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  • Sandy

    Never thought I would want a pair of floral sneakers ha!

    • Lisa

      I think the sneakers are the best of the bunch (pun intended!)… the rest still look “old lady-ish” to me, and I’m older myself :-)


  • Aliza Zibkoff

    I never liked printed leather. It always seem like its trying to hide something.

  • ottercat

    Gunny Sacks, 1980.

  • Kate

    The print does go into “Grandma’s curtains” territory, but it’s still vastly more attractive than Gucci’s monogram canvas, which is incapable of looking anything other than dated and cheap.

    • Kendraphaslett2

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    • Sparkletastic

      I really like a lot of Gucci but THANK YOU for saying that pattern is BLECH! Totally mumsy. And mono canvas from any brand looks dated, overexposed and cheap. (LV, yes, I’m looking at you.)

      • Evelyn36598

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  • oui

    So chintzy. I now regret throwing my old sofa covers when I could probably refashion them into stuff (a tote bag? an ipad cover?) seeing that these patterns are tres en vogue right now… Ah… regret. Why do you always have to come so late.

  • Yazi

    Surprisingly nice.