Chanel 21I must disagree, strenuously and vociferously, with the reintroduction of the wood-bottom clog to the high fashion lexicon. Even when these particular wood-bottom clogs are from Chanel Spring 2010. I will not stand for it.

What I do like, however, is smiling. Models smiling. When was the last time that you saw model after model, looking reasonably happy and human, in a major fashion show. In the fashion show of Paris Fashion Week? And do my eyes deceive me, or was supermodel Sasha Pivovarova talking on a cell phone on the runway?

And is that hay? Did Karl Lagerfeld turn the Grand Palais into a barn?

Yes and yes.

Quite honestly, regardless of the clothes (which were reasonably fabulous, but not the best of the week. Like I said in a previous post, Alexander McQueen already won), Chanel’s show appeared to be the most joyful. At my college, we had a saying: our team may occasionally lose a football game, but we’ve never lost a party. And that’s exactly what Chanel did this week: they won the party. I mean, they even had a live band! With Lily Allen! Was there a keg? If there was a keg, I bet it was really nice beer.

Chanel 1  Chanel 2  Chanel 3  Chanel 4  Chanel 5  Chanel 6  Chanel 7  Chanel 8  Chanel 9  Chanel 10  Chanel 11  Chanel 12  Chanel 13  Chanel 14  Chanel 15  Chanel 16  Chanel 17  Chanel 18  Chanel 19  Chanel 20  Chanel 21  Chanel 22  Chanel 23  Chanel 24  Chanel 25  Chanel 26  Chanel 27

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  • Michael St. James

    kinda fug is you ask me…

  • MizzJ

    Cute, but no surprises. haha if Chanel had a kegger, it would be champagne kegger not beer.

  • Jane H.

    Only 2 or 3 models are really smiling

    • Most of them are at least smirking – they were obviously told to do something slightly happier than traditional modelface. Looks like some of them found that easier to remember than others.

  • 19yearslater

    I like the vibe. Some of the clothes are too sweet. I like the black dress, though.

  • Merve

    ayyyy is the clog back really?

  • Rachana Rao

    Channel 21 is what i think looks like she is wearing one of those wired bags and those wooden soled clogs are hideous ……But, i do like the models and their smily faces … Some clothes are bright and chirpy but not all…..

  • Marissa Cooper

    Love the models smiling way better than the normal ‘modelface’..
    and who is the cute Asian model?! She’s got a very nice smile :)

  • Cathy

    For some reason, I think the Asian model is the cutest out of the lot! Agree with you, Marissa :)

    Leave it up to Lagerfield to surprise us with HAY. When I clicked to view more I was actually a little afraid of seeing overalls and plaid … but the outfits are nice, as usual. The hay seems weird, but at least he’s trying to mix it up ^^

  • SillyL

    Baptiste (Karl’s muse) looks handsome. :)

  • atrophia

    I love 2, 8 and 12. So pretty!

  • Alice

    Brilliant, it would certainly make people turn in the street if you wore those outfits and clogs. Most of the images have interesting designs however not really my cup of tea.

    Yes i agree Atrophia they are nice but i also think 15 looks very elegant!

    Now this is what you want to go with those outfits!

  • The Girl in Grey

    Wow-this is seamless for sure.

  • Dact at Shopping bags

    I’m more concentrating on those few very nice bags

  • ying marie

    I love the black dress no. 2 from left (in the third line)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    get rid of the clogs – they don’t go with the outfits (fb)

  • suz

    what a joyful and whimsical collection! Truly evokes the youthful optimism that Spring should bring, Inspired and original. In my opinion, it is one of the happiest collections in years! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

  • Katey

    You would think that the models would be a little more happier carrying all those nice handbags.

  • pinkblings

    I agree. Cute model smiling =) Clogs do not match the dress. Models should be sweet and smile more, like this angelic model in the gorgeous dress!

  • Unknown

    I am an Executive for Chanel Administration. I attended this show and was very impressed. The use of texture, color and detail was most enjoyable.

  • @Sweatsandheels

    Great post. Was thinking the exact same things watching the show- cell phone made me laugh- hope that doesn’t become a trend!

  • Brittany

    You went to Ole Miss! I love your blog & thats where i go to school, love it : ] Hotty Toddy!

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