Marc Jacobs Python Patchwork Stam

Why ruin a good thing? Marc, you had people liking your Stam. People were buying it and wearing it. Even some of the ‘why-are-they-even-celebs’ celebs were sporting it. And then you had to go and ruin it. You had to decide to make it hideous and repulsive. You had to make me look at it and laugh then cringe then throw up a little in my mouth. This is the Marc Jacobs Python Patchwork Stam which is fugly done-up with frosty metallic blue python. The golden hardware paired with the blue python spells out capital Tacky. And the price, it is not even free. Oh no, it is going to set you back $4000 at Saks. This is a total joke, right :?:

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  • Roxana

    Quite tacky indeed.. :oops:

  • Lisa

    Tacky city. I’m so over his bags.
    Id rather have that new marc by marc jacobs black leather bag you showed a few posts ago

  • luce

    actually…i completely disagree…i think the bag is nice. yeah it is overpriced, but it is python. i don’t think it looks tacky at all.

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    This has to be by far one of the ugliest bags ever designed. An the price tag just adds insult to injury. Spot on review.

  • shopper

    I actually disagree! It’s not my style, but it’s kind of pretty, like a work of art! I think it would look great if you’ve got the look to pull it off!

  • Joan

    Like the blue color, gold chain strap is too much, but for 4gs I would buy
    several BVs and be a much more super happy guilt free Ihave too many bags

  • merve

    Its not totally hideous but who would pay that money for a bag thats bordering?

  • purseloco

    I seem to always like the bags that most of you hate. Hum!:idea:

  • Tan

    Its okay!

  • Diamond

    It sure aint the best I’ve seen :sad:

  • SqueakyWheel

    Is for Bratz doll, no??

  • lavandergirl

    A friend of mine actually got this bag from her boyfriend for her birthday and, in person, it really is beautiful. Yes, it’s flashy, but with a basic outfit, it’s really fun. And it’s so well made, it’s hard to deny the artistry.

  • Sarah

    I think it’s a piece that a very confident fashionista would need to pull off. I love it, the price tag is a little hefty but it is python. AND it will set you apart from the 1000’s of MJ Stam bags out on the streets right now.

  • Kendra

    This is great, except the gold chair doesn’t seem to match.. (fb)