When I stumbled upon the Roberta di Camerino Caravel Vintage Tartan Bag, I knew it needed a fill in the blank slot on PurseBlog. This oversized doctor frame bag features a velvet tartan plaid buckle design all over the outside. Not often do we see large doctor frame bags let alone velvet bags. The inside is lined with leather, which I am assuming will make this bag rather heavy. Price is high too, buy via Barneys for $3,150.

Fill in the blank in the comments below: The Roberta di Camerino Tartan Bag is _______.

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  • Max

    OMG i think it’s ok but as soon as i see the price i’m like WTH it doesnt worth that much (in my mind) for few hundred i’d consider but this style+price+material=Fail for me

  • carrie

    Not for me.

  • Kathleen

    THE bag for Mary Poppins

    • Lulugurl

      *rofl* agreed

    • borafina

      Exactly what I thought!

  • Marianna

    …making my eyes hurt!

  • dcblam

    Cute, but whoa…..too expensive!

  • Nyzinga

    There are so many better options available at that price point — why would anyone purchase one>

  • Brandy

    perfect….. for my Grandma`s yarn

  • Stacy

    WAY over priced. Some bags are becoming too expensive. When are we going to say enough is enough, and stop paying Ridiculous prices for bags? Just because it says Chanel, Hermes, or some other “Name”. Yes, I know, I know… if you don’t like it, you don’t have spend money on it…lol. I’m just irked, give me some time to simmer. ;)

  • AshleyG


  • Mochababe73

    an overpriced carpetbag.
    I have never heard of this designer so I’m trying to figure out why the label is charging $3100 for a VELVET handbag.
    I’ll just keep saving for the Chanel.

  • Cathy Fitz

    unattractive and way over-priced.

  • Nara

    …is overpiced but more beautiful, I think!

  • babe

    beyond ugly


    Terrible!!! (balmain was crazy with its prices, but this brand, that is an old image of a past luxe…for me, is absolutely crazy!!)


  • Mousse

    Ugly beyond belief…

  • 19yearslater

    not as good as it would be without the buckle designs.

  • Beth S.

    a joke!

  • KaylaNiche

    The result of an arts and crafts project gone wrong

  • Musette

    not my favorite of her designs.


  • Karin bag4bag

    velvet ? velvet ?? velvet ??? Oh dear…

  • Mona

    ..probably perfect as a pillow on long flights.

  • suz

    stupid looking…..wouldn’t carry it if it were given to me….and certainly would not use it as a throw pillow on my couch.

  • YS(-L)

    old school sweetness. I actually surprisingly like it a lot.

  • ninjaninja

    Such a cute bag!

  • Nee

    so ugly it’s not even funny!

  • Lizzie


  • Demi

    …awful!!! Sorry, but I’d never even consider paying that much for a bag that’s made of fabric and looks like that!