The Gucci Diana Line Continues to Expand

And these are the versions I keep coming back to

From the moment the Gucci Diana launched, I was one of the line’s biggest fans. My appreciation for the design elements, namely the bamboo handles, is one that draws me even deeper to the offering from Gucci. It is an element that immediately says Gucci without actually saying Gucci.

I recently shared one of the new styles added to the Gucci Diana line with a bag review, and now the Diana family’s growth expands further. Gucci has honed in on its core bag families and offers new versions which include different sizes (I’m in love with the small East/West design), materials, and recently added a Tote variation as well.

The Standouts

Gucci Diana Shoulder Bag

Of course, there are plenty of the more classic styles, the ones that offer the fun offset color strap and everyday colors. However, my eye is drawn to the unique ones, the options that would stand out with your outfit and allow for that something special. Ever since Kaitlin shared her obsession over the Crystal Gucci Jackie, all things GG Monogram with Crystal has lured me in as well.

As I mentioned, the new Gucci Diana Tote is a wonderful daily carry that was just added. In fact, I am planning to try this bag out in person and see if it is the daily tote that I’ve been desperately trying to find. I already love my Diana Tote and Diana Shoulder Bag, so it seems like this bag be the next logical step in my collection.

See my favorite picks below and check out the entire Gucci Diana family here!

Gucci Diana Mini Tote Bag Large
Gucci Diana Medium Tote Bag Large
Gucci Diana Small Shoulder Bag Large
Gucci Diana Mini Crystal GG Tote Bag Large
Gucci Diana Large Tote Bag Large
Gucci Diana Mini Tote Bag Green Large

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10 months ago

I really like this bag. There is something about the strap around the handles that is often in a bright unusual color that makes me like the bag even more!