Raf Simons’ tenure at Dior has been a godsend for the brand’s accessories department. The designer’s handbag team churns out interesting pieces left and right, both new shapes and inventive takes on old favorites. The Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag is probably the oldest of these favorites, and it has a relatively new, modern competitor: the Christian Dior Diorissimo Bag.

These two bags are so strikingly similar in some ways that for a little while, I assumed the Diorissimo was just a new, modernized Lady Dior. That’s not the case; Lady Diors are more structured and square, generally, and they lack a gusset that folds in. Also, they smooth leather Lady Diors are adorned with the brand’s signature Cannage quilting. Diorissimos are a little more rectangular, with softer leather and gussets that bend inward. They have similar handles and hardware, but the Diorissimo skews a little more casual; the Lady Dior, a little more ladylike.

The two bags’ prices are similar, although the Lady Dior is a little less expensive–its most basic leather version starts at $2,800, while the Diorissimo’s starts at $3,100.

For my personal style, the more casual Diorissimo is the winner here–I’d love to have a little one to carry as a crossbody. If your style is more feminine or formal, though, the Lady Dior may be the bag for you. Which do you prefer?

Christian Dior Diorissimo Bag


Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag


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  • shanna

    I think dior bags are art pieces. I just love them!! the only reason i don’t have one is because I feel like they don’t hold their value. so I invest in chanel.

  • Newyorking

    I don’t like Raf Simons. The bags are not that innovative, they are quite plain and just have the DIOR charms and multi-colors to stand out. Other than that, nothing different or unique. Everyone is copying someone, there is very little innovation. And don’t get me started on Dior clothes, they are AWFUL, and good spokesmodels can do nothing for mediocre clothes.

  • laura

    the design of either one doesn’t justify the price. they’re too simple to be $3000+

  • anon

    I love both and wavered a bit when I first shopped for a Dior, but I’m biased on the Lady Dior because that’s what I had on my mind and ended up getting. I think I just really like their quilted pattern.

  • I am mostly more of a dress-up person so it’s no surprise that I prefer the Lady Dior. The structured look, the detailing on the quilts, the security of the top zipper all came to together to make this a favorite of mine. I like that the bag can fall over and the contents remain secure, but mostly I love the history of the bag with Princess Diana. It’s truly fit for a princess. I have one in nude patent but i’m planning on a lambskin one in a bright purple.

  • Michelle

    Visually, I like the lady Dior bag. I’m drawn to the quilting and the classic status of the bag. However, if I was actually purchasing one for my day to day life, I’d have to go with the Diorissimo bag. It just seems a little more casual and appropriate for day to day Mommy duties.

  • shopper

    I vote Diorissimo.
    From my observation I find the quilting on the Lady Dior a bit overwhelming for the shape and size (I don’t own one).

  • I love them both to be honest and wouldn’t mind having either in my collection! The Diorissimo is a younger bag and I feel like the Lady Dior, if not carefully styled can make someone look older.

  • FashionableLena

    While I really like both bags, two things keep me from saving my hard earned money on one. 1) I have heard and read on several occasions that it’s a nightmare to in and out of. 2) The handles are not my favorite.

  • Debs

    So now that it’s the second Wed that I haven’t seen it – is Purseblog no longer having the Wed ebay round-up, or the friday sales round-up? I loved those features!

  • mollypete

    How timely; my grey large Lady arrived this morning! I also have two mediums and a medium Diorissimo, and I swing back and forth on which design I love best. Having said all that, a major distinction (and the basis for the price difference) that wasn’t mentioned is that the lining of the Diorissimo is always a contrasting color from that of the outside. While that makes the bag more interesting, it also makes it A LOT heavier. I exchanged a large Diorissimo for the medium due to the weight. The Diorissimo is also available in a grained bull calf which is probably a little more resilient than the lamb Lady. Both are fantastic (and have pushed Chanel off my radar).

  • Newyorking

    I like Lady Dior bag’s look. When I see women carry it, it looks as if a “lady” is carrying it. It is so ladylike. But you really can’t get into it. It is so hard to get things out or see in the bag. Each time I sample one in the store I have a very hard time putting and removing things, and if I am spending $$$$ on a purse it better be user-friendly. The Diorissimo is user-friendly but so heavy. The handles, leather, everything makes it heavy. I pondered buying it but the weight just didn’t sit well with me. I have one Dior purse medium size, very practical with cross body, but I stopped carrying it because it is heavier than my other Nine West bag.

  • Veit Bui

    The Lady Dior closure system is a pain on the medium and small sizes. Lady Dior is very nice in the large size, especially patent leather. Diorissimo looks nice newly purchase but keep in mind it will sag like old tits.
    Lady Dior is definitely a classic and must have. Aside this bag, the Be Dior is also very gorgeous and new. Diorama is a lazy design inspired by Chanel Boy bag.
    *Dior SA simply sucks at customer service. Very rude and not helpful. This was my experience at the Avenue Montaigne store too.

  • BarbaraB

    The Diorissimo bag is much more functional than the Lady Dior, but this in the other hand makes every outfit more classy and polished, I would choose the Diorissimo cause while it is a very functional bag with multiple inside pockets and several ways of carry it, it’s still a beautiful bag with that buttery looking leather.

  • Aforallie

    old tits, ha ha ha!

  • Jack Neill

    The Diorissimo is not even in competition with the Lady Dior. The only superiority the Diorissimo has is that it has an interior that is leather. Otherwise the Lady Dior is more aesthetically pleasing not to mention an iconic bag.
    The Diorissimo is a much plainer bag then the Lady Dior visually. It’s also a bag that has been derived from the Lady Dior.

    Raf Simmons is not a great accessories designer. I have to disagree with your assessment that “Raf Simons’ tenure at Dior has been a godsend for the brand’s accessories department.’
    It really hasn’t as his take on old pieces are just him retooling favourite Dior designs. In addition his own creations such as the Diorling have failed at making a place in Dior’s line of bags. His new “modernized” approach has not been a success too. His interpretations of Miss Dior and the Dior shopper have failed at the Dior stores as Dior had to lower their prices just to try and get rid of inventory. For example The Miss Dior used to be 4700$ now its 3100$. That’s a huge drop for such a classic Dior bag. Definitely not an indicator of success.
    Unfortunately Raf Simmons is no where near Galianno’s level in terms of talent.

  • lavinia

    I think this kind of bag (and also the Birkin by Hermes) looks fantastic on you when you are very young but after 40s I think they make you look “old and even older”.

  • Jennifer

    Lady Dior all the way. I’m drawn to the classics.

  • Lia

    I have the Diorssimo in mini and plan to get the lady in medium; in my opinion, the Diorssimo due to the bare surface looks like a work bag (too plain) when it gets a tad bigger, the mini though is super cute, can be worn causal and dressy. The lady is a classic but can look a bit too “high key” under some settings, but it’s just one of those things that I have to own… lol

  • Halim Amin

    Please just sack the man already. Clearly Raf is a talented designer but not for Dior. Having a rebel once perhaps, the Arnaults think it is better that we have a rebel in terms of design but not when it comes to decision of what sells. Or maybe Raf just wants to shake things up too fast. Whatever it is, it is not working. I am young, have been gifted with quite a few Dior bags and I don’t like the direction it is heading. The Diorissimo is heavy, plain, boring when the Lady Dior Large could also classify as a work bag! And tons lighter. My choice is the perennial, the lady dior!

  • Casey

    I personally prefer Diorissimo, I think it just makes so much more sense for the modern woman. However, Lady Dior will always hold its place as the ultimate ladylike bag. In my opinion, Lady Dior looks good only in smaller sizes but Diorissimo makes sense in larger sizes, and I love a bag that gets softer and wears in the way it does.

  • nozza

    I agree with one of the comments below, Lady Dior truly classic but Diorissimo is really for the modern woman. On that note I have a Lady Dior Blue Jean in large with silver hardware that I would like to sell. I’m the first owner, its in excellent condition.

  • Vicky

    Diorrisimo hands down.