Maria Grazia Chiuri’s creative imagination knows no bounds. Each new collection is seen as an opportunity to reflect and reimagine the role of clothing in relation to the body and fashion as a whole. For Fall 2023, Maria Grazia Chiuri took the design process as a chance to revisit the 1950s, further exploring the history of Dior. Greatly inspired by three of the House’s most fashionable muses, Catherine Dior, Édith Piaf, and Juliette Gréco, the foundations of the feminine wardrobe are revised, rethought, and most importantly, revived.

Texture and print are present throughout, specifically floral motifs which were once a favorite of Mr. Dior. Srunchy skirts and dresses pay tribute to Miss Dior herself, Christian Dior’s sister Catherine. Early looks from the runway juxtaposed the latter, which consisted of jewel tones and prints. Rather, the show began with a simpler approach to fashion with black-on-black separates, dresses, and thoughtfully wrinkled suits.

The Bags of Dior Fall 2023

The bags complemented the RTW, with delicate, ladylike shapes taking center stage. Various bags in CD-embossed smooth leather, burnished lizard prints, and Cannage-quilted leather were toted by models in an array of shades from black to jewel tones like emerald green and magenta. The Dior Book tote appeared on the runway this season along with the House’s latest It-bag, the new 95.22 bag, showcased in a mini green version alongside embellished variations of the Iconic Lady Dior. View bags from Dior Fall 2023 below.

Dior F W 2023 Backstage 4
Dior F W 2023 Backstage 3
Dior F W 2023 Backstage 2
Dior F W 2023 Backstage

images ©Melie Hirtz via Dior

Dior F W 2023 Bags 2
Dior F W 2023 Bags 3
Dior F W 2023 Bags 4
Dior F W 2023 Bags 5
Dior F W 2023 Bags 6
Dior F W 2023 Bags 7
Dior F W 2023 Bags 8
Dior F W 2023 Bags 9
Dior F W 2023 Bags 10
Dior F W 2023 Bags 11
Dior F W 2023 Bags 12
Dior F W 2023 Bags 13
Dior F W 2023 Bags 14
Dior F W 2023 Bags 15
Dior F W 2023 Bags 16
Dior F W 2023 Bags

images via Vogue Runway

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21 days ago

Love, love bags made on a frame! Very, Grace Kelly and old movie glam! Great collection, thank you!

Amanda R
Amanda R
21 days ago

I love a lot of what’s here, and 1950s lady-like is definitely my cup of tea. But Dior’s price increases over the past couple of years have put me out of their market. 😔 Over $6k for a medium Lady Dior? Ridiculous. And heartbreaking.

21 days ago
Reply to  Amanda R

I’m with you Amanda. Also, I don’t like paying a small fortune to carry someone’s label like a billboard, Though most of these here don’t do that, many others do, That’s why I fell for handmade Italian artisan bags. I couldn’t believe the quality, so I start d bringing them here. Check out PaisleyFish. You won’t believe it,

21 days ago

Loving the emerald green on bags and coats! I am a sucker for a frame bag as well and these are lovely!

Olivia Penzey
Olivia Penzey
22 days ago

Ooh, I like all of the Lady Dior variations and the proportions of the 95.22 look way better as a mini.

21 days ago

Some are very beautiful (the lizard and houndstooth bags as well as the Lady Dior variations) but most of these look cheap, even if the silhouette is elegant. Can only imagine the astronomical prices they’ll command for them… Not their best.

20 days ago

I see gloves are also making a comeback.
Love ladylike clothes and bags. My vintage collection is going to be right in style.
The book tote looks like it doesn’t belong with its huge size and garish logo.

16 days ago

I love a ton of what’s here, and 1950s genteel is most certainly my favorite thing in the world. Be that as it may, Dior’s cost increments over the recent years have put me out of their market. 😔 More than $6k for a medium Woman Dior? Crazy. Furthermore, tragic.

Antique Nappa