If its title did not leave you in sheer awe and exhilaration, these images will. Meet the 35 centimeter Hermes Birkin in Matte Poro Crocodile in Blue Brighton with Diamond-encrusted Hard Ware.

Lucky Lady Vernilover recently picked up this seriously stunning piece on a recent trip, and I could not resist to share it with our PB readers. I am not sure about the price, but my guess would be in the ballpark around $160,000. Available through select Hermes boutiques around the world.

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  • That bag is HEAVEN!!!!!!

  • Shannon


  • Ellez

    I’m in total awe of that bag!!!!! Almost speechless…not sure if it’s becasue of how beautiful it is or the price tag

  • Ellez, gotta be both!! Bag and price are out of this world!!!!!

  • Holy crapola, Amanda want.

  • Amanda, let’s put all of our money together and buy a 1″ x .5″ piece of this!

  • YESSS! Let’s do it! Can I pick the scale that I want???

  • sweetneet

    omg that is gorgeous! that color is my fave out of the the 3 diamond croc’s that she owns. the blue color is just tdf!!

  • Andee

    I saw her original post and fainted. This a HG for me that will never be.

    Thanks to Verni for the post.

  • chanelbaby

    Croc Birkins are out of this world and sadly out of my league too, boo hoo

  • nadia

    It is fantabulous!!! What watch is this??

  • susan

    I LOVE hermes. However, I am not tempted by diamonds on a bag.

  • Deliciously decadent!

  • Marianna

    This bag is like a great masterpiece-a pleasure to look at and so beyond my reach I don’t even toy with the idea of owning it!

  • Vernilover’s bags are beautiful, but what I find that draws me to her posts is her photography. Always so crisp and gorgeous. She finds just that special way to make even a simple thing like a handbag look like a complete piece of art.

  • Jessica

    I love her Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet, too.

  • dyjann

    The colour is mesmerizing………so pretty

  • Contessa

    As much as I think this bag is stunning, it amazes me that someone who has that much money to spend on a bag or three would take time out of their day to post this on a forum. Bizarre.

  • Merve

    I love the Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet tooo…but the bag is just swoon swoon swoon. Maybe we can all chip in and buy one then share it around? One month each member…ah well we can still dream.

  • oh my Lord HEaven…it’s so amazinggg :D

  • Vernilover

    Why is that weird Contessa? I find time to post on the forum just like you :p

  • Personally, I am not a fan of the diamond detailing; it’s too much for my taste on a exotic skin Hermes (or on any Hermes for that matter). But I love, love this color blue and the size is perfect. The bag looks very pretty on her!

  • dela

    I don’t know what the big deal is!
    Just kidding ;)
    This bag is to die for. I would literally die and go to heaven if I can get my hands on this piece of art.
    Congrats Vernilover

  • pursefan

    Same here. Hermès doesn´t really need the bling – Sorry, vernilover, please don´t feel offended. But since you´re hardly wearing any jewelry, you might as well go for the diamonds on the purse ;-) Really love the colour.

  • Suki

    Vernilover, any thoughts of doing a Pics Only thread of your collection? I tried to get through your other threads before but they were too massive with the 100’s of comments and I just didn’t have time. :(

  • Jennifer

    Can you say ‘Holy Grail’??????

  • kinny

    Before I turn into a thief I am not even lingering on this long enough to stare. Cannot afford therefore won’t even look. Bye Bye!

  • Kelly_Birkin

    Vernilover, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is the ultimate dream Birkin!!

    Congrats. :)

  • Lisa

    Suki, to see photos only, sometimes you can click on the thread’s paperclip (next to the post and view counts) to see the attachments only. I do that sometimes when I am in a rush.

  • jackie725

    D-R-O-O-L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Ga-Ga-Gorgeous! Congrats VerniLover. Another piece of art to add to your stunning collection. If you ever want to send your collection on tour, I’d be happy to host it for you in California:).

  • peace43

    Gorgeous!!! And Vernilover’s pictures are always fabulous!!! Makes me want to take a photography class!!!

  • She owns three of these?!

    Love the Van Cleef & Arpels and the Chanel J12 as well.

    Lady sure knows how to make people jealous and lustful!

  • Jane

    How do people manage to own such expensive bags? I’m in awe. That bag is worth about 5 cars.

  • Olivia

    I have always been a fan of the Birkin. This is brilliant. I LOVE IT!

  • Contessa

    If I had the means to afford 3 Croc Birkins, believe me…..I wouldn’t be anywhere near a computer. I give you credit for taking beautiful photographs of your bags though.

  • Merve

    Maybe photography, bags and trailing sites are her thing. Doesnt matter her means.

  • Nat_CAN

    Gorgeous bag :) It’s so expensive and beautiful that I would be afraid to use it though. You have so many stunning bags, do you switch your bag everyday? :)

  • kssc

    Gosh what a bag!cant imagine when i could afford one like that!

  • Its and absolute stunner… Wish that I could own it (maybe the lock and keys could satisfy me just..)

  • AppleGal

    what an amazing piece of art! I am speechless.

  • maggie

    I love all the Birkins. I have a 30 red matte croc. well with no diamonds, hahaha!!! I love this blue, it is beautiful.

  • pomona


    I LOVE hermes and everythins they do AND i Have the chance to live in Paris.
    However, I have a small problem…My general tendancy is to go for a birkin more than a kelly and my mother recently gave my as a baby shower gift a beige poussiere 35cm gray alligator bag…

    I could I sell it intellignetly (that is not trough ebay were 200% are generally fake?

    Thanks for any suggestions

    pomona from paris

  • Computer Class


  • birkel

    simply perfect i dont favor diamonds on birkins but on this one they fit perfectly i wish you many happy times wearing it vernis lover

  • Samantha

    The color is amazing! I think it would be a great way to glam-up jeans and a t-shirt.

  • val

    are yuou crazy!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    For all you fans of crocs and birkins who cant afford Hermes (and thats pretty much most of us), do check out crocolux.com!

  • Anonymous

    yeah the bag looks good but not worth 160,000…some companies make such emotional fools of women…clever marketing by them no doubt!

  • Mo

    W-O-W!!!! its amazing!!!!!!! u should see the Blu Roi colour

  • bebe

    There is one on ebay for 69000. USD you in?

  • an

    wow, if you lost that you’d probably have to go to therapy forever…



    oh my god.

    This is the most beautiful bag I have ever seen. I’m in love with it.

  • atw

    I’d save up and treat myself to a $10,000 bag at a push, but that would be a month’s salary to me.

    So, what does this person do for a living to be able to blow this much money on a mere receptacle? How did she earn it?

    If it was special and she’d saved for it, she’d need only one.

    It’s kind of gross to brag about it on a forum too. Nobody with class, style, or good breeding would do this.

    Lottery winner maybe? Married a nouveau riche fella?

  • Tangela

    It is beautiful…I have my limits on what I will spend on a bag. This one is way out of my range, but still absolutely stunning!

  • CharlieSweeper

    do you know that amount can feed all the children in africa for 1 whole year?

  • RY

    Charlie-was thinking about it too, but hey-she makes it and she spends it how she wants it and you will never be able to feed all the children in Africa anyway-birth rates are high.

    ATW-no, I do not think Vernilover is a lottery winner as she talks about work. But I would love to find out what field she is in and force my daughter into that field.

  • Anon

    Haha..of COURSE she has time to post her pics on the internet…how else could she show off ????

  • meebes13

    I was on Rodeo Drive a few years ago. The black crocodile with diamonds 35 cm was $125,000.

  • Jenny

    LOVE HERMES. one of my favorite brand. All the other company uses their logo as a seller but hermes can be sported because of fashion and quality. Only people that knows their stuff notice hermes.

  • Mary

    Sounds more like she’s a mistress of some wealthy guy… in a sense it’s work

  • Blue Jean Palm Beach

    Its is beautiful! I’m not big on crocodile in general but that bag is stunning. Saw a magenta croc birkin with diamond studded hardware in the Hermes Palm Beach store. Until now that was the only croc I liked. I agree that 160,000 is a bit much. I would sooner get a GT Bentley in baby blue to match my togo 40cm before that. Lol

  • Kat

    I can tell her Vernislover is Asian, maybe her family is already extremely wealthy, she may have just been born into this kind of money. No need to be a hard worker if that is the case, so she has time to post online.
    Either ways it’s her money and she can spend it however she pleases.
    Amazing collection. Stuff I wouldn’t even get to see in stores.