Bottega Veneta Paille Intreccio Nuvolato Maxi Veneta - $2,650

One of the most amazing aspects of my job is the opportunity to look at handbags in showrooms. It is triple the delight when the bags we are looking at are months away from being available to the general public. If you asked me five years ago what I would be doing today, this would not be on my list. But I am beyond thrilled it is.

Visiting the Bottega Veneta showroom was a highlight of our NYC trip. Just as we arrived in the showroom, we were greeted by a fresh set of Spring 2010 handbags. The bags had only been seen previously on the runway in Milan a week prior. Now it was our turn to examine them closely in all of their glory.

When you look at a Bottega Veneta bag, one of the main aspects that intrigues me (and should be taken into consideration by any buyer) is how exactly the bag was made. Tomas Maier and the Bottega Veneta team continue to go above and beyond when creating their pieces. There is a story behind every item, every color, every technique, and every material. Now if we could have the pleasure of sitting down with Tomas Maier to see into his vision our lives would be complete. We can dream, right?

BV Delft Blue Cocco Lave Bag - $24,000

The Spring 2010 collection from Bottega Veneta centered around cream colored clothing which allows the wearer to play with colorful accessories. That is precisely what the BV bags delivered: lusciously rich hues with the attention to detail that has become synonymous with the brand.

Bottega Veneta Canevas Yolk / Orchid Embroidered Knots - $1,180

Bottega Veneta developed a techinque for their signature intrecciato weaving to give the leather the characteristic feel and behavior of straw. In fact, one woven-leather intrecciato bag sounded exactly like a straw bag when you squeezed it together. This is yet another way in which Maier manifests his design genius.

Bottega Veneta Esperanza Cocco Lave Bag - $24,000

The colors on the handbags pop, just as Maier intended for them to do. With a cream colored clothing palette, accessories take creative control of your outfit. Bottega Veneta has infused exotic crocodile skins for spring in deeply saturated jewel toned blue, green, and yellow.

Bottega Veneta Cigar Cocco Glace Bag - $26,500      Bottega Veneta Paille Cocco Glace Bag - $35,000

With fancy Italian names like Paille Cocco Glace, Yolk Cocco Lave Cabat or Paille Intreccio Nuvolato Maxi Veneta, it is near impossible not to give these creations your full attention. The intense colors, the beautiful crafting and the outstanding quality of the leathers boost our desire for this Bottega S/S line that much more.

As with most things Bottega, beauty comes at a steep price. The classic Veneta (pictured above) will run at around $2,600, while the exotics will set back your back account by a solid 5 figures. However, if your are in the market for high-end fashion accessories, each dollar spent on BV is a dollar well spent.

Click on all photos to enlarge and find the name of each item and price. Inquire with your local BV store or at 877.362.1715 for availability of the pictured items.

Bottega Veneta Yolk Cocco Lave Cabat - $78,000

Bottega Veneta Cigar Origami Plume Leather Tejus Bag - $8,500

Bottega Veneta Horn Necklace      Bottega Veneta Cigar Vernice Sandals - $630

Bottega Veneta Canevas Boutis Bag - $2,410 | Paille Boutis Bag - $1,290

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  • kemilia

    Incredible! The stitching on the clutches, that is new to me (wow). And the ones that look like straw, I just want to touch them. They are dream bags.

    Thank you for the great pix and report!

  • Fran

    Gorgeous pictures, and bags! That origami bag is so beautiful!

  • chica1

    Wow, you can tell how much effort BV put into designing these bags. They are exquisite and the detailing is amazing! These bags are worth the price!

  • Paulina

    I am not a fan of the Bottega Veneta Yolk Cocco Lave Cabat. It is entirely too busy and thus makes the bag look tacky. All the other crocodile looks AMAZING though. The scales just pop and I want to roll around in a bed with all of them… except maybe not.

  • Jane

    I am so IN LOVE with these bags that I am speechless. Why did I ever have to find out these bags excite in a world that I can barely afford to grocery shop. If I had money I would take one of everything. Those deep jewel tone bags unbelievable. The blue and then the green. WOW WOW WOW. I am awe struck!! Thank you BV for being true artists in your craft.

  • Kelly

    Love BV!!! For the spring collection in this article I love the last ones (Boutis) in particular.

    (not sure about the origami bag though – reminds me of a durian……(plz don’t scold me!!))

  • Liz G.

    WOW!! Loving this collection!! These bags are truly an art form!! I am loving the sandals too!!

  • Pat

    Spectacular photos, as usual for the PurseBlog. I’m loving the colors and can’t wait to visit a BV shop to see some of these beauties in person.

  • Michael St. James

    The majority of these bags are overdesigned, but there are a few gems. I like the brown croc tote and the yellow croc hobo, but I’m sure they’re absurdly priced.

  • Handbag Lover

    Wow! I am in love!

  • lemmemakeit

    Unreal. true craftsmanship!
    I blogged about the Bottega artisans and how the bags are crafted:

    and how I attempted to create a Bottega inspired purse here:

    They are just simple unbeatable!

  • mette

    Love the exotic ones, the delft blue especially. BV challenges Hermes.

    • Rumor has it that Bottega is the only brand that Hermes corporate considers a rival to their own products.

      It’s a rumor, but I can see where it’s coming from.

      • Jane

        I couldn’t agree more, but I must admit I like BV bags more than Hermes. However, I say that with great ignorance because I have never seen nor held a Hermes bag or BV in person.

  • chirpy_gal

    Nice :-) ……

  • Franca

    I just love them all !!!

  • BittyMonkey

    Uh, oh. Better start saving now for the Maxi.

  • spanish moss

    oh, bloody yum!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debra Zak

    AHHHH BV my dream bag

  • hiptownrose

    The clutches are amazing, so lovely.

  • Bagdonna

    I love my Maxi Veneta Intrecciato to death!

  • lea

    how mucu is caviar 2.55 medium is u.s. and is it better to buy medium or large ..pls help

  • sndc99

    OMG I’m in love

  • risingsun

    BV makes the holy grail of bags, IMO. From the Veneta to the exotics, they are stunning!

  • Kendra

    Looks weird, like innards or something. (fb)

  • ina

    i loveeee this year collection, not to mentioned opera and china colour

  • Mousse

    Just love the soft look of this weave. (ipad)

  • jjarrel

    What a great looking handbags. I like the sitiching on your handbags.