Louis Vuitton has relatively few serious competitors in the logo-splashed, coated-canvas weekend bag category, but by the looks of the Saint Laurent Coated Canvass Holdall Bag, Slimane & Co. might be looking to take a chunk out of the logo giant’s business.

It seems like every celebrity and fashion person on the planet has some version of Louis Vuitton’s iconic Keepall bag. It’s a safe bet for both function and durability, and luggage is a category in which people who might be otherwise opposed to logos seem to feel comfortable wearing them.

The logo on this bag, for what it’s worth, is quite a bit more subtle than Vuitton’s in-your-face monogram. It’s made out of the beloved “YSL” logo, overlaid again and again until it’s almost – almost – unrecognizable. The look is subtle from a distance, but up close, a fashion lover would know exactly what it was.

In doing that, Slimane has managed to make a logo print that’s recognizable without feeling crass, which is a line a lot of designers have tried to walk with limited success. The man’s been known to crib from the past works of other major accessories brands, with much retail success, and it seems as though that tactic will continue to pay dividends if consumers become affectionate toward this logo.

Buy through MR PORTER for $1,990.

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  • shueaddict

    So this is the next step ? Monogram YSL , really ? How very unoriginal!

  • ami

    Why drop the Yves if they’re going to continue using the Y anyway??

    • Casey

      Back in 1990, the brand was still using the “Saint Laurent Rive Gauche” logo, in the exact same style that is being used right now. And they still had the YSL logo back then too. The “Yves Saint Laurent” moniker was very recent in terms of the history of the brand. This isn’t what Yves Saint Laurent “would have” wanted it, this is how he actually did have it. So that’s why they’re still using the “Y.”

    • Casey

      With that being said I hate this monogram.

  • citizenlen

    its looks like a target bag. If they are going logo, you either go all out or not at all. You can’t be in the subtle middle. It beats the point of having a distinctive logo bag.