It seems like every season, more and more exotics are available, many of them at the extreme end of the price continuum. For Fall 2015, two of our favorite bags are going to be available in very similar shades of blue alligator: the Givenchy Antigona Bag and Fendi Petite 3Jours Tote.

The Antigona is the “small” version of the bag, which means that both designs are very similar sizes and structures, in addition to their similar colors and materials in this form. The prices, while both astronomical compared to their leather versions, are significantly different: the Givenchy version is $29,900, while the Fendi is $34,000.

While the difference likely doesn’t matter to someone spending $30k on a handbag in the first place, the $5,000 difference will put you well on the way toward a Birkin, as long as you’re a plebe and will accept a regular leather version. (In case someone’s keeping a list: I am and I will.)

So, dear readers, tell us: which of these bags would you buy with an imaginary $34,000? (Note: I’m not going to confiscate your imaginary $5,100 if you go with the Givenchy, in case that sways your decision calculus.)

Givenchy Antigona Alligator Bag
$29,900 via Saks


Fendi Petite 3Jours Alligator Tote
$34,000 via Saks


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  • CoCo

    I choose the Givenchy bag – it looks so unique and that dye color of the alligator is beautiful. I’ll buy a normal Fendi 3jours with the 5,100 dollars left after buying the Givenchy.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Wow and alligator smack down!!! Fendi for me unless it entails some imaginary mud wrestling. I got to put the limits somewhere. Truthfully though $29,000 or $34,000 is a lot of coin (even if its only imaginary!)

  • The fendi wins for me! Gemma

  • kindled

    Is there an option to keep my imaginary $34k and buy leather versions plus about thirty additional bags? Anyway, I like the Givenchy better, :)

    • Jerri R


  • Sandy

    Givenchy all the way…even if it were the more pricey bag. Love Givenchy!

  • Sofia

    I normally don’t covet exotics, but wow, that Antigona is gorgeous!

    • Mya Wilkes

      It is!!!

  • tata


  • laura


  • PJGambler


  • How about giving that money to feed the homeless or help a sick child or support a classroom in an impoverished area…I have spent money on handbags for decades but these prices are getting seriously out of hand.

    • Elisa

      C’mon now, this is Purseblog. Self-righteous shaming has a time, this isn’t it. Your comment is inappropriate.

      • Inappropriate to tell people that their priorities are terribly skewed?..I think not.

      • Elisa

        Self-righteousness is never appropriate, judging people is never appropriate.

      • How many participation trophies did you get in our life? I hope you don’t have that attitude when you go out into the workforce. You won’t last very long.

      • Elisa


      • Do yourself a favor and grow up. Or do you need a trigger warning when people talk to you?

      • Winn

        You’re erroneously assuming someone who spends money on a handbag does it instead of “giving that money to feed the homeless or help a sick child or support a classroom in an impoverished area.” How do you know people aren’t being charitable in addition to purchasing designer items for themselves? How do you know someone doesn’t spend 5x as much on charitable giving than luxury goods?

        For someone who can afford a $30,000 bag, it isn’t one or the other.

        Also, who are you to say what the best use of someone’s money is? What if someone supports animal welfare, or LGBT rights, or WHATEVER. Oh, but its not the homeless or sick kids, those monsters!

    • Yoshi1296

      Yeah since it is absolutely impossible to do both right? Please take your “righteousness” somewhere else please.

      • “Self righteous” to point out skewed priorities? I think not. Why would you want a $30,000 handbag? The average American family of four lives on less than $50,000 a year. Poverty levels mean a family of four living on less than $25,000 a year. And 1 in 5 American children are being raised in poverty. What is the point of such an item?

        And since you seem to know so much about many of those who buy these items really give an appropriate amount to causes or work to help others? For every Gates Foundation, there are more who only give charity for tax purposes, or to promote themselves. How many really give out of the goodness of their hearts?

      • Winn

        Elise, why don’t you get off purseblog and go volunteer.

        Stop assuming we’re all vapid heartless wenches. There are plenty of people who appreciate luxury goods while supporting their communities and those less fortunate. Perhaps while volunteering you might actually meet a wealthy person and find out they’re not all so horrid.

      • What an infantile response.

      • Elisa

        Let’s all ignore ER. Clearly she doesn’t understand that this is supposed to be fun. So goodbye Debbie Downer!!

      • Elisa

        I vote we ignore Debbie Downer. This is supposed to be fun!

      • Elisa

        Goodbye Debbie Downrt

    • Sofia

      Ahh I was starting to miss comments like these =P

      • Ha! You made me laugh right after I “pfffft” and rolled my eyes.

    • You do realize that even if we vote that we prefer one bag over the other, pretty much none of us are actually going to buy it, right?

      • Its not about being able to buy it, its about coveting it. I love handbags as much as any person reading this blog, but there comes a point where you have to say enough is enough.

      • It’s not about “coveting” something. We were just asked a question, “which would you buy if you had the money?” We answered. It doesn’t mean that we would be fantasizing over the bag beyond this blog post, it doesn’t mean that if we actually had the $34,000, we would spend it on either bag. Just because we sometimes think “oh, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to afford that” doesn’t mean that we don’t do our bit to help out those who need it, volunteer, donate to charity. Those things and thinking about nice handbags once in a while are not mutually exclusive.

    • Sofia

      How about if someone told you that the money you’ve spent on handbags should have been given to charity? Would you appreciate that? No? Then don’t tell others how to spend theirs.

      • What makes you think people have not told me that my money spent on handbags should have gone to charity? In fact my adult sons have looked aghast at my handbag collection. To them the priority is helping the less fortunate. The reality is that simply because you are entitled to make a choice does not mean everyone has to respect that choice. There is no need for a $30,000 handbag anymore than there is a need for gold encrusted toilet seats. It is hubris plain and simple on your part , and quite frankly projection to think that I and others like me are so shallow that we cannot deal with a little constructive criticism in life simply because you obviously cannot.

      • Sofia

        I’m sorry, what were we talking about again? LOL ????

  • MM

    If I had to choose, Fendi looks better. I am not a fan of crocodile and no company can convince me that how they get the leather is ethical.

    • L.O.

      But regular leather is ok?

      • MM

        Regular leather is a product of the meat industry, where the rest of the animal parts are used. Crocodile is harvested for the skin only. Also, I am surprised purseblog isn’t talking about Jane Birkin wanting her named removed from croc birkins.

      • L.O.

        Interesting. Learn something new each day.

      • Elisa

        That’s interesting and relevant. I was not aware of Jane Birkin’s stance. Thank you for sharing!

      • ruru

        well said, i completely agree :)

      • tim de rosen

        You need to distinguish between Niloticus crocodile and its American cousin, the Louisiana Alligator. Niloticus crocodile comes from Africa where the animal husbandry is not at the same level as it is in the US. The alligator population in the US has grown enormously over the years and is abundant and is considered as of “Least Concern” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. US alligator farms are subject to international accords such as CITES and REACH as well as strictly enforced domestic legislation and thus the claims made by PETA simply do not apply. In our company, Bianca Mosca, we work solely with American alligator and ensure that all of our supplies are ethically sourced from farms using humane methods. BTW the Fendi bag is a much better buy. The skin is super prime and the dyeing and manufacturer much superior to the Givenchy.

      • lavinia

        thanks :) for this very interesting, just one question: what about the australian one ?(Hermes)

      • tim de rosen

        The Australian crocodiles are a salt water variety called Porosus, a rare genus that produces very high quality skins. Hermes acquired two Australian farms a few years ago.

      • shueaddict

        Thank you for the croc lesson .

      • Emma

        Actually some activist group like PETA actually got a camera into both Africa and Louisiana Hermes croc/alligator farms and just from the video it seems the USA one was much worse…they didnt even change the water for the reptiles and referred to them as either ‘handbags’ or ‘watch straps’.

        I use to love exotics but ever since i saw the documentary I have an ethical issue with the way the reptiles are treated

        if youre going to farm them for their skin,fine, but just so long as the animal doesnt go through excruciating pain and living conditions and for the price customers are paying these days the standards should be FAR greater improved.

        Have a google for it-its shocking but enlightening as well.

      • tim de rosen

        I think you are referring to the allegations regarding a farm in Texas. I understand that Hermes are currently investigating these allegations. Until the outcome of these investigations is certain we shouldn’t jump to early conclusions but of course if there have been any infractions of the law the culprits should be punished accordingly.

      • We have a full post about it going up this morning!

      • Lucy

        Actually, the meat is consumed from Alligators. At least in the U.S. It was on the menu at the restaurant we went to last night. I do agree that any animal needs to be humanely raised and would definitely protest abuse of any kind.

    • Lisa

      Crocodiles are farmed in Australia. They were identified as endangered in the late 1970s and have been protected for many years. Since then, the number of crocodiles in the wild have exploded to the point where professional fishermen in the north of Australia must carry guns in an effort to protect themselves should they be attacked.
      Crocodiles are extremely aggressive and have a tendency to carry off small children if they have the opportunity (fact). They are known to attack cows as they drink. As a local, I don’t have an overflow of concern for the well being of crocodiles. It’s the other endangered fish and birds that must share their environment I have more concern for tbh.

    • Passerine

      Good point. Even when regulations are in place, they often get flouted because, let’s face it, crocodiles and alligators don’t generate a lot of sympathy. That said, I like the color of the Fendi bag better (the Antigona is too shiny for my taste), but would prefer it in the 2 Jours rather than the 3. And in a moc-croc normal leather.

  • Elisa


  • kate

    Fendi for sure!!!

  • Karisma

    Givenchy! No question.

  • seres

    Givenchy (but still too rich for my blood, please let us know when embossed alligator gets this good!)

  • I agree with most. the Antigonia. Though I did laugh out loud when a youtube was talking through theirs (yes, her own bag) and called it “a basic b*tch bag” HAHA! I still like it though :)

    • Lily

      The Givenchy Antigona only became “a basic b*tch bag”, because of Youtube. Every Youtubers and their mother owns an Antigona. Which is a shame, since it is a really nice purse.

    • theGibs

      Ohh, I see you watch HRHCollection’s channel, too? I recall her saying something similar in regards to an Antigona she purchased recently. And lol, it made me chuckle, too — seeing as she just bought one herself. Either way, regardless of her opinion, I find the Antigona to be a gorgeous bag ^_^

      • Lol yeah! It was exactly her I was referring to :)

  • Dewi

    Definitely Fendi for this croc version

  • GK

    Your math is wrong. The price difference is just over 4k at $4100

  • FashionableLena

    I’m not a fan of exotic skins, but the colors are gorgeous. If I had to choose one, I’d go with the Givenchy. I’d use the extra $4100 on a Chanel.

    • I feel exactly the same. I’m not one for exotics, but these made me exclaim “wow!” Even if these two were the exact same price, I’d still go for the Givenchy. I prefer the Antigona’s shape to the Fendi’s. It’s just icing on the cake that I could get a Boy bag or a Celine box with the difference.

  • lavinia

    Fendi all my life

  • Stina Sias

    Speaking of exotics when are we going to talk about Jane birkin?

  • Chelsea Girl

    They are both gorgeous but just as I am about to choose the Fendi for its more subtle shade and stunning design, I think of the poor alligators that would have been slaughtered while resting in their natural habitat for this, and I immediately think NOT!

    • While of course I get the sentiment, the alligators were farmed, i.e. not in their natural habitats/in the wild.

      • Chelsea Girl

        Sorry I’m confused, are you’re saying its OK for them to be killed as long as they were farmed ?

      • Of course not. But there’s still a difference between hunting animals in the wild (which impacts its immediate ecosystem, any young it may have, etc.) versus harvesting the skins from farmed animals. They are both wrong, of course, but one of them is a lesser evil than the other. Still evil.

      • Chelsea Girl

        I see your point Katrina and agree with you

  • kkonaroll

    cant look at exotics anymore after PETA released the videos of the hermes gator farms,

    • Lily

      PETA is even worse than the people they expose.

  • Michele

    No contest….FENDI

  • ottercat

    Did you see the article about Jane Birkin asking that her name be removed from the Hermes branding of exotic skin bags?

  • Lily

    While not a fan of exotic skins, if I had to choose…. it would be the Fendi. The Antigona is too shiny, and it distracts from the beautiful color.

  • Finem Lauda

    Givenchy, if only because I truly hate Karl Loginatoiletfeld.

  • Stella Ren

    I think a croc embossed on regular leather would just do the same….

  • Rashmi

    Amanda, I would highly suggest a VOTING for topics like this. Is it too late to add one here? So one could see instantly which bag got more votes :)

    I like them both but I love the color on the Givenchy and I would love the Fendi to be in a burgundy or rich dark green color! Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

  • Jerri R

    I guess I am in the extreme minority of not liking the textures of reptile or ostrich skins. I prefer things that are supple smooth and soft. The only textures I like are pebbled or saffiano :)

  • Audrey Yuxi Zhou

    Love Antigona!! But 3jours+ aligator looks more classic and dressier

  • marilenaa


  • pinkloverme

    Fendi wins!