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  • Bibliothekarin

    These are great resolutions! I have ones similar to #1 and #5. And they go hand in hand! If you change out your bags frequently, you clear out the garbage!

    • Dania Esterman

      I agree – I change my bag at least once a week and it forces me to clean it out each time. I have a bin nearby for the “what the heck do I do with this?” stuff so it doesnt stay in the purse.

      • The amount of ‘what the heck do I do with this stuff’ that I own is frightening – I need to just let go!!

      • shueaddict

        I tried the purse organizer – only to accumulate more junk, lint, coins and mints. The bin box is the only way to go .

  • Bibliothekarin

    These are great resolutions! I have ones similar to #1 and #5. And they go hand in hand! If you change out your bags frequently, you clear out the garbage!

  • Trenda

    Megs pls send some of your donated bags MY WAY!!!!! PLS & THANKS :D

    • Hahaha!

      • Mel

        second that!

      • klynneann

        Megs, what about selling them online somehow and donating the money to charity? This way everyone wins lol. :)

  • V

    Wow, I feel like we just had a moment. I’ve wanted to get my “handbag act” together for awhile. I’m praying that 2015 will be the year but truthfully unless I come up with a really great strategy , I think I’ll be having this same revelation next year. I love my handbags, I have too many and I can’t help it. But I need to start: a-using them more because they need a life outside of their dust covers; b-cleaning and storing them properly; and c-(the one that breaks my heart) getting rid of some of the ones, as you so eloquently put it, “I’m simply just over”. I would like to make a resolution to stop buying for this year. But since I’m devoted to this blog, we can probably determine that that’s not gonna happen. Lol

  • kemilia

    I change my bags more frequently than I used to, and this forces me to toss the gum wrappers, receipts, dig out all the loose change and feed the piggy bank so I’m pretty ok in that department. My resolution is to return my library books ON TIME–not the biggest resolution but it will force me to read more (and put down the ipad). Oh yeah, you must have a “Meg’s Closet” yard sale (and notify me first, heh heh).

  • ellavanw

    I will buy a Kelly in 2015 – and only a Kelly.

  • Rashmi

    Great resolutions Megs, Hope you can implement them. We would definitely love to see more of your collection!

  • T Tara Bagnista

    “Resolution” accomplished: Behind my walk in closet there’s another storage area that I had used for luggage and eventually handbags as my collection grew (the “overflow” area). The bags were piled haphazardly in their dust bags so when I wanted a specific bag, I had to dig for it. I was so sick of the mess. Last weekend I found a 4-tier shelving unit (I bought 3; each holds about 8-10 bags) that I used for organizing the lot
    (not my entire collection, though)–including grouping bags from the same brand
    together (one is even almost specifically devoted to Prada). Now, when I look in the storage area I can easily see where to grab.

    I also change my bags regularly—wearing each about 2-4 days—and make the switch the night before. With any of my leather/one suede bags, I certainly check the weather before I carry.

    For editing, I typically give unwanted items to my sister. One year for her birthday I decided to “recycle” some bags I had not worn in a long time rather than spend money on a gift. I sent her pictures of three Gucci bags (e.g., two were leather (red/black) “Jessica Simpson” horsebit hobo bags) that were sitting idle in my closet and asked her
    to pick one as her gift. Subsequently, she purchased one of the other ones she hadn’t picked and even had the nerve to negotiate with me on the price (already discounted from my days as an employee).

    When I add to my collection, I try to pick a color I’m missing or a new designer (e.g., I recently bought a Sophie Hulme mini soft flap bag in bordeaux on sale at NM).
    The nicest bag I have is probably a Lanvin bowling bag I got highly discounted from Barney’s. The quality of the leather made me afraid to even carry it. I would love a Chanel bag; however, since this would fall into the category of “very nice”, I can’t
    justify spending that kind of money unless/until I feel comfortable wearing it

    • lavinia

      Tara I like your comment :), really so many good tips! I’m going to create a new closet just for bags, as I want to see/find them more easily.I also change them every 2-4 days. My last purchase was a Tory Burch one (which is a new brand here in Italy, till now I only say her shoes). I also have craft handbags, made in Florence. Thanks :)

  • Marina Harbor

    Great Resolutions!, A great Tote is a Goyard St Louis! and I would buy the So Kelly in tan it is gorgeous!

  • Gia

    2014 I cleared a ton of bags, 4 Burberry (2 never used) Fendi (never used) and Prada went to The Real Real (for resale), Marc Jacobs blue stam goodbye, kept the black one, Louis Vuitton Manhatten GM goodbye, and started using some more of my LV. Still looking at my Lady Dior and only used 3 times in 10 years. Yet wanted to keep since she’s such a beauty and she started my collection of premier designer bags.

    2014 New additions were 4 Chanel, 3 Louis Vuittons.
    For 2015 my newest baby, Louis Vuitton Alma GM vernis.
    I have learned over the years I really love premier designer bags. So now, for work it’s just Kate Spade or Kors…keeps the jealous at bay and the company doesn’t think your making too much $.
    But any other time I love LV and Chanel to carry everywhere!
    My resolution is to find fabulous friends who love a great bag as much as I.

  • Moneytruck

    My 2015 handbag resolution is to not be afraid to pull the trigger. I have a few “Holy Grail”
    purses that I want but I have somehow talked myself out of buying them for years now. I talk myself out of it by telling myself that it’s ridiculous to spend several grand on a purse. But then, I go buy several other designer handbags over the course of a year that add up to much more than I would’ve spent on the holy grail purse. Silly, I know. So, in 2015 and forward, I am going to just go for it and stick only to my holy grail purses.

    • Jess

      I know what you mean and it took a while until I realised that I spend even more if I don’t buy the bag that I really want. So I have decided that I will get my first Chanel bag soon. I have cleared my closet and will sell at least 4 other bags which I don’t use or don’t like anymore.

      • T Tara Bagnista

        I’ve made the same calculation; however, it’s been easier to spend the multiple smaller dollar amounts. The most I’ve ever paid for a bag is $2K. I too covet a Chanel bag (pulled the trigger last year on Chanel quilted shoes that I LOVE–most I ever paid for a pair of shoes). If I have enough funds left from my bonus this year after I pay certain musts, I’m tempted to finally make the purchase. The hard part will be in deciding which one to get.

      • Jess

        Yes, to make the decision is the hardest part of it. I have accepted to pay €4K for a bag, which is a lot of money for me and I had to save for months and months…finally, I think that I will go for a black Classic Flap Jumbo in Caviar with golden hardware. Though, I also love the Boy and the Reissue. Another point is that I am afraid of the next price increase and I am calling Chanel everyday asking if my dream bag has already arrived.

  • Lucy

    I totally used to be too afraid and careful about my designer bags. But now I feel like I’ve wasted money if I don’t use them. My Louis totes have become totes for everything including travel, weeknd bag, and even the beach!

  • Bipasha

    I resolve to change out my bags more frequently. I tend to carry the same bag for months and then get caught up in matching every outfit around that bag, I.e. edgy, classic. This year I am going to change out my bags more often, while staying true to my wardrobe and the vibe the particular bag brings. I am also going to embrace new colors and textures (metallics), embellishments(chains), and I will carry white or off- white through a few seasons. (gasp)
    Someone here will say there are bigger problems in the world besides handbags, how frivolous! But amidst the crazy violence and senseless terrorism in the world today, a little frivolity in the day makes us smile a bit. And I for one want to know what’s wrong with that?

  • FashionableLena

    I have been doing a huge closet purge, and I’ve already gotten rid of several handbags. They either don’t fit my lifestyle anymore or the look that I’m going for. I am also going to get that display shelf I’ve been wanting to store my vintage Coach bags.

  • Imgoingbroke

    I typically change out my bag about once a month, but then again, if I’m going out in the evening to meet the girls for drinks, I will change my bag for the outfit that I’m wearing. 2014 was my year of Chanel with 5 purchases. This year I have my sights set on a Lady Dior Cannage in red and a Goyard Jeanne in any color. I’m sure they’ll be more, but I’m running out of room and money!

  • ilvoelv

    Completely agree with all of the above. Definitely need to rotate more with my bags. Too bad all the women in my office are such snubs about not carrying designer. *SIGH*

  • sara

    My husband got me a new bag for Christmas and a purse organizer. So sweet.

    Megs: An idea for bags you decide to get rid of -> purseblog giveaways!

    Love your site. :)

  • Great resolutions Megs and absolutely amazing collection of bags. Wow! Loved pictures.
    My 2015 year resolution is to get my first Hermes Birkin!

  • T Tara Bagnista

    After a devastating tornado near me a couple years ago (some co-workers lost everything), I wondered if such a disaster or fire happened to me, how would I remember all the bags I had. So, as a “resolution” for 2014 (and ongoing), I went through the time consuming step of taking individual pictures of all my bags and shoes and do the same whenever I make a new purchase. Since I make most of my purchases online, I save the confirmation receipts as evidence of the prices paid. Plus, I have the unexpected benefit of being able to flip through the photos on my iPad, if I’m looking for something.

  • ebelina papastamatiou

    Am i the only one changing my bag almost every day according to my outfit? I think it is easy because i don’t have any garbage in them and (almost) everything is in its pouch, so it only takes like two minutes!

  • Nessa60

    Hi Megs, good resolutions ! I have also decided to use some of my premier designer bags and not be so afraid to carry my Chanel and LV bags. I just hate it when my coworkers at work make such snide comments about the bags. I also want to add more Chanel to my collection.

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    Please donate the bags that you don’t use to me :-). They’ll have a new, loving home.

  • dc

    This is in regards to keeping the inside part of your bags clean & pristine! Originally, I tried purse organizers that were purchased online. Then, by sheer happenstance, I was in a TJ Maxx. A simple patterned black structured cosmetic bag caught my eye. I purchased it and it was the perfect size to drop into a few of my handbags. Everything remains organized in my bag and if there’s a small water spill from water bottle, it doesn’t reach my bag. Now, I’m on the lookout for other sizes to suit different size bags.

  • Tinsley Proust

    For number 5, I guess I’m the only person who doesn’t really have trash in their bag? I definitely carry waaaaaay too much stuff, (5 huge Tom Ford lipsticks? Sure. Multiple powders? Why not!) but I never seem to accumulate wrappers or anything like that.