If there’s one thing that one should always expect from Jil Sander, it’s extremely clean lines. The label was known for its impeccable minimalism back when Sander was still with the company, and now that Raf Simons has taken the helm, he’s continued the traditional of sometimes-stark modernism to great critical success. Jil Sander Spring 2011 was a watershed moment for modern trends, and Jil Sander Fall 2011 is very nearly as good.

In fact, the handbags might be better, at least in some ways. This collection shows a greater breadth of accessory options than the last go-round, with everything from oversized totes to prim little satchels and clutches to some very literal box bags with corners so sharp that you could poke an eye out, so be careful. The pieces emphasize the “retro” in “retro-modern” and recall a time when tailoring was key, so you surely won’t find a stray detail in any of these designs.

Photos via Vogue.com and Style.com.

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  • Patricia

    I love structured bags!

  • edoardo

    This show, I don’t know…it’s ocmplictae to be judged. It was really particular, unique…However, about bags, I lvoe the yellow one has something addictive!


  • Chris

    I love # 2, 3, 4, and 5. These handbags are absolutely fabulous and so classy.

  • bentos

    nice bags, haha. while reading this article, i just heard the news that john galliano was fired from being the creative director of Dior. what would happen to dior now? but i think his way of being anti-semite needs to be rectified, i agree that he should be fired.


    oh wow, I LOVE Jil Sander’s bags/purses!! They’re incredible.


  • Lulugurl

    The yellow one is fab! The rest are nice but they need something…..a little pazaz…

  • ninjaninja

    I love the masculine feel of these bags, could make an outfit very interesting.

  • Cathy Fitz

    I’m really interested in these bags. They look classic and modern at the same time. Actually, I love these bags!

  • Leah

    I love her work but I never seem to NEED any of her bags like other designers.

  • Lorie

    I don’t know. Nothing was grabbing me.

  • Krista

    The brown one looks too much like a brief case. I don’t want to be reminded of work during my off time.

  • YS(-L)

    I am thinking of color, color COLOR! this spring, and these are fantastic. Especially the one in top center. I would totally carry it. In fact, it matches perfectly to what I am wearing today, I wish I have it right now.

  • 19yearslater

    They’re classic but they have pizazz! I love the colors and the square shapes.

  • Nichole

    I am LOVING the yellow handbag. It’s gorgeous!

  • jen

    they are a bit boring…

  • Joanna

    I actually love the structure of these bags.

  • adrienne z

    Too Structured! YUCK!!! BORING and STUFFY!

  • lakeen

    i love the shape of the bags

  • mochababe73

    I wanted to like them, but nah. Too much like Victoria Beckham. I like my bags to have a little more pizazz. However, I do love the red #11.

  • LDJ

    I love it!!!! Especially 1, 4, & 12.

  • Tricia

    Love the structured look!

  • Tina

    everything is so sleek and clean! love it!

  • joana

    the square purse is fab!!! :)