Danny Roberts Harajuku Lovers Bags

There is no better way to start off the new year than to bring you an exclusive interview and information on a fantastic collaboration. We are talking about the well-known artist Danny Roberts and his partnership with Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers.

Danny Roberts has gained worldwide exposure for his artistic drawings. In fact, his work is now so easily-recognizable that you could pick a Danny Roberts drawing out without batting an eye. Roberts showcases his work on his blog, Igor and Andre, which includes blogger portraits, ad campaigns, and personal works among others.

Danny Roberts Fatally Cute Tag Danny Roberts Gwen Stefani Tee

Danny Roberts was approached for the opportunity of a lifetime. Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku Lovers approached Roberts to ask him to team up to create a mini Limited Edition line. The collaboration was released late July and consisted of four unique handbags, six shirts, and one sweatshirt.

Only problem for all of you is that many of the items are extremely hard to find and/or not available. I was hunting down the Mad for Plaid Precious Tote, which I have yet to find. Here is the good news though, there are three items that Danny Roberts helped me track down.

Mad for Plaid Satchel | $187 via Asos
The Tall Music Tee | $40 via KarmaLoop
Tall Girls Flash Drive Hoodie | $72 via KarmaLoop

Danny Roberts Harajuku Lovers Bags

Here are our two exclusive questions for Danny Roberts:

PB: Were you always interested in fashion along with art?

DR: Well, I have always loved to draw. My Fashion interest started a little later in my young life. In junior high I started a t-shirt company, which I guess was the start of my interest in fashion. As the little shirt company started to grow, I decided to design clothes and teach myself how to sew. Then, when it was time for college, I decided I would like to study Fashion Design. I think from that point on I’ve followed fashion.

Fashion is kind of a door into a dream world for me, and I like entering that dream world. I guess, to me, seeing a fashion collection is like picking the wardrobe for the story that is constantly being written in my head… if that makes sense? Fashion inspires just about every part of my art.

Danny Roberts Harajuku Lovers Bag Display PB: Share with us your initial reaction on being approached to collaborate with Gwen Stefani.

DR: Hahah. well.. I’m not sure if there are many other ways to react… hahaha!

My eyes went wide as I read the email, and then I started laughing in excitement and disbelief, and then a massive smile formed on my face. That smile stayed on my face for the whole week I think.

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