Jessica Simpson Fendi Spy Bag
Image via Jessica Style

You can sit there and stare at your computer screen, throw things at it, and bash your head on your keyboard wondering why Jessica Simpson is still in the news, but face it, she is not going anywhere. Hair gets darker, its in the news. She wears a hat, its in the news. She has a Roman vacation with the hunky and fabulous John Mayer, its in the news. What I love to see in the news is her style. Jessica Simpson has someone who typically puts her together quite nicely. Her dark wavy hair matches that of Mr. John Mayer himself, the hat is totally my style, the laid back sweatshirt and jeans screams casual, and the Fendi Small Spy Bag is the cherry on top. Perfectly cute and not too big, the Fendi Small Spy Bag features lush Nappa leather and double woven handles. Absolutely love this mini version. Buy it through Bluefly for $1040 or check out your local Fendi boutique.


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