This Halloween I am celebrating by dressing up as a lady who spas (meaning I’m putting on a much needed green mud mask and a soak for my hair while wearing a robe). The kids coming to our door may be a little confused as to what I am, but I think it works and I totally need some at-home spa treatments. And for their having to look at me, they will be rewarded handsomely with some of our favorite treats. From Crunchies to Smarties to M&M’s to Haribo Gummi candies, there is a treat for everyone that comes to our door.

My treat tonight is my Hermes Alligator Kelly Longue Wallet. Every year it is the best Halloween accessory a girl can ask for. And the lady who spas as a Halloween costume coincides well with a little piece of Hermes.

What are you dressed up as or who are you dressing up as what? Have a sweet, safe, and fun Halloween!

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  • Amanda

    Sounds like a great idea! Do you guys have a lot of kids in your building? How does trick-or-treating in Manhattan even work? I live in one of South Florida’s millions of gated communities and kids pretty much just go wild here, so I’m just curious how it works in the city.

    • We live in a large building and what happens is the building asks who will be putting out candy/accepting trick-or-treaters, then the list is sent to everyone in the building so they know which apartments to go to. It works out really nicely and has been so fun!

  • mochababe73

    Our condo complex sent everyone an orange pumpkin. If thy were accepting trick-or-treaters, you hang up the pumpkin. I live in a large complex as well, and I appreciated not having to waste time. The time was limited from 6:30-8:00 p.m.
    Anyway, I LOVE that bag. What a beautiful treat.
    Maybe you could have called Adrienne Maloof and had some treatments done at her house. She even had treats. LOL!

  • rose60610

    The wallet is outstanding.
    We live near an elementary school and get bombarded with trick or treaters each year. My husband likes to hand out large candy bars and I think some kids make repeat trips. But all the Super Mans and goblins blend together and our golden retreiver enjoys all the visitors, regardless how many times they come by.

  • J Umm

    some of them managed to get into our university halls , lucky SOBS!


    I lvoe this bbag very very cool and very hermès :D

  • Jackie

    That wallet is the most delicious piece in that bunch. Sooo delicious I could almost taste it.