Fendi HandbagNothing against my grandma or any of you ladies or men for that matter who enjoy crocheting. I am sure you enjoy it, lots. I, on the other hand, am not as crafty minded. I’ve been known to make a kick ass scrap book and some other originally gifts (right Vlad?? ;-) ) but the whole sewing thing never came to me. My mom always wanted to teach me, but it just isn’t going to happen. Now here is the million dollar question of the day. If I were to call up my mom or gram’s right now and tell them to check out this bag, would they reply “Oh I could do that!” I actually think so. This is why I have to say this bag is quite a bad deal, for its hefty $930 asking price. What bag am I talking about you may ask? Why, none other than the new fall line Fendi Crocheted Chef Bag. But of course. I’m not sure what is happening over in the design center at Fendi, but it sure is not making me a fall 2005 Fendi fan.

Now this Fendi Chef Bag is super crafty, I will give it that much. I can just see it now. Mr. Karl Lagerfeld sitting in that cabin of his killing off Chuckles and then crocheting by his wacky fire. I’m not sure what the man is doing, but this bag is so not worth the price. Here is the deal: the bag is pretty cute looking. I think the crocheted wool (choose green or pink) with the ruffled trim and bow is very chic fall fashion. Then the bag shows off a little bit of golden hardware, a brown leather shoulder strap, and a golden logo charm. Mr. Karl must be overvaluing the price of his golden logo charm, because unless it’s the purest of purely mined gold, this bags price makes absolutely no sense. With no other outlandishly extravagant features I am still baffled at the $930 price tag for this little old lady number from Neiman Marcus.

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  • Tuesday

    Sometimes I swear designers put out the most hideous clothing/accessories just to see how dumb/desperate some people are to have anything, no matter how ugly, that has a designer label on it.
    I honestly think this bag is a joke. It’s got to be.

  • mtamom03

    plus it’s knitted NOT crocheted!

  • i love green but this is an insult to the color

  • Julie

    I believe the bag is knitted in a garter stitch not crocheted. I could not believe the price. Today drove to my Neiman Marcus to take a closer look. Not available at my store but they said they would be willing to send it from LA. Wow! They keep all Fendi’s under glass.

  • Nan

    Hi crocheters, does anyone have the pattern for the Fendi Crocheted Chef Bag (it seemed to me that the bag part is knitted in garter stitch. Hope someone can enlighten me. Nan

    • gen

      Hi definately knitted. Hope someone hs the pattern . Cute bag

  • Sandy Kay

    Went to Studio City for the wool and instructions but owner said the yarn is not available and that the yarn available is now $60 since the article in LA Magazine. Does anyone have the instructions? Would appreciate a reply and if someone has the instructions how much yarn is needed. Thanks.

  • Chanel

    Im a huge fan of Fendi, But when I saw this bag, plus price tag, i thought it was way to over priced for what it is.

  • Kate

    Did anyone ever get the pattern for this bag?

  • Margaret

    I am also looking for that pattern for the bag, there must be someone out there that can do it. If its out there, I will find it,,,,,GOOGLE!

  • brandy

    there are instructions for a knit bag that is exactly like this on craftster.org or.com

    • patricia N

      Hi Brandy, Do you know if this link is stillon this site as I’ve searched and can’t find it. Many Thanks Patricia

  • danisa

    My mom is an amazing crocheter (if that’s how you would say it) I’m actually learning but she makes pillows, table clothes, all just with the eyes, no patterns. :)

  • Stacey

    Has anyone found the knitting instructions for this pattern yet?

  • bebcmom

    Do they (Fendi) make that bag in only Green and Pink colors? Do they make them in Black? Does anyone know?

    My cousin just got one as a BD gift, but it is Black. Just wondering.

    Thank you

    • Cindy

      I have one in black.

      Friends got if off Fendi store NYC for me. 5 friends chipped in, LOL……gorgeous bag, but I’d like 2 or 3 Gucci or Coach bags for the same price than just this tiny bag.

      Great for going to the parties though.

      I still love it.

      Hope that answered your question.

  • Karen

    If anyone there is interested. We make leather handles for knitted and chrocheted bags…

  • Rachel

    Saw this bag at the mall yesterday…could not believe someone would pay $980 for a silly garter stitch bag with a 1×1 ribbed ruffle around the flap. I went home and made my own version with better yarn.

    Not to mention how stupid all these designers/companies are, always getting knit and crochet mixed up, so all of us who know the obvious difference upon sight can sit back and laugh.

  • Sham

    Found a KNIT pattern link online… There is also a crochet version on Crafster itself.
    What a ripoff!!! I don’t think I’ve paid that much in yarn the past 18 years I have been knitting and crocheting. And I have purchased ALOT of yarn.



  • In the interest of shameless self-promotion I would like to mention that I’ve designed my own fendi chef bag pattern if anyone wants to knit their own. I’ve even tried to match the ribbed ruffle as closely as possible. The only thing missing is the price tag!

    • Sam

      Hi – Is your pattern still available? Thanks!

    • patricia N

      it’s amazing how many links to this bag pattern have been re-moved.I wonder why?

    • patricia N

      Hi Jade, Do you still have this pattern and is it procurable or haev you been done in for using your own imagination.

  • Serina

    Would you be kind enough to send me the pattern for the Knitted Chef bag? :grin:

    Thank you.

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  • Naggy

    For a crocheted bag, this is actually pretty nice and I could use this for indoor fun. (ipad)

  • KY

    This is a funny bag, but way overpriced. (ipad)