The famous duo who started off on one of my favorite sitcoms, Full House, is continuing to take the world by storm. The Olsens’ highly talked-about fashion line, The Row, has given us bags to talk about because of their beautiful designs and exorbitant prices.

The latest creation from The Row packs a hefty price tag punch in a compact bag, 5″ height x 7″ width x 2.25″ depth. The Row Twin Mini Messenger Bag features contrasting pattern ostrich leather on either side. The shoulder strap is adjustable and long, and the interior has smooth leather lining and an internal zip pocket. The price is a whopping $4,700 via Barneys NY.

Start of the year by telling us what you think: The Row Twin Mini Messenger Bag is ______.

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  • 19yearslater

    infected with chicken pox.

  • dominique

    like every other bag and not worth the price

  • rose60610

    …a dime a dozen in appearance and makes a Birkin look reasonable. $4700? You have to be kidding! It’s ostrich, not gold!

  • KoutureCrochet

    Plain and grossly overpriced. You can get 1-4 awesome LV’s or 1-2 awesome Hermes bags for the same price that would be statement peices.

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  • M. Martell
  • PhotoGirl

    much too expensive.

  • Amy

    Cute, for $250.

    • suz

      Exactly my reaction. Seems like it is a farily useless size as well…..maybe awaiting a $35 Target knock-off …..

    • Courtney


  • Dana

    …looks like skin with a mole problem…

  • Diana


  • ~bastet
  • lintmag

    horrid (i hate ostrich), overpriced, but probably very well made.

  • Sandra Rowley

    is prime example of a designer trying to take advantage of the fashion minded public. I believe you get what you pay for…to a point ….and then it is just robbery.

  • amy


  • Rashida

    Too expensive to be so plain! I could have a LV, a Balenciaga, and a Chanel WOC for that price! They aren’t that talented that I’d overpay for something just because of their name !

  • kemilia

    Unreal price, those 2 really think a lot of themselves and their designs.

    And yes, it makes a Birkin look reasonable.

  • Vicki

    BS. Good luck with that!

  • JessieH

    a block of Outback Spam with funky molds growing on it. Come on, anyone stupid enough to WANT to pay $4,700 for it? Please, I can make one for you for $100!

  • mochababe73

    is ugly like most ostrich skin which looks like it has goosebumps.
    Couldn’t I buy a classic Chanel flap bag for that price?
    Not even enough fabric for $4700. And because they probably only made a few of them, they’ll be labeled as “sold out” within hours. I couldn’t even justify spending $19.99 on this because I could only get my iPhone in it. And what the heck are you going to put in the internal zip pocket? A post-it note?
    This is just a step too far.

  • Monique

    is full of funky bs, that is what that bag is. Are they serious? What is the catch. It looks like to fashionably challenged teenage girl with pimples that arrived at the senior prom with her junior high school brother Bubba. Just saying!

  • michelle


  • popaccessories

    I like the silver one, it looks gorgeous.
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  • Antoinette

    overrated XP

  • bonniesgirl

    way overpriced!!!

  • J Umm
  • Lovelyorangesoffyournavel

    love your constant sensibility and humor, however, actually dignifying another olsen money making with a post? Come on now, you’re better than that. Just because one can afford expensive taste, does not mean they have good taste. Or for that matter, license to design.