Dior Flowers Saddle PouchI’ve been meaning to credit the Dior Saddle Bag for the longest time, and finally comes the day that I do so. What the Kelly to Hermes, and what the classic monogram is to LV, Dior’s is the Saddle Bag. The form is just extraordinarily sexy and timeless, and as much as the bags were withheld from the general public in their earliest days, these days we can consider ourselves lucky to have unrestricted access to the Saddles. Which of the Saddles you will call your own someday depends mainly on your funds, of course.

I’ve decided to go with the entry Saddle level with the Vintage Flowers Saddle Pouch. The bags have been reinvented over the years, and this season the tendency gears towards going back to the roots. The classic logo jacquard is embroidered with elegant flowers to add a delightful burst of spring color. A leather trim and silver metal hardware round off the glamorous package. For a reasonable $350 at Eluxury.


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