Happy 2021! I wish all of you a happy and healthy new year. Hermès Spring-Summer 2021 pieces are finally starting to arrive at the boutiques; in most years, these items start to arrive in the US just before the holidays (in some countries the stores hold the new inventory back until after New Year’s Day). Despite production issues related to the lockdowns, it appears that the Hermès metiers are moving along at regular or near-regular capacity, with just a few clues as to the ways they have made things just a bit easier for production. Today we’re diving further into the collection, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 1 of our overview.

Ready To Wear

This time I’m only going to touch on my favorites from Ready-to-Wear. I personally was thrilled to see traditional shapes in the usual plush leathers and reliable, go-with-everything colors. Clothes which are so eminently wearable, I’m surprised that they aren’t already in my closet, and I was hoping to see that those concepts would be borne through to the upcoming colors, leather goods and accessories. For the most part, I have to say that Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski did not disappoint, with repeats of popular concepts in both traditional and more fun colors and shapes; a little different, and generally not too daring, which makes sense considering that those who can still buy at these prices may be more inclined to make smart and not dated purchases.

These are just a few of the pieces I found could really fit in with almost any wardrobe:

I love this whipstich-trimmed coat and dress. Note the roll-and-snap at the neck, perfect for adding a scarf which will stay in place and not get lost. A number of the ready-to-wear pieces had this feature:

Whipstitch Coat and Dress. Photo via Vogue.com

Notice that both the coat and dress each feature a flattering cut, and the color works for any season. If you like a more streamlined style but still love the whipstitch, this version is shorter and also has a belt:

Brown suede coat. Photo via Vogue.com

Finally, I absolutely love this leather dress for everyday (or night). It’s perfect for layering in the cooler weather:

Black leather dress. Image via Vogue.com


Of course, PurseBlog is more about accessories than fashion. It was impossible to miss the one shoe that truly dominated the Hermès Spring/Summer 2021 runway show (was there even any other shoe?): the clog.

I am not really a fan of clogs. I have never owned a clog. I’ve never even considered a clog. I have to say, though, even I may be a convert for this particular clog (actually, they don’t call it a clog, but we all know what it is…).

Presented in both shiny leather and rich, warm suede, accented with an edging of studs over a wood sole and a subtle tonal, almost stylized H (there is also a version with a Kelly closure on the top; personally I prefer the subtle H over the gold or palladium logos on many of their shoes), the show really presented these clogs as a viable alternative to nearly every other day shoe: dressy enough for dresses, casual enough for jeans, easy enough to throw on at any time.

Calya Mule

Calya Mule image via Vogue.com

Calya Mule image via Vogue.com

Carlotta Mule

This is similar to the Calya, with the Kelly closure on top.

The Carlotta Mule will come in a variety of colors and prints. Photo via Tag-Walk.com

The Carlotta Mule will come in a variety of colors and prints. Photo via Tag-Walk.com


Camilla Mule

A beautiful open-toed mule with the elegant Roulis hardware.

Camilla Mule. Photo via Hermes.com


I would be remiss if I didn’t at least give you a peek at the colorful sneakers that will be offered too.

Hermes Spring-Summer 2021 Sneakers. Photo via Tag-Walk.com

Hermès Spring-Summer 2021 Sneakers. photo courtesy of Tag-Walk.com


One of the things I have noted is that – as of this writing – it seems that there are only two new colors for Spring-Summer 2021, with a bunch of favorite colors returning.

The two new colors are a green-yellow, named Jaune Bourgeon, and a dark reddish brown, called Rouge Sellier.

Jaune Bourgeon and Rouge Sellier. Photo via @Hermes/@The_Notorious_Pink

In terms of current colors, Jaune Bourgeon fills the space between Lime (named somewhat inexplicably, as I’ve never seen a lime that color), which is more yellow, and Vert Criquet, which is more green. If you’re familiar with older Hermès colors, it’s like a lighter, slightly more yellow version of Vert Anis (which was popular in the early 2000s). It’s definitely a cheerful, fun color and perfect for Spring.

Jaune Bourgeon along with similar colors. Photo via @Hermes/@The_Notorious_Pink

At first Rouge Sellier seems more like a warm fall color to me, but during the Spring we don’t eschew dark colors completely, and so I see this serving as a “safe” foil for the lighter hues (I personally find black a bit heavy-looking with pastels and spring colors). The best way I can describe it is by analogy: what Prune is to the purple shades (dark and warm), Rouge Sellier is to the red shades. In fact, I see it as taking the spot between Chocolat (a brown shade with red undertones) and Prune (a dark purple with red undertones).

Rouge Sellier along with similar colors. Photo via @Hermes/@The_Notorious_Pink

If you’re looking for which colors are Hermès’s versions of Pantone’s 2021 color of the year – well, this year, Pantone has two colors: Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray. Hermès beautiful Jaune Poussin will be back this season and it’s a good ringer for Illuminating Yellow. As far as Ultimate Gray is concerned (and as a gray lover, I don’t know if there can really be an “ultimate” gray, when there are so many beautiful shades), I think it’s somewhere between Gris Perle and Gris Mouette, so you may get close depending on the leather.

The Pantone colors of the year, Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray. Photo via Russh.com

Gris Mouette and Gris Perle. Photo via @Hermes/@The_Notorious_Pink

Actually, sitting here writing this, I realize I must have somehow been ahead of this trend, as both my sheets and bedroom walls seem to match “Ultimate Gray”. Now I just need something yellow!

Spring 2021 will see the return of a number of really popular colors, especially in the pink department (yaaaaaaay!!!! It’s my season!!!). Pink (also called 5P, which I believe is Hermès’ code for that color; I don’t use the Hermès codes because they provide names, and those have always been much easier to remember; additionally, Hermès refers to the color names on its selling platforms in the boutiques) is already out and about in a variety of small leather goods (SLGs), as is the extremely popular Rose Sakura. My own favorite shade of pink, Rose Shocking, is coming back, too, as is Framboise (which I have also seen in SLGs). This, along with the plethora of pink holdovers from recent seasons (all of the “Roses”: Azalee, Confetti, Extreme, Jaipur, Lipstick, Mexico, Pourpre, Tyrien), makes Spring-Summer 2021 a great time for all of us pink lovers.

A comparison of some Spring-Summer 2021 Pinks. Photo via Hermès/@The_Notorious_Pink

Of course, most of these colors will still be limited to SLGs, accessories, and Special Orders, but I am seeing more Birkins, Kellys and Constances in shades of pink than I have ever seen previously. We can only hope that more of these have gold (and maybe even rose gold) hardware, as Hermès inexplicably seems to prefer palladium hardware for pink bags, even though many people prefer gold.

I literally cannot get enough pink! Note I included some pinks more than once due to the color’s differing appearance among different leathers. Photo via Hermès/@The_Notorious_Pink

It’s also going to be a good season for green, with lots of shades coming back (Menthe, Vert Cactus) or being held over from recent seasons (Bamboo, Vert Vertigo, Vert de Gris), or even being introduced in a regular leather as opposed to exotics only (Vert Jade).

A comparison of some Spring-Summer 2021 greens. Photo via Hermès/@The_Notorious_Pink

There will also be plenty of holdover colors from recent seasons, including a variety of blues such as Bleu Brume, Bleu du Nord, Bleu Frida and Deep Blue, and a smattering from each color family (Rouge de Coeur, Jaune Ambre, Anemone). Of course there will be plenty of neutrals, plus the usual colors we see every season, including Etoupe, Gold, Bleu Nuit and Noir. I’m still seeing a lot of Craie being offered, as well as the return of Ebene, which is as close to a brown-black as Hermès offers, and two beautiful gray-blue shades, Ciel (a personal favorite of mine) and Bleu Orage.

Some shades of blue we will be seeing this season. Photo via Hermès/@The_Notorious_Pink

Some more Spring-Summer 2021 colors. Photo via Hermès/@The_Notorious_Pink

Are you seeing any other new colors that I’ve missed here? Feel free to send me an email or let me know in the comments below!


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