Heidi Montag with a Hermes Haut à Courroies

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt tend to drive most of us crazy. There are the fans, but many people love to hate this duo. Who is laughing all the way to the bank? Speidi. And after they put their money in the bank, Heidi Montag purchases the most absurd amount of designer handbags. Her bags are expensive, trendy, exotic, and the collection does not stop growing. Promoting themselves, Heidi’s Playboy cover, and whatever else, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted at LAX today.

No matter how amazing her collection of handbags appears, Heidi has the capability of making amazing bags look ridiculous. Take her oversized Hermes Birkin Haut à Courroies (HAC) that she was spotted carrying today for example. I have always yearned for a Hermes travel Birkin, but after I see it on Heidi I cringe a bit.

Hermes, a brand known for understated elegance, must be nauseous after seeing these photos. Certainly, Spencer holding up the Playboy magazine with Heidi on the cover, as they pose to kiss does not help the overall look. Many others sport large Hermes travel bags, like Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham, they just wear it with much more class. I will continue to love this bag, but wish someone would nab it from Heidi and wear it with some grace.

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  • tt

    how much is the bag?

  • Julie @ Wearing Mascara

    Very well said! This picture disgusts me.

  • Not sure on the exact price, well over $10,000 though

  • mal

    Hermès just needs to ban her forever. Love the bag, hate her. And I agree, she makes one of the most gorgeous bags look horrible.

  • Kelly

    That bag looks ridiculous. And as for Spencer Pratt! Well! He would sell that girl up the river for a quick buck. He is like her pimp! Does he have a job of his own? Who knows.

  • renee

    It looks like something out of the back of my Hummer that I hide things in so they don’t get stolen…a junk tote…all squished and trashed.

  • Claire

    Ugh! I agree with mal.. blacklist!! On a lighter note… I’d do anything to get my hands on that oversized birkin and give it lots of love!! *drools*

  • michelle

    who needs a birkin that big?? maybe she is trying to escape from him???

  • Dawne

    The Birkin is too huge…it almost looks fake when they are like that!

  • Paulina

    This is so terrible. How many copies of the magazine do you think she’s carrying in the Birkin?

  • Zehan

    They are annoying!..Gross!! I’m not hate her cause she had Hermes, I just simply hate them. Don’t care!!!

  • Gabrielle

    “Hermes, a brand known for understated elegance, must be nauseous after seeing these photos.”

    I completely disagree. I think Hermes knows and is totally ok with Heidi wearing this bag, and any other Birkin. These bags require a waiting list. She’s obviously not on them, if they didn’t want her carrying it, they would keep her on the waiting list. I’ll bet anything she’s even got at least one for free. She’s constantly photographed, it’s free press for Hermes, this is a no brainer here.

    And stop being a snob. The only thing ridiculous here is the size of that bag and why on earth anyone, Victoria Beckham or not, would wear it.

    And I hate Speidi, too.

  • stella fleuret

    Ridiculous. Both the bag and the couple. And why would they even carry that ginormous bag as a purse? It’s insane. You can fit your whole travel essentials in there, if not your entire house!

  • HS

    Frankly speaking, I don’t know who Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are.

    I really pity her. Her arms must be hurting a lot after carrying such a humongous bag. I know it’s a Birkin but still …

    Just for information, one need not be on a waitlist for a travel Birkin. It can be purchased off-the-shelf.

  • MizzJ

    Ugh this is horrible! Hermes you should grab your bag back from that awful woman’s claws, she does not deserve something that classy.

  • Terry

    Is it a HAC???

  • ISAY

    Why is everyone acting like snobs on here. If she can afford it what the hell does everyone else care? Do you think Hermes cares about all these negative opinions on here? No. Just bc some of you on here have a birkin bag that makes you the judge of who can an cant carry hermes? And whos to say that this heidi person isnt classy? do you all know her personally? What about Pamela Anderson, Naomi campbell, Kim kardashian, Victoria beckham, Victoria Sylvestd, and Little kim just to name a few. Are you implying that all these ppl I just named are the epitome of class and sophistication? What a joke.

  • Jimmy

    What has she done to her bag? It looks completely mashed and abused. Droopy, miserable looking birkins make me sad. :(

  • chirpy_gal

    yup…. i so agree…… the bag must bring out the look, the personality….. and here even a bag like Hermes can’t help :S :)

  • serene

    does anyone notice that spencer is carrying playboy magazine!
    heidi is ready to kiss the goldenboy but he’s eyes are staring at the magazine :D

  • LindaP

    That is not an attractive bag, it’s huge with those itty bitty handles.

  • Bagboyy

    Gabrielle, Hermès has never given away Birkins for free; not even Jane Birkin whom it is named after received hers for free. Also, I’m pretty sure that Hermès would be nauseous looking at this because it is tarnishing the brand as one that usually typifies as the epitome if style and class. And being critical of the tackiness of Speidi does not make one a snob, but shows that there are thankfully people out there who don’t subscribe to this nonsense.

  • Jenny

    not my fave look. i agree that the bag is a bit big (it even looked odd on katie holmes), but hey, to each their own. spencer continues to annoy me as the hype man.

  • raspberry

    why is that boy holding up Playboy with his “girlfriend” on the cover??? Heidi must need that bag to compensate for the trashed up reputation. If it’s posed, plleeaassseee stuff that bag and arrange it properly for the photo shoot.

  • Nancy

    I don’t care who made that bag, it looks like a freakin suitcase. I guess if she’s using it as a carry on for the air plane, it’s ok since it looks like she’s at the airport. But that bag is hideous otherwise.

  • Nancy

    It looks like the handles are ready to rip off of this very expensive “well made quality” product.


    Just discovered this… I’m in South Florida now… my mother passed away. Have discovered about 30 hand bags, all good quality, looking for a place to sell the entire lot. Any thoughts? Please contact me at mistahrose@yahoo.com

    Thanks. MR

  • Urooj

    I don’t think that anybody is “being a snob” here; its a website dedicated to review and critique handbags so thats what we’re all doing.
    I think that the bag you choose to wear and sport is a reflection of your personality and style, and from what I know about Heidi and Birkin, I just don’t think this is a match

  • Amelie

    I agree, this look more like a Haut à Courroies than a Birkin.
    But she still manages to make it look riddiculours!

  • Amelie, you are right. We think it is a 50cm HAC.

  • Anna

    Ew. I really want to know what she is carrying in that, though. Who needs a bag that big to actually carry, even if it is a beaut HAC? Bedding, maybe. Or more copies of her magazine to pass out to people. Ick.

  • 19yearslater

    Wow. The Playboy needs to go- everyone knows. The bag just looks silly on her.

  • otter

    Bag is perfect for her excessive, exhibitionist, overblown, foolish image. Match made in retail heaven. She needs to remember that anything hot, uncovered for long enough will cool off. Her days in the sun are numbered. Soon, her and all of her stuff will be on the curb.

  • Beth

    She looks really skanky. Also, like you could fold her up real small and fit her INSIDE that bag. Very disproportionate I say.

  • wgs

    this is just ridiculous! someone should stuff these two losers in that bag…

  • To Urooj

    it could be argued that a lot of the ppl who carry hermes are not classy, not just heidi. its not a bag that defines if someone is classy or not.

  • Lori

    This bag is just too large for her, regardless of the brand. It looks ridiculous.

  • urooj

    I don’t think a bag defines you as classy or not either, but I said its a reflection of your style, I never said anything about class. A Birkin has its own style, and this person has her own style and it doesn’t look like it matches.

  • Franca

    I am sure she could fit in that bag ;o)

  • Jennie

    I don’t care who makes the bag…its a horrible looking bag and she looks out of place carrying it….
    It looks like a suitcase I would find in my great great grandmamas attic….or something! LMAO….

  • Linda

    The bag seems pointless…I agree with the comment about a bag for the back of the Hummer…for tools. This couple is obnoxious and annoying…but they are obviously laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Julie

    That bag is absurd. It’s too big for anyone. It is just her screaming again “LOOK AT ME”

  • Sean

    Who said Hermes can’t look cheap ???

  • Puggles

    I’m usually pretty neutral on this stuff, but after seeing Katie Holmes sport the red HAC, Heidi does make this one look like the giant shopping SAC at DSW. Poor bag!

  • atrophia

    What Franca said… I think she could fit inside the bag. It just looks ridiculous, even as luggage. Who would carry a luggage bag, with luggage inside it, by handles that small? Somebody who is only carrying bikinis and sunscreen, I suppose.

  • kimmee1969

    As a travel bag I think it’s a beauty. I just scrolled the page up until only the bag and their legs were showing.
    I could see myself throwing my things in there and blowing up the coast. A little road trip bag.
    I wouldn’t carry it around though, there are far to many beautiful & practical bags out there to drag around your luggage.

  • Marissa Cooper

    “I have always yearned for a Hermes travel Birkin, but after I see it on Heidi I cringe a bit.”

    I totally agree…and the bag looks wayyyy too big for her.

  • Jacquelynne

    Sometimes I think you should have to pass a “class test” in order to carry a bag like the legendary Birkin…and let me tell you Heidi would get a failing grade…I can’t stand her :(

  • Kimberly Marney

    Goodness… she could travel IN the bag!

  • karen cunningham

    eeww….yuck……. the previous posts state it very well…….

  • rachel

    i like the birkin but at this size, it looks ridiculous. not worth the money in my opinion.

  • erica

    That bag looks so dumb, wow, I wouldn’t carry it if I got it for free. I mean, wow, that was insane

  • erica

    OMG, Spencer and that Playboy magazine. He always shows it for pictures. I’d like to roll it up and hit him with it! LOL

  • Michael St. James

    LOL…This bag is so BIG! I can’t stop laughing!


  • MissLoveChanel

    I am a big fan of the Birkin but the HAC is just not proportioned in a way that I find useful or beautiful. As a matter of fact, the longer I look at this photo the more it becomes like one of those “What is Wrong with this Picture?” things from when we were kids. I would circle the giant bag, the Playboy magazine, the brassy hair, the phony “air kiss”, and Spencer in his entirety.
    Just my humble opinion;-)

  • fashionistaO

    LUV the Hac … Just saw on in the Wall Street location – sells for $ 11K
    affordable for that size …. it’s a luggage piece not for daily wear.
    His and Her weekender .. maybe.

  • Ira

    Well said! i really love d bag on victoria and katie holmes, but on heidi? it looks as cheap as her..

  • An4

    if you can fit into the bag, it’s probably too big to be carried around as a handbag… yuck.

  • hermes1

    She is ridicolous!


    Let’s get a bunch of us and take that poor bag away. Sort of like a dog rescue. I’ve never even heard of that girl. It probably belongs to somebody else. I’m sure NO salesperson or manager would have sold it from their shop. That would be bad puplicity for Hermes.

  • Keisha

    I love birkin but i think this one is a lil too big lol, I would rather have them re-make that bag into two little ones lol

  • Audrey

    UBER dumb bimbo.. *puke*

  • Hamda

    quite reasonable for college going girls easily can carry books in it as well.apart from that its just normal bag.Birkin do have really better or even great bags them this.but its not bad as well.