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  • Lori

    Not loving any of them…maybe I just need some time to get used to the new look.

  • Abbi


  • lavinia

    Sorry I think the brand needs to renew their bag’s model they look so old and always the same. :)

  • mollypete

    I’m with Lori. I’d hoped for so much better from Raf. I know he has to distinguish himself from what came before but this is just too funky. Like he’s trying TOO hard to make it different. Having said that, a few of them are way to reminiscent of Chanel. Been there, done that. I always want to add to my Dior collection but I’ll stick with their traditional offerings.

  • Jade

    Love several!

  • Halim Amin

    Shockingly and what the fashion pundits have known many designers before Raf and even Galliano has respected the Dior DNA. This is not to mean that Raf has not but his collection is too other worldly. Dior has always been Dior and to somehow not attune to this is a death knell for any designer. These bags are awful save for the small cane pattern Lady Dior as the last slide, I am a young bag buyer and that says something. I love Dior for Dior!

  • missarewa

    I just love Dior and the many variations of the Lady D, like slide 15. Dior is consistent and that appeals to more traditional women like me. I feel a bit protective of the brand and I don’t want it to get saturated like Chanel/Prada/Louis Vuitton.

    • Jane McKee

      Re anti-Dior saturation, I agree. I really like 3 and 5; they make me smile. Number 15 is acceptable, meaning if I owned one I’d still have a smile on my face.

  • Elisa

    Slide 14/ little Dior krinkle patent stachel, LOOOOOVE IT!

  • Ellen Fischer

    I love Lady Dior, and don’t get tired of them. But I also like those little flap bags that I’m less familiar with, # 11 and 12, plus the crinkly black patent bag in slide 14. What are these styles called? I always look forward to your posts, especially your reviews, and news about upcoming seasons. I’ve recently started a blog, (www.fashionfixrx.com), but have long read yours, and it continues to be my favorite. Thank you!

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  • All of them are fine