Hillary Duff

I spy with my little blue eye… Hillary Duff hiding from the outside world with her Fendi Spy Bag on one shoulder and a mess of an outfit going on. Leggin’s and cowboy boots put together with her ripped jean skirt and tank. All I can say is she is probably the only person that can look half way decent dressed like that. If I were to try that, I’d look like a circus creature that came out to play.

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  • lola

    how much does this bag cost?

  • billyjoe

    ughh…i hate fendi

    • colby

      if u hate fendi ur probably retarted…… no ur def retarted haha

  • rubberduck

    hilary duff is going out with joel from good charlette

  • billyjoe

    really? wow, she has got problems…. :o

  • kojiko

    I really like Hillary Duff better than Lohan. I like Fendi :)

  • Lexus

    I gotta get that bag!!!

  • Caroline

    The Fendi Spy bag. It is kind of nice but not for her age

  • lori d

    AWWW – her outfit is cute!

  • chris

    which fendi spy bag was hilary duff wearing

  • lyla

    i want this bag!

  • Shweta

    The bag is $1950 at Neiman Marcus. There’s a long waitlist for it.

  • Royal_G

    i have it in tobacco/bronze .. its a must have & am loving it

  • lisa

    Ik vind haar kleren leuk!!!!!!! En inderdaad ze is beter als Lindsey!!

  • steff

    I have this bag in a light brown and im YOUNGER than her! I dont think its not suitable for her age. Its a wonderful bag!

  • shopaholic

    Does anyone know what kind of boots those are that she’s wearing?

  • hilaryduff

    HIlary Duff is the best!
    Gotta get that bag…

  • Mocha

    I love this web site. I was searching for the Fendi Spy bag and came across this!!! I am so excited!!!!!

  • Diana

    I bought the same bag for my friend in rome, the price is euro 4000

  • hil-duff-fan

    i think her outfit is fab at least she’s a bit different an unique unlike all those sheep!

  • JessicaSimpson1212

    I NEED that bag along with the black one and the brown one and the white one with red handles and trim (like jess!)

  • justine

    just purchased my first fendi spy bag, black and beautiful!

  • ashley

    i lov fendi, its one of mi fav designers n hillary is so cute in dat hip rock look! n dere is dis new dior bag its cute iv got it only 1500

  • PinkPanther

    I luv the fendi spy bag its a must have

  • Anonymous

    are these fendi bags authentic?? how can the price be so much cheaper?

  • Laura

    There are allot of Fendi knockoffs out there that are just as nice for less than $100.00 Check them out!

  • emily

    i love the fendi spy bag. I have two of them and absolutely love them both!

  • Lisa

    I just bought the Fendi Spy in chocolate brown with yucca handles. I not sure if I want to keep it. It the spy really, really hot!!!

  • Scarlett

    I have that bag, But its black. I just bought one today and I also just bought a Louis Vuitton Speedy. Im shocked because I normally hate fendi. :]

  • elaine

    i want one i want one !! its soo hot. gotta love it. fendi spy bags…ahh

  • Tamika

    Hello to everyone who is nuts about the fendi spy bag. I have one in rusty orange and its so hot. Everywhere I go people recognize the bag and give a compliment. Its a must ahve and was a great accressory for the summer. I about to buy another one but this this the two tone colored ones or the multi colored ones. All of my friends wants the FENDI SPY BAG. Peace yall

  • KIRA


  • coco

    HI all..i ve 1 in demin n 1 in black..n im still so lovin it!! yummy!

  • penny

    I have 2 of them. The squirrel bag, and the brown zuuca. I love them!! I live in Maryland, and people are still into cliche’ bags, like Coache and Dooney & Bourke. I get lots of compliments.

  • oxoxox

    i need to start working for disney

  • now way that bag looks fab i wish i had won?
    eneyway i relly like you so do me and my friend/.

  • Lisuh

    love the bag. hate her … and her little outfit too

    • cool gal

      she is relly awesome mayb ur just jelous of her n her outfit !

  • hedvig

    I have to buy a fendi spy bag and a paddigton, they are just wonderfull! really

  • bella

    i use to love louis vuitton but now i get crazy over this fendi spy bag, and the B bag , it’s an awesome awesome thing fendi had ever designed

  • i just found a great site selling fendi bags, my friend bought the fendi b bag last week and it is lovely, im now saving for my one, i cant wait..the sites called fashionbags online

  • shaman

    The spy bag is such a beautiful bag! It’s so expensive though. What is the lowest price they could be sold, an authentic one? Anyone know?

  • shaman

    I’m not into handbags, but when I saw the fendi spy bag, it was so gorgeous!

  • hotlips4784

    I just bought my first Fendi bag…the hottest red spy bag ever. I love it. Is anyone having trouble getting the tube open or am I just really that lame?

    • Steph

      I am so glad I found this. My friend just bought the bag and she asked if I could open it. She’s asked everyone and we still can’t figure it out. You’re not the only one. Have you figured out how to open it by any chance?? Can anyone help?

      • hotlips4784

        I did get it open, i had to pry it with an old credit card. There’s like a little metal knobby inside keeping it shut.

  • kah

    I love the hillary


  • renate

    hey hilary have you a e-mail adres ????
    of msn ?
    -xxx- your great fan

  • HiLtHeBeSt

    HILARY DUFF, You’RE tHe BeSt!!!!!!!! :grin:
    – your ItALiAn FaN-

  • trish

    hilary is just superbfab. love anything she just wears on.

  • Hichem

    hillary……………….!! ???

  • Adriana

    HILARY you are the best!!!!your Romanian fun, nomber one!!!I want to see you in my country :cry: : ROMANIA!!! kiss you :smile: :wink:

  • vevuÅ¡a

    :grin: Hillary Duff is Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

  • calex

    Even though the bag is not suitable for her age but it is suitable for her clothes..just look at her stlye..its off da hook..hillary ur cool..

  • joo

    i love hilary!! :wink: :lol: :cool:

  • Heather123

    Is it really hard to open a Spy Bag? I’ve just bought one, but haven’t received it yet. It’s the gold one.

  • Harolyn

    This bag is a classic! :wink:

  • kato

    au dz magari gogo xar.mec minda aseti msaxiobi viyo cnobili da iseti rogoric yvela msaxiobia.msaxiobobis nichi mac mara sashvaleba ara imis rom gavxde cnobili msaxiobi.magari icneboda mara ra vcna me kato var da chemi ocneba swored is ari rac vtcvi magrad minda rom es ocneba amisruldes

  • kato

    ox es paparacebi ara hillary?

  • jehona

    you are my favorite actros i’m albania you are beatifule

  • lena

    you are very nice i’m albania

  • Naggy

    I never saw the appeal of the Spy. (ipad)

  • KY

    What is she wearing..? Nice bag though. (ipad)