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  • Those are some gorgeous bags! :)

  • I’m not a fan of the lady Dior that looks like someone cut off the top part, how are you supposed to keep your stuff in it? It look like an extra long clutch, only it’s bulkier and has long straps. Let’s keep the lady Dior sacred.

  • Lisa

    Underwhelmed. Lady Dior is lovely in its classic form; this isn’t an improvement IMHO.

  • Vicky

    If I remember it right, Diorrisimo came out between Galliano and Simon, too, and that’s a great bag. The interim can do great things, too. This is quite underwhelm. I wonder where is that guy.

  • Sparky

    Have to see in person. Proportions of the squat Lady Dior seem odd.
    That folding bag/wallet thingy is weird…

  • Passerine

    Not loving this concept. The bag looks like a tarted-up shoebox with handles on it. That said, some of the colors (particularly in suede) and patterns for the Stubby Lady are beautiful — would like to see those available on the real Lady Dior.

  • lavinia

    I save 16/28, but the others oh my Gosh. I would not buy this brand and I do not understand their being on the market (still)

  • FashionableLena

    This looks like the Chanel Cerf tote. I love the green suede in slide 11. The color is beautiful. I also liked the tall kiss lock bags. They remind me of my grandmother’s cigarette holder from the ’80s.

  • Sparkletastic


  • Eddy Komala

    Let the battle of ‘who can pick up her phone from the bag’ begin! (No.19) *gosh..i need a longer arm

  • psny15

    these are some beautiful bags, nothing new or innovative but beautiful regardless

  • psny15

    the rectangular shape of the lady dior is fun and quirky but the bag that opens up is simply atrocious