The New Sizes and Colors of the Dior Vibe Bags

Fresh for Spring-Summer 22, the sportswear inspired line expands.

The sportswear movement in the fashion world has been lovingly embraced, allowing us to dress more comfortably while still feeling like there are ample options to make fashion-forward choices. For me, a brand should meld its classic roots while staying updated with modern touches. This is a line that Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director at Dior, does so brilliantly.

If you want the flowy, meticulously embroidered ready-to-wear and bags, she creates them, and if you are more for the bright and colorful sportswear-inspired designer items, she creates them too. We’ve shared the Dior Vibe Bags previously and now have a fresh look (and our own fresh take) on the expansion of the line for Dior’s Spring-Summer 22 collection.

Dior Diorvibe Bowling Bag Orange

Welcome to the bold and colorful world of the new range of Dior Vibe Bags, one that is rooted in hybrid creations that reprise sneaker codes with two distinctive shapes. You’ll find plenty of the House’s cornerstone symbols, including the Christian Dior signature, as well as cannage leather and stars embossed on the rubber base of the Bowling Bag paying tribute to Christian Dior’s fascination with astrology.

The new Dior Vibe line grows with new sizes and colors, all part of the alluring Spring-Summer 22 collection. Maria Grazia Chiuri revisited the 1960s and Marc Bohan’s long tenure as Creative Director at Dior, namely the Slim Look collection presented in 1961. You’ll find graphic effects and cuts, bold colors giving a color block spin, and spatial geometries. The bags of the Dior Vibe line are now offered in new sizes, namely a smaller size that still has a longer shoulder strap to lend a sporty and fun vibe. Navy, orange, bright pink, and electric blue round out the offering, and each is sure to amplify your outfit.

Dior Diorvibe Bowling Bag Group
Dior Diorvibe Bowling Bag Black White

The Dior Vibe Bowling Bag is a high fashion and modern take on the bowling style shape, a style that’s incredibly practical in size and dimensions as well as usability. The east-west aspect of the design allows for maximum storage of your items if you opt for one of the larger sizes of the bag, or you can make a fun statement with one of the new mini sizes. Crafted of smooth calfskin leather, the Dior Vibe Bowling Bag is defined by the Christian Dior Paris signature and a zippered pocket on the front.

On the bottom of these bags, you’ll find a sculpted rubber star motif that is inspired by House sneakers. You can carry the bag by the double top handles or the removable and adjustable mesh shoulder strap. The micro version brings the same elements, only shrunken down. The larger size works when you want to carry more items, while the other perfectly fills the micro bag obsession in a more practical way as it still can fit your small essentials. The end result is a functional design that combines sportswear with the couture spirit of the House, a truly modern combination.

Diorvibe Hobo Blue
Diorvibe Hobo Pink Detail

The other bag in the Dior Vibe family is the Dior Vibe Hobo Bag, only this season Dior is offering bright and bold colorways. Classic Dior design elements are visible when you see this bag, namely the Cannage quilted leather, the Christian Dior Paris signature on the underside, and the CD military-inspired buckle. The quilted Cannage stitching sits atop modern lines, and the bag features a handle in addition to a removable and adjustable shoulder strap with the CD military-inspired buckle. The nice thing about this bag is the different ways to carry it, from worn on the shoulder to crossbody to by hand. On the inside, you’ll find a patch pocket. The hobo shape deserves far more attention in the bag world, and this is a modern and alluring version.

Dior Diorvibe Bowling Bag Bottom Detail

While the classic bags for Dior remain beloved staples, this new line allows a modernization – one that speaks to how more people have been dressing. The vibrant hues for the season allow us to feel that spark of optimism for the colorful future that lies ahead.

Discover the new Dior Vibe bags now!


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  1. Linge Avatar

    I ain’t vibing with it.

  2. Kelleypuppy Avatar

    Looks cheap. Too bad. Like the shape.

  3. spoiledinseattle Avatar

    Very nostalgic. In a way, they remind me of the Converse-esque high heels of the 2000s. Not for me personally, but I can see this bag making its way into plenty of throwback looks

  4. Sarah Avatar

    I like the sporty look of these bags and the colors are really fun. That tiny pink one is calling my name!

  5. Nan Avatar

    I like it, but wouldn’t purchase since Dior will discontinue it, in the next few years, making it look outdated. I’ll stick with the classics.

  6. Yazi Avatar

    This looks like a fake bag

  7. Cher Avatar

    Look like smelly bowling bags in bad 80s movies…

  8. Michelle Avatar

    Horrible looking bag, just horrible; even though the colors are beautiful. I’ll stick with the Lady Dior.

  9. Terri Avatar

    Looks like a cheap knockoff

    1. BirkinBoy Avatar


  10. Gia Avatar

    Thanks Dior, don’t like it. I can save my $$$

  11. JennaGirl Avatar

    This is so bad. If it didn’t have the name brand plastered across it, it would be something you’d find in the clearance bin at Kohl’s.

  12. Elle Avatar

    I really like these mini Vibe bags, very nostalgic and cool!

  13. Michelle Kerrigan Avatar
    Michelle Kerrigan

    Would not ever consider purchasing.

  14. Allie T Avatar
    Allie T

    Don’t know what all of you are talking about, these are so fun, 80s/90s vibes

  15. alexandra Avatar

    Good article

  16. Twerkin4Birkin Avatar

    Future outlet finds – we love to see it!

  17. BirkinBoy Avatar

    I don’t like the Dior vibe. I think Dior has fallen from grace.

  18. SamSweden Avatar

    The Dior bags in this article look like baby toys.Classic Dior bags are best

  19. Jerri R Avatar
    Jerri R

    Old Navy chic

  20. Lisa Avatar

    Love these bags but the prices are absolutely prohibitive for what they are. Trendy and not classic at all. Will wait to buy on the pre-loved market someday.

  21. Bea Avatar

    Oh Wow. In my humble opinion- this is not good. The branding is of criminal proportions on a non classic making it look suspect (fake) – since it looks like an athletic bag maybe nylon would have been an option for this silhouette. The colors are pretty