Getting Ready with Anna Sitar for the Dior Show in Paris

Her dream bag, her ensemble for the show, and her thoughts on being a public figure

On a warmer than-usual March day in Paris, we headed to a hotel near the Arc de Triomphe to meet with Anna Sitar, a social media star who has risen to fame on Tiktok, as she got ready for the Dior Fall 2023 show.

Known for her bubbly and approachable persona, Anna was finishing with her hair and makeup as we were greeted into her room to sit down and have her spill everything, from her bag contents to answering some of our questions. Her choice of outfit was something she’s never worn before, but her infatuation with it was clear from the moment she put it on. Part of the Cruise ’23 collection, which was shown in Seville, the ready-to-wear and bags evoked the Spanish heritage of flamenco dancing.

Anna Sitar Dior Show 2 of 9
Anna Sitar Dior Show 3 of 9

Her makeup look was fully Dior, and the standout makeup product, not just for Anna but everyone this Fashion Month, is the Dior Skin Mattifying Papers. A glossy lip complimented her red outfit, and she was off to the show, but not before sharing a bit more with us.

The Interview

Describe your personal style: If I had to describe my style it would be comfortable chic; as simple and cozy as possible but with a splash of style and edge. I feel most like myself when I’m comfortable and confident so as long as I’m wearing something I feel good in, I am happy!

What do you love about this Dior outfit? This outfit is one of a kind and nothing like I’ve worn before, that’s what I love most about it. The more time I spend in the fashion space, the more I love to explore and play with different styles, and each one unlocks a new side of me as well.

Anna Sitar Dior Show 4 of 9
Anna Sitar Dior Show 5 of 9

Your favorite bag right now? SUCH A DIFFICULT QUESTION. I have one that I own and one that I dream of. I was so lucky to receive a Dior Book Tote before the travel to Paris and it is definitely number one on my list. I have admired these bags for so long and the fact that I get to carry my own now is a dream come true (and IT HAS MY NAME ON IT!). The second bag that I’ve had my eye on for a little while is the Dior Bobby East-West Bag. It’s simple, chic, matches EVERYTHING and elevates any look. I am in love!

What do you hope to impart on people who follow you? Your life has no limits. You’re capable of anything. You don’t need to fit in a box or have a niche. Something beautiful and wonderful happens everyday if you just look for it. My goal on social media was always to create a space where everyone was welcome and able to be themselves, because that’s what I am able to do on my platform. I was never embarrassed to share my weird skills or talk about my life or struggles because on the other side of the screen were people who helped me feel so much less alone. I am so thankful for each and every one of them.

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What have you learned most about yourself from being in the spotlight? Being in the spotlight has taught me how much I appreciate community and I love people. Whether it’s my friends and family supporting me and always being there for me or having the chance to meet the incredible friends in my following at these events and share each of my new life experiences with them; I love people. I love my people, and everyone is welcome to be a part of that family.

What is the hardest thing about being a public figure? The internet loves negativity. Even in the most innocent, happy video, people will always find something wrong or to criticize. But that was the intention of my page; encouraging to look beyond that and especially when I feel overwhelmed by the darker side of the apps, I know that creating content brings me so much happiness and I stick to the joy I feel making art everyday.

Anna Sitar Dior Show 8 of 9
Anna Sitar Dior Show 9 of 9

What 3 things are always in your bag? Lip Balm, a camera, and probably something sweet…I always keep some type of candy in there for my sweet tooth.

How was the Dior show for you, what was the most memorable moment? The show was breathtaking. I am constantly in awe of the designs, the production, the art, and the people. My favorite moment will always be walking in the front door. This ominous building in the middle of gardens with a single entrance labeled “DIOR”. It feels enchanting, like entering another world, and as soon as you leave you believe it was too good to be true. The shows are a dream.

photos via @bykylemark for PurseBlog


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