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  • Kate

    Not sure why someone would turn to Dior for casual anything. That’s someone else’s niche. And isn’t Gucci already doing a bee motif? A lot of these are really derivative of what other designers are already going much better. These are terrible.

    • Truvey Taylor

      These could be deemed as direct knock off’s of Gucci. They’re not even subtle.

    • Yoshi1296

      Dior has used the Bee motif long before Gucci has. They just put it to rest but the new designer has brought it back along with the old Dior monogram.

      • Kate

        The new designer should have left it at rest, then, not revived it when someone else has taken ownership of it. It’s one thing to go into the brand’s archives and find inspiration for something with artistic merit, quite another to go into the archive and revive bad ideas and create a derivative mess. “We did it first” is not a good argument when someone else has used the motif so prominently in recent seasons, and is doing it better than your sad little attempt. Dior has been around for decades. It’s a bit pathetic that in all the many, many ideas in its archives, Chiuri looked at the bee and thought, “Hey, Gucci is famously splashing this motif all over its designs lately. I’ll pick this out and re-use it like a dirty shoe.” There is no excuse for this sort of artistic laziness.

      • Yoshi1296

        How is it artistic laziness to reference back to something so iconic for a brand? That’s like saying Louis Vuitton should drop the monogram because other designers started making their own mono prints. They created it, so they should roll with it. If someone stole your car, are you just gonna cry boohoo and buy a new one? NO! You’re gonna go and try to get it back. If Maria didn’t reference the codes of Dior, she would’ve had herself escorted out of the Dior Atelier for good. She’s doing a playful and fun version of Dior. A lot of people think Raf Simons was the true Dior designer, but in reality I think Maria hit the nail on the head with what Dior himself, Galliano, and Ferre did for the brand. If anything, Maria’s work is a more lowkey version of what Galliano did. She accurately referenced all the Dior codes beautifully, if you don’t like it then I don’t think Dior is a right brand for you, the codes have been utilized in the same manner as the rest of the designers have.

  • TheModMazza

    The Bee bags look like Gucci, the J’adore bags look like Moschino, and the Tarot bags look like Olympia Le Tan. While, the Supple Lady Dior just has the structure of a well-loved vintage Lady Dior. There is nothing original, or even remotely Dior, about this collection. Such a complete and utter disaster.

    • Kate

      Yes to this entire comment. Hits the nail in the head.

    • Dave

      The bee has been used by Dior Homme long time ago. Before Gucci used it.

      • Vicky

        Let’s say they market it too late and people already associate that bee with something else.

    • Sparkletastic

      Yes!!! You said exactly what I was thinking. This line is a horror! Where is my beloved Dior????

    • Sparky

      Totally agree!! I like the studded Diorammas (14,15,15, 20) but most of the others look like fakes. The new Dior logo typeface is HORRIBLE. Terribly disappointing collection and direction.

    • Harini

      totally agree! but the prices are crazy!

  • Gigi

    These Tarot Pouches are gorgeous!

    • Sparkletastic

      The tarot pouches are interesting. But they don’t say Dior. There is no design. Just these images on a rectangle.

      • Gigi

        I’m not even a Dior fan, so that’s probably why I like them

      • Harini

        agree! if you are not a fan of the brand, there is a chance you might like the new designs, the issue is Dior is a brand of elegance and that is what is missing in the new designs.

  • lola

    The bee thing is coming from the Dior Homme line but it looks like Gucci.
    I only like the DiorRama. It looks less precious…

  • FashionableLena

    All I see are interpretations of other bags. The Supply bag looks like a Lady Dior after five years of use. The Lady wasn’t meant to have that soft, slouchy look. Be it clothes, bags, or accessories, casual is not what comes to mind when one thinks of Dior.

  • Anna

    The Dior D Bee shopper tote looks so cheap! I can’t believe how bad this has gotten.

  • A

    Raf Simons really did a good job of reviving Dior. I wasn’t checking for Dior for years before he introduced the Diorama and Diorever bags and the new sizes of the Lady dior bags with different straps (i.e., leather or chain). Dior is known for elegance and these bags look like knock off Gucci bags. She needs to be fired asap.;

  • Lala

    I’m loving the Dioramas. The rest not so much.

  • alice

    Maria Grazia has great taste. Dior is going to change level thanks to her. Italians do it better.

  • Doni

    I am shocked at the copies of Michele’s designs for Gucci… They are so literal it is astonishing. Plus they look cheap. Zara does better than this… Gucci could easily sue for this…

  • W S M

    It’s funny how everyone is saying there isn’t anything Dior here but literally, all her references are Dior. From the darn Dior Homme bee, to the tarot (Christian Dior was superstitious). The only thing that isn’t Dior is the fencing theme (which anyways, is a theme and not a motif). I like this new direction. Galliano was at Dior longer than Monsieur Dior was alive. Most things we know to be “Dior” came from him and from Gianfranco Ferre’s time. She’s not just using Monsieur Dior as a reference point, but their work as well. This direction is interesting because she’s the first female artistic director that the house has had in its history. her softer aesthetic will translate into the accessories. It’s not casual, not really. It’s a new way of looking at Dior for a more easy way of living.

    • Kate

      It’s unfortunate that these quintessentially Dior elements couldn’t have been used to make something that is actually innovative, or at the very least attractive.

    • Agree…

  • Doodles78

    I like a lot of these.

  • Laura

    I’m not really into this new style of bags but I do love their leather bracelets. Look casual and modern for an every day wear and the prices aren’t all that bad :)

  • Jennifer Anderson

    These are terrible!! They either look cheap or tacky. The worst I’ve seen for awhile. Shame.