How ready are you for this giveaway to get started? I know I have been filling your head with handbag giveaway teasers for a few days now, but finally everything can get started. We’ve teamed up with Luxaholics to bring you the 12 Days of Handbag Giveaways. Starting today through Wednesday, December 24th (weekends excluded) we will be giving away at least one designer handbag a day.


So, how does everything work? Each day from 9AM EST through 8:59 AM EST the following day (24 hours) you will have the chance to enter that day’s giveaway. You will need to provide the secret code which will be found in that day’s Purse Blog post when entering over at Luxaholics. Only one entry per person/per day. Of course you can enter each day during the 12 Days of Handbag Giveaways. A winner will be randomly selected and notified within 24 hours following that day’s giveaway.

Enough with all the rules and regulations… let’s see the first handbag! Today we kick off with the gorgeous Gustto Polina handbag. Gustto has been making it’s way into my heart over the past few months. Gorgeous yet practical, these handbags also seem to have something extra to them. Take this handbag for instance; the soft red leather, chain strap or handle and of course the loose bow detail all work really well together. The bag has plenty of room to store everything you tend to carry around. And you know, there is something to be said for a red handbag. Whether you think vixen, sexy, chic, sophisticated or fun when you see red, this handbag is definitely one you’d love toting around. Now, this fabulous bag retails for $700, but you have a chance to win it.

Click here to enter!

Today’s secret code: Agathe

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  • Ollie Wolf

    I would like to win this handbag for my wife who has a birthday today. This would be a terrific surprise for her!!! Many thanks. Sincerely, Ollie Wolf.

  • Christopher Leon-Guerrero

    Hope this works

  • Christopher Leon-Guerrero

    My wife’s birthday is not today, but it would be a nice Christmas present. She has given up a lot these past years by giving to other’s before herself during this recession. She deserves something special this Christmas. I hope that this can be it.

  • bonnie walker

    thank you for this opportunity to own such a wonderful purses.

  • Tryonpanther

    Thank you for a site that is informative and fashion forward as well as an addition to the newness of each day. It’s entertaining to read all the entries, you can hear the anticipation. Have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for adding joy, excitement, and the spirit of Christmas to those that sometimes forgets.

    Merry Christmas To All

  • Rattana Leng

    This would be a great purse for my mother, who has worked as a single mother, raising 3 kids while showing our traditional culture that a woman can succeed in this world without a man by her side. She has given us, her kids, everything that we asked for by working 2 to 3 jobs since I was little through my teens. She has dedicated her life to her family and friends. She is a giving person, who deserves more this Christmas. Any purse throughout the 12 days of Christmas bags will be worth her individuality. I hope that and will grace my mother with the perfect gift this holiday season. Thank you. Have a Merry Christmas.

  • clara hamlin

    i would love to win a purse not just this purse, but any of the twelve(12) days of handbags giveaway would be fine with me. they are all beautiful. i’m just having fun @ 56years young. thank you extra tv. i also enjoy your show everyday. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!! (GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO ENTER!!!)

  • Terry

    Too bad only US residents can enter this giveaway :(

  • Gina Maria R.

    The bags are OUTSTANDING. The bigger the better. I love being a lady. I can’t wait to see what these 12 days might hold for me. Good luck to everyone and happy holidays!

  • Devon Therese

    Wow, great idea guys. What a beautiful bag, of course we would all love it for ourselves or someone we love. I don’t have a story about who needs it or who I will give it to, but I do appreciate that you are doing this. Thank You!

  • Juilin

    I would like to have this bag for Christmas gift.

  • irene

    Can someone clarify if this is only available to US residents? I thought it was but i saw canadian states in the drop down menu

  • R Ware

    I love the chance to win these prses.I know just the person who will appreciate them also.I would love to win this.

  • Serene

    There are many forum members (like me!) who are not based in the US and you mean we can’t enter the contest?

  • Melissa

    Hey, a gift is always nice and my birthday is tomorrow!

  • Sara

    Nope….it looks like it is only open to US & Canadian residents. which is sad because i was really looking forward to entering. :(

  • Jessica

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Nanette

    its gorgeous…..crossing fingers!

  • Theresa

    This purse will be perfect to take to a holiday party or to spruce up a borin outfit and give it that blast of color

  • Patti

    What a wonderful chance to win an amazing bag! Thanks for the opportunity. A new bag would make an excellent surprise Christmas present for my daughter! Good luck to all.

  • Carissa

    Ooh its cute! ;D

  • PatriciaPLH

    So excited! I know a couple of people including my mom that would love to have I’m sure any one of the purses that are going to be up for grabs in the next 12 days – BUT…I have to admit, I love nice designer purses! I won a cashmere scarf last year on the radio and gave to my mom. This year it’s for ME!!! Unless of course I could be so lucky as to win twice, which I’m sure your probably not allowed I would have given to her. Sorry mom. I very rarely do for myself, this will be one of those times. Love them purses…..Hope I have lots of LUCK for a change!!!! Good luck to ALL!!! Merry Christmas and Keep the Reason In The Season!!!

  • Cynthia Young

    Katrina took MY PURSE’S I’am in shock!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEED MORE MORE MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Threshold

    I would love to gift this fabulous bag to a dear friend who has had a pretty rough year, and this bag is perfect for her in color, style, and size.

  • Fred Schwartz

    I wish I could afford to buy a lovely purse like this for my wife for Christmas.

  • Ariel Gold

    cross my fingers, close my eyes and hope

  • Mary Ann Huston

    I am crazy about handbags – however, I can’t buy these lovely brand names at Goodwill. Thanks to Luxaholics site – maybe I’ll be able to own this beautiful purse.
    Mary Ann

  • Palak

    lets hope some of one wins. good luck to all.

  • Kelly

    I don’t mean to sound bitter but it’s a contest people! Just because you tell a sad/sobbing story doesn’t mean your going to win. Additonally, you won’t get pity from anybody unless you want to join the pity part. Enter the drawing and hope you win.

  • BonnieT

    It’s nice to see such lovely handbags,with beautiful workmanship. They are a perfect addition to my wish list. Emphasis on wish!! Happy Holidays to all and good luck.

  • Shirley Latoski

    I’m glad to be able to enter to win the purse because at 73 I have never dreamed of a chance to win something like this.

  • lovely_bag

    why is this giveaway only for people from the US.

    there are so many european, asian and australian members on the purseblog. me, too. I am disappointed right now. :-(

  • lovely_bag

    PS: and know I will have to look at the ad for 11 more days –
    does not make it easier…

  • Katfromct7

    Wow! After skrimping to help pay for my upcoming wedding, this give away is awesome!

    I agree – I would love any of the bags. They are gorgeus!

  • Lois Watson

    I would love to win this beautiful bag. What a wonderful Christmas present it would be.
    Thank You.

  • Kai Kline

    I sure wish I could win this bag. I’m layed off from work since Aug 29th, this would be such a blessing.

    I congratulate anyone who wins the bag because I’m sure they deserve it if they win it.

    God Bless Everyone and have a blessed holiday.

  • Emma

    Love the bag, would love even more to WIN!!! Good Luck to all.

  • Cindy

    Wow! Gorgeous red bag! Would love to win this or any designer bag.

  • Shasta

    You all are the best! What an amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone!


  • melisande

    Really too bad that this contest seems to be for US residents only.

  • james gilmor

    no job, no money,may lose house, but to win this bag would be a great gift so the wife could put her change in it. Anyway i hope everyone has a great holiday. Bless u all

  • FrankieP

    Am sad this is US only, but what a lovely draw anyway – good luck, everyone! :D

  • Elaine

    This Gustto is awesome- I hope I win it!

  • CLMjewels

    Maybe Santa will be extra generous this year! What a great looking bag.

  • Sad Bag Mama

    I agree, it’s too bad the contest is only open to US residents. :(

  • lyssandjenn

    I never win anything cool, but I’m hoping if I keep on entering, I may get something from here someday!!! Just happy to have the chance to enter!

  • Teinna

    I’m in Australia, I was so excited to see the giveaway, typed my name in and everything, but then I realised it was only open to US residents. :(

  • missp

    this bag looks really pretty!!!
    I’m so sad…, the contest is only for US residents… :(

  • CrazGirl

    Hope I win this bag. I will give it to my mother in law who likes bows. :)

  • Adrian

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this sexy handbag!!! HANDBAGS are my favorite..always will be always have been ;-)~

  • PamD.

    Here we go again. Another Christmas season filled with giveaways and competitions!! Hope I win something this year. Love Xtra and watch the show whenever I am in front of the TV in the early evening. Thanks for making the Holiday Season a little more exciting.

  • Janis P.

    I feel bad that I can’t enter this contest! I hope you will have more promos like this that will cater to your international members!

  • Toni

    OOHH lala! Such a pretty bag, and my sister in law soooo deserves and would love this one. Good luck to all!

  • yvonne

    I have never won anything…I would love one of those purses.. thats as close to hollywood i’ll ever get.

  • Sharome Conn

    I have never won anything. And this sure would be nice especially for the holidays.

  • Carolyn

    Yes, I would like to be a winner!

  • janis

    So, who won?

  • brenda

    i want to win it that will make my life thanks

  • yujani

    Dear Santa, Could you please send me this bag for christmas. I love you. Thank you.

  • Keiko

    Thank you for letting us dream!

  • MI Mommy

    I do love purses but if I won, I would sell it and buy presents for my children. This time of year has always been rough on us, but this year is the worst. I don’t know how to explain that Santa was just to poor this year. That we had to choose between having Christmas and having heat. No purse in the world is worth that.

  • Susan K. Lapp