkins, I would imagine that something like this would be a welcome addition. Vary things up a bit.

    I’m sure it costs more than the average Birkin, though. Those blue strips are lizard, and prices go up exponentially with the introduction of any exotic leather, particularly when Hermes is involved.

  • Fiona-Brasil

    Why fix something is not broken?Besides, the colors are not nice(my opinion to the debate!)

  • Clare (@BagSlut)

    It speaks of yachts to me. I can see it working somewhere like Cannes, but it would look out of place in a grittier northern city I think.

  • crazyfor hermess

    the classic one

  • edoardo

    >The bag is quite nice but has completely lost is “classic appeal”… So could be itneresting for women who belongs a lot of Hermès bags to buy it but for everyone else who desires a classic Birkin I thinkt hat this mdoel is completely wrong!

  • chloehandbags

    I prefer the look of it to the regular Birkin, personally; but would prefer it if there was no lizard involved.

    Still isn’t my kind of bag and I think any normal person would think the idea of having to buy a ton of other stuff, in order to be ‘allowed’ to spend a fortune on a bag, utterly absurd, but still!

    Don’t even see how that keeps it ‘exclusive’, anyway? Surely, keeping it exclusive would be to only allow certain ‘chosen’ people to buy it? Not just anyone who has a few thousand to spend? Who may well then just sell everything off on eBay…

    Surely, the truth is, it’s simply about flogging as much product as possible? Not keeping anything ‘exclusive’, at all and in many ways, I would prefer the honesty, if they would admit that.

    There again, I’m all about inclusivity, not exclusivity, personally; so, the whole idea of ‘exclusivity’ (real, or not) is not one that appeals to me, anyway.

  • vivoli

    OK only if you have as many birkins as Victoria.

    • Jo


  • Cate

    ummmm….I LOVE it for spring/summer! I agree with Amanda, the colors are crisp and to me would go with a lot.

  • mabs

    It lessen the appeal of sophistication and of being classic.

  • swati

    why mess with a classic . I don’t like it at all. reminds of LV personalized painted stripes. Didn’t like it then, don’t like it now. Why spoil something that is working fine.

  • Sasa

    I think this is better than the classic. This is more attractive than the plain classic one. I’m sure that many people would like and buy this one! ;)

  • Bir

    Well I do prefer the classic but the idea of this sporty 1968 Shelby mustang type birkin with a newer more modern look for Hermes is something I like I think I could go for it !

  • lilobubbletea

    I think this bag looks nice. It’s still the classic shape of a Birkin but with different leather detailing – I would say that it’s so similar that it really shouldn’t have a new line of it’s own. It’s like saying that each time a birkin is designed with more than one color, it should be in a different category.

    I personally like this style quite a bit. I still love the classics but this is a great bag for the sportier types. Also a great bag for men too.

  • Kat

    I’ve never really been a fan of the Birkin and I’m less of a fan of this. Maybe I’ll change my mind if I see a better color combination, but I think the stripes took a little away from the elegance and sophistication of the bag. IMHO, the words “Birkin” and “sporty” don’t go together.

  • suz

    To me, it looks like a weird …dare I say….cheap knock-off. Love the classic….this looks like a “status symbol” type purchase…..

  • InouisLover

    If you already have several classic Birkins, I guess this “sporty” look would be a fun way to add interest to your collection – but I can’t see it taking the spot of one of the classic versions…At least not in the heart of most Hermes fans :)

  • saz

    Loving this Club! It looks refreshing, nice touch with the blue lizard, giving different texture. Maybe not a Classic replacement, especially for the fans, but I think it’s a nice alternative.

  • erica

    on no no no, don’t guild the lily. this makes it look like a (gasp) knockoff

  • Shannon

    I like it, it is very refreshing. Does it come in any other color combinations? I would love it in black or brown with pink and white stripes.

  • NikolineK

    I like it! But I if I had to choose I would pick a single colored one.

  • bagfetishperson

    My first reaction is that I didn’t like it, but then it gradually grows on me…. slowly….

  • Staci

    I actually like the blue strips. It’s different.

  • Jackie Chee

    Lurve it, Simply Lurve it

  • Lulugurl

    I actually really like this! The classic colours are gorgeous, but this is fun and quite frankly unexpected!


  • Artemis

    I agree that a Birkin should be classic and also in classic colours, but I wanted to ask if anyone knows the approximate price in euros for the Victoria. I am thinking about the one in taupe colour, in the largest size possible. Would it make a difference if I waited to purchase it from the US with the exchange rates etc? What is the price for the different sizes? Thanks much Artemis

  • Tonya

    I’m still not a fan of this bag. I’m thinking maybe when I’m older 50’s and up I’ll be willing to possibly looking into carrying one. I have a close family friend who has a wonderful collection but I still don’t feel that this bag suits my personality.

    I know the quality and craftsmanship is outstanding but the design itself is rather boring to me. I would def. pass on this bag…..

  • dalex

    It could work with different colors. This might be a case of keeping a classic bag, classic.

  • Aldina

    I think it’s nice that they are trying something new…they might get a different group of people with this new design.
    But the classical look is better, but this one is great for a spring trend.

    Aldina Dautovic

  • Louisboy

    I love the clue!

  • Louisboy

    I love the club!

  • Hermes Birkin is my favorite bag
    agree that a Birkin should be classic and also in classic colours, but I
    wanted to ask if anyone knows the approximate price in euros for the
    Victoria. I am thinking about the one in taupe colour, in the largest
    size possible. Would it make a difference if I waited to purchase it
    from the US with the exchange rates etc? What is the price for the
    different sizes? Thanks much Artemis 

    We have it in stock.