Certain codes are integral parts of fashion houses, some more recognizable and known than others. Sure, you may know the most popular bags and their origins, but many times there are other deeply integrated elements to each brand that hold historical value. For the House of Dior, astrology plays a key role dating back to Christian Dior’s fascination with lucky numbers, palm readers, astrology, and superstition. In fact, a palm reader told Dior at a young age that he would succeed in life – through women.

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Christian Dior went on to dress women and change the womenswear scape of his time, and his namesake brand continues to do so today. In his first collections, the numbers 8 and 13 were incredibly important, with Mr. Dior showing collections of 13 models and founding Dior on October 8th in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Now, under the Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri, nods to these principal codes remain relevant and are still seen throughout her collections.

Dior Zodiac and Constellation Setting

Astrology takes center stage for part of the Dior Fall-Winter 2021 collection, with the Dior Zodiac and Dior Constellation motif prints being adorned on different bags, accessories, and clothing. From the instant closet-staple Dior Book Tote to a modernized version of the Lady Dior Bag, many of the cornerstone items for the House have been updated with a touch of the world of fairy tales.

To showcase our favorite items from Dior’s Fall-Winter 2021 collection, we created our own ethereal world. The importance of astrology and constellations reigned supreme while also feeling like we were being taken away into a world we dreamed up and created. With cutouts hanging from the ceiling and being placed strategically around the set to the perfect moody light, come away with us into our astrology-centric world of Dior.

Dior Book Tote

Dior Book Tote Constellation

Maria Grazia Chiuri created the Dior Book Tote, and from the moment it was introduced, the bag became one of the most iconic bags of all time. Each season, Dior reinterprets this bag with new sizes and different patterns. The Book Tote was designed to hold your daily essentials while remaining a lightweight, functional, and incredibly stylish design. This Small Dior Book Tote rendition is fully embroidered with the latte multicolor Dior Zodiac motif that artist Pietro Ruffo imaged. The simplicity of the color makes this bag versatile, but upon close inspection, the detail of each stitch reveals the intriguing Zodiac print. If you are unsure if the small size will fit enough, I can tell you that I use my Small Dior Book Tote as a daily bag when I have my kids with me, and it fits young kid essentials plus all of my personal necessities without feeling overly large or heavy.

Dior Book Tote Large Zodiac Print on Model
Dior Book Tote Large Zodiac Print

As for the original size of the Dior Book Tote, this version pairs the constellation print with a bright, floral-infused overlay that gives a feminine touch. This print was also inspired by the artist Pietro Ruffo and while the back of the bag shows more of the subdued constellation print, the front features florals with blue and deep red being the dominant colors. As with the small size, this Book Tote can be carried by hand or fits over the shoulder and is fully embroidered.

Lady Dior

The Lady Dior will forever be one of the most beloved and recognizable bags in handbag history. While the all-leather version may feel a bit more refined, Dior constantly updates the bag with new materials and patterns to modernize it and add a youthful look. The Dior Medium Lady D-Lite in Latte Multicolor Dior Constellation Embroidery fuses the constellation print alongside the more lively and colorful floral print as well. The fully embroidered bag features the Christian Dior signature across the front along with ‘D.I.O.R.’ pale gold charms. A nice touch that makes the bag more playful is the thick reversible and removable embroidered shoulder strap. This allows the bag to be carried by hand, over the shoulder, or crossbody. On the inside, you’ll find a zip pocket and a larger patch pocket.

If the micro bag trend is for you, there is a pint-sized version of the Lady Dior. In a tiny version, the Micro Lady Dior features every elegant design element of its full-sized sister, including the Cannage topstitching and the ‘D.I.O.R.’ charm. The removable and adjustable shoulder strap gives this bag different lives, and if you can go out with a couple credit cards, a single key, and lipstick, then this bag would work for you.

Dior Zodiac Micro Lady Dior on Model

Dior Fall-Winter 2021, Shoes, and More

Maria Grazia Chiuri infuses femininity into her designs in a way that feels liberated and easy. To complete your look and truly be dressed head-to-toe in Dior’s astrological-themed clothing, shoes, and other accessory options, round out the collection.

I instantly fell for the Zodiac silk jacket and pant/short sets from this line, each offering ease of wear that still feels elevated but allows you to exude this aura of ease and refinement. As for the shoes, you can opt for sneakers with the constellation print or the ever-popular Dway Slide in Multicolor Dior Zodiac Embroidered Cotton. These slides instantly transform a simple outfit and pair perfectly with the bags.

Dior Zodiac Accessories
Dior Winter Sunglasses 2
Dior Winter Accessories in Zodiac Print

The importance of astrology continues to be woven into the House of Dior. Each item with the Zodiac or Constellation print pays homage to Christian Dior and his fascination that helped guide him into the designer he became. Any of these items pairs a current-day twist on an important element from Dior’s past, which helps tell the story of Dior.

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