Fendi Doctor B Bag
Fendi Doctor Frame B Bag

Ok so the whole multicolored thing is a little in your face, right? A little too much of the rainbow is going on here. And the bag is just alright. Luckily the dimensions are pretty large or else this handbag would 100% look as if it belonged on a school girl. But seeing that the style is ok, and if the rainbow colors were not so overpowering, you would be able to see that this bag is actually quite pretty. The Fendi Doctor B Bag may not be your choice when it comes to a new handbag, but their larger version has caused quite the stir around the fashion world. I have been asking for over a week about help identifying a certain Rachel Bilson handbag; it is super oversized and looks big enough for her to scoop herself up inside of it. The front on view gave nothing away, but the side view is where the bag could be identified from. The buckled bands on each side are able to adjust the bags capacity and the B buckle is a signature of the house of Fendi. So I am not dubbing this small acid or pastel multicolored bag chic, but if you check out the large one-colored version, it is a definite stunner. The top of the bag is framed and the outside leather is smooth and grained. Dimensions of this small version are 16″x 10.5″x 6.5″. Buy through eLuxury for $1,840 if the multicolored version suits your style.

fendi frame bag

Fendi Frame Bag

And before you go knocking this bag down, you can take a look for yourself at the much more subdued and elegant Fendi Frame Bag, which is indeed the larger version. Dimensions of this bag are 21″W X 11″H X 6″D, which could very likely be the exact bag Rachel Bilson has been seen carrying, considering the fact that she is like a pint-sized Thumbelina. Rachel’s version is the color Mud but there is also a light grey version available. This is such a stunning bag from Fendi, which is not overpowering in any way other than its size. Price of the Frame Bag is $1,680 via Saks, which means you are getting more bag for your buck (and really, I can not see many people loving the multicolored version).

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