Updates to Dior’s Fan-Favorite Bags Sit Alongside New Shapes for Cruise 2023

These stunning renditions will steal your heart


At Dior, changing the guards from creative director Raf Simons to Maria Grazia Chiuri in late 2016 was a shift that was felt almost instantaneously. Almost overnight, things changed, with Maria Grazia Chiuri bringing a creative vision that beautifully combined both femininity and futurism. Chiuri’s Dior is more casual in a way that reflects how the modern woman actually lives and dresses, and she’s expanded upon this vision in her 6+ years at the House. While each collection’s aesthetic may change, her creative vision remains at the core, and season after season, Chiuri continues to wow.

Dior Goes To Seville

For her cruise 2023 collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri chose Seville as the backdrop to showcase the line, as it was Seville that was a major source of inspiration throughout the design process. A city infused with heritage and creativity, its influences are heavily felt throughout. True to Chiuri’s iconic vision for Dior, the collection celebrates femininity at its core. Ready-to-wear evokes the Spanish heritage of flamenco dancing, fusing together cultures.

Icons, Reinvented

Handbags and accessories supplement the collection with nods to heritage details like fringed tassels and knotted pom-pom trims. The ever-iconic Saddle bag as well as the Book Tote, a new icon of the House, are reimagined with the spirit of Seville in mind. A stunning elegant embroidery technique is applied to both House staples, with glittering threads that sparkle and shine. This new iteration is said to marry equestrian details with rich gold, held dear to both Dior and Spain.

The Lady D-Lite also appears this season, reinvented in iconic colors of Spain like red and black, and white and black. Featuring an embroidered Ornamental motif that is inspired by southern Spanish baroque, the bag expertly marries classic elegance with Dior’s contemporary feel.

The Seville-inspired silhouettes don’t stop there; the cruise collection also features new shapes like the hobo bucket bag, a modern silhouette with fresh details that reflect the collection’s spirit. Crafted from luxe lambskin leather, it features handcrafted tassels and pompoms. All the bags feel like works of art, refelting the culture and spirit of Spain while staying true to the savoir-faire of Dior.

Christian Dior Cruise 2023 Hobo Bag

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  1. psny15 Avatar

    I love the mood of this campaign – bravo Maria Grazia

  2. Daveloeweyou (#daveloeweyou) Avatar
    Daveloeweyou (#daveloeweyou)

    Before making the collection, María Grazzia was inspired by the artisans of Seville and Cordoba, famous for their artisanal work of leather and goldsmithing.

  3. Fabuleux Avatar

    Beautiful photographs. But the “CHRISTIAN DIOR” band ruins these otherwise lovely bags. Why would anyone want to serve as a walking billboard?

    1. Terri Avatar

      I agree. Lovely campaign and Seville is a beautiful city. But it’s like you’re paying to advertise for them. To each his own though.

    2. Olivia Penzey Avatar
      Olivia Penzey

      I love the small Dior book tote, especially in the jardin print, but I would never buy one because of the giant branding. It’s such a shame. Their embroidery is stunning.

  4. FizzyWater Avatar

    I like the bucket/hobo. I’d call the bumps knots or frogs, not pompoms, right? But they definitely evoke whatever you call the bumps on gothic cathedrals, or possibly decorations on matador outfits. I also really like that the logo is hidden under the strap – I’m a big fan of hidden surprises, and not so much of big logos. I’d imagine the canvas is less fragile than leather and also less likely to transfer dye to my clothes, if that’s a thing that happens at the Dior price point.