Dior Diorita Contrast Twist Medium HoboI don’t particularly like the end-result look of the Dior Diorita Contrast Twist Medium Hobo, but I love the bag on principle. The more I look at handbags, the more clear it becomes that some designers are getting a little lazy with their products – a simple leather bag with a designers name on it does not a fabulous bag make. I’m not a huge Dior fan, but I can certainly appreciate the intricate work that went in to making this bag in particular. At first, at a distance, I thought the bag was made of woven straw, and I was ready to come here and declare my irritation at being charged upwards of two grand for a straw bag. But it’s not straw, and the way they worked the leather is pretty interesting to look at. I’m thinking that at least a good portion of that work had to be done by hand, and that’s no small feat for a mass-produced bag (which, let’s face it, this is). So thank you to the folks at Dior who are still paying attention to the details when charging us out the nose for their bags. At least I feel like I’m getting something in return. Buy through eLuxury for $2500.

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  • Merve

    Yawwwnnnn. You can buy the exact same shape bag in a bizillion different colours, materials etc. Im no Dior fan…not since the saddle bags anyway.

  • QueenMAB

    LV had a similar result with their Market Tote.
    It’s amazing that they can take leather and make it looks like something else. But unfortunately when that something else looks like plastic or straw. The end result is it just looks cheap.

  • Zarka

    I don’t like the straw look for this DIOR bag…And the shape is too…I like DIOR bags in general and I like the lady Dior and Cannage line….

  • hazel

    Ohhh it’s cute but yeah, I want my expensive bags to be leather

  • me

    The handiwork is noble but it really does look like straw.

  • Ji

    Doesnt look good, its really boring

  • Julia

    I thought the bag was made of straw too. Nice work though Dior

  • cathealey

    The woven straw look reminds me of vintage resort bags. The shape looks uncomfortable to wear, it’s egg shaped. No thanks.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    i dunno, i think this one’s a bit overpriced. Sorry! (fb)