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  • Lori

    I love the Stella McCartney. What is she using for “leather”? It looks great.

    • guest

      I was just about to write this. I love the bag by Stella. It’s quite large but gorgeous all the same.

    • c.Miller

      I agree, Celine-esque leather!

    • Karina

      Absolutely! It was my favorite as well. Better than all the leather bags featured here. I would buy this in a minute.

    • I was thinking the same thing! What does she use as leather? Looks so nice!

    • Lori

      Just checked out her website. Her nappa bag is made of the following: “This bag is made from Eco Alter Nappa, an innovative material with a coating created from over 50% vegetable oil, a renewable natural resource. This is part of our ongoing commitment to animal and eco-friendly fashion. 53% Polyurethane, 47% Polyester”. Just to be clear, these materials are from a bag currently on her site, not the bag shown here. Go vegan bags!!!

    • chae

      I love the design, too. Wish it was made of real leather. Sigh… :(

  • FashionableLena

    Am I being Punk’d? Some of these bags are ridiculous. I get creativity and having fun with fashion. I get the creativity and artistic expression. However, Celine created a glorified body bag while Balenciaga created a portable bean bag chair.
    I liked the Dior with the vintage print and the Valentino in the last photo. The Kenzo reminds me of an old Whiting&Davis bag. I love those things.

    • Rama

      Aren’t they all actually glorified handbags?

  • psny15

    those dior bags remind of of the sexy and city dior saddles

  • c.Miller


  • Sandy

    Seriously Balenciaga! I am aware the new designer is very advantguard but this is ridiculous! I guess you can carry your own seat cushion around with you. We want original but lovely things to carry…

    • psny15

      it looks like a cusion you would sit on LOL

    • Newyorking

      I thought the exact same thing! Perfect travel bag to sit on at the airport or waiting for a taxi. Ugh!

  • JH

    There is a “r” missing in number 7 — Dio. Love numbers 7 and 25 and the white on at the beginning of the post.

    • Vlad Dusil

      Fixed, thank you!

  • Sara

    The mini Longchamp Roseau is adorable.

  • Yazi

    The second bag is a joke. Like a red pillow.

    • Lily

      lol – not even a pillow (like Celine’s pillow bag), more like a bean bag!!

  • Browsing

    How/Where can we inquire about the Stella McCartney bag, I need that bag in my life and I can’t wait
    Please, please help