Dior’s Spring 2024 Bags Shine Backstage at Its Paris Fashion Week Show

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No matter what comes next, Maria Grazia Chiuri has certainly left her mark on the House of Dior. Continually exploring the idea of feminism and how it relates to both femininity and fashion, the conceptualization of the Spring 2024 collection began with a reflection on the meaning of time. For Maria Grazia Chiuri, there is an undeniable link between the past and the future, and that link is the basis for the Spring 2024 collection.

At first glance, the irony of the times is not lost upon the viewer. The show opened with a bang, large bold graphic letters that read “NOT HER,” a provocative digital installation by the artist @Ele.Bellantoni_Studio, are the backdrop for the show. This statement-making graphic in bright shades of pink and yellow challenges misogynistic depictions of women in advertising.

The Design Codes of Spring 2024

As for the ready-to-wear, pieces explore archival House codes, like a dress designed by Christian Dior himself from the late 1940s, which is revisited this season in new and interesting ways. Then, there are odes to the brand’s Parisian roots, like a graphic motif translated from a photograph of the Eiffel Tower. Other silhouettes include rich textures like leather, lace, fishnet, and florals, an eternal code for the House of Dior.

The Bags of Dior Spring 2024

The bags themselves are a compliment to the ready-to-wear, a testament to the brand’s iconic history. Silhouettes in Cannage take center stage, like the New Dior Toujours Bag and embellished versions of the iconic Lady Dior. As for newness? Two new leather bags appeared on the runway, toted by models in black and camel. One, a top-handle mini square tote is adorned with CD hardware pulled from the archives. The second shape is a rounded leather flap bag fitted with a leather strap and gold CD hardware.

View bags from the Dior Spring 2024 collection below, images ©Elena Dottelonde for Dior.

Dior Spring 2024 Bags
Dior Spring 2024 Bags 2
Dior Spring 2024 Bags 3
Dior Spring 2024 Bags 4
Dior Spring 2024 Bags 5
Dior Spring 2024 Bags 6
Dior Spring 2024 Bags 7
Dior Spring 2024 Bags 8
Dior Spring 2024 Bags 9
Dior Spring 2024 Bags 10


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  1. Joan Avatar

    What a snooze.

  2. psny15 Avatar

    This is atrocious – seems to be tacky like Louis Vuitton rather than Dior – makes sense lvmh owns both

    1. JosephLondon Avatar

      I don’t think it’s tacky but I do think it’s boring!

  3. Kitty Avatar

    I love the celestial bracelets. I’m sure they are crazy expensive (and I rarely wear bracelets lol) – but wow, they are pretty!

  4. kelleypuppy Avatar

    I thought this was a NEW designer?! Nothing new. Retreads.

  5. SonShownu Avatar

    the bag where the woman wear strappy heels, ugh. looks like an old bag you can found in your attic. but the clothes. LOVE LOVE

  6. FashionableLena Avatar

    These bags are not it..

  7. Annie Avatar

    Not as impressed as I had hoped.

  8. Jackie Avatar

    Well no longer will buy anything from LVMH after I read articles about Bernard Arnault is being investigated for alleged money laundering. Disgusting indeed.

    1. Aspen Avatar

      Oh please. That’s the least worrisome behavior of his I’m sure.

  9. Passerine Avatar

    The combination of that trench coat and the tan leather tote bag gives the photo a very 70s vibe. I like that a lot. But in the photo, the quality of the leather and the finishing just don’t look that great. And I’m sure it will be overpriced. On the topic of prices, I looked at the Dior Essential Tote bag (Medium). It reminds me of the Dior Ultra tote I bought a few years ago — the main difference being that the Essential has inside pockets; the Ultra didn’t (but the Ultra had a zipper closure at the top, something you don’t get with the Essential). The other big difference? The Essential is $5000. I paid $2100 for the Ultra.

    Are the differences worth $3000? IMO: Nope.