A few years ago the velvet trend came in and it came in HOT. Everyone from Chanel and Gucci to Saint Laurent and Givenchy hopped aboard the velour train and consumers ate it up. The following year the trend returned with a vengeance, popping up once again amongst designer’s assortments and becoming a go-to material on silhouettes for both day and night.

Velvet, though luxe in both feel and aesthetic, can be a hard sell due to its seasonal feel and delicate nature. Fabric bags show wear and tear much easier than that of their leather counterparts, and yet even still, consumers fell head over heels for velvet. And while the popularity of trends eb and flow, velvet has remained prevalent since it’s arrival, though not nearly in as large a capacity as it once did.

However, according to Dior, velvet is here to stay and the brand has launched new iterations of some of its most popular bags for fall 2020. Fan favorites like the Saddle Bag, Book Tote (as seen on Lily Allen) and Lady D-Lite are given a luxurious, velvety soft makeover. Each bag is stunning in its own right, but the Lady D-Lite is the one I want this fall.

With its architectural lines and bold Dior charms, the Lady D-Lite is truly eye-catching in this reinvented version. Soft, plush velvet adds unique dimensionality to this already beautiful bag, and the design uses an exclusive three-dimensional embroidery technique. This iconic silhouette features a tone-on-tone cannage motif, which looks luxe and is enhanced by the use of deep winter hues, like navy and burgundy.

This piece is unlike that of any other, capturing the true spirit of Dior savoir-faire. The quality and craftsmanship is reflected in this design, which retails for $4,800 via Dior. For more on the incredible making of this bag view the video below.

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