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Back in September when the first sighting of Alexa Chung with her namesake bag, the Mulberry Alexa, surfaced, Purse Forum members began discussing the similarity between it and the Proenza Schouler PS1. It makes sense that they did, because there are definite similarities in the design. In fact, once the Mulberry Alexa started to show up online, the main buzz surrounded the likeness between the two.

Let’s take a closer look to see what the two bags have in common and what is different, shall we?

The Proenza Schouler PS1 hit the scene in the fall of 2008. Known for their clothing line, Proenza Schouler bags were an unexpected but widely well-received venture. The bag that continues to garner attention to Schouler is the PS1. The bag was quickly seen on the likes of Mary Kate Olsen and Leighton Meester.

The PS1 integrats a casual chic vibe into a messenger bag, transforming the way many of us view messenger bags today. I, for one, fell head over heels for the PS1 when it came onto the scene. The bag is made to be utilized, with a zip fastening pocket across the back, two pockets on the front, and a zipper pocket for storage. The overall aesthetic is somewhat rugged yet refined, which has made this bag a hit. It is the strap detailing at the front with top flap that is what composes the different eye-catching design.

Interested? Buy the PS1 in brown via Net-A-Porter for $1,595.

Now let’s get to the Mulberry Alexa. Amanda covered the Alexa the other day and also commented that the front straps shared traits with the PS1. Sure, the bag is of similar shape, similar concept, and messenger style, but I would not call it a copy.

Mulberry is a British luxury leather goods company founded in 1971. They have been in the handbag business for almost forty years and in that time have secured a steady place in the handbag market. One of their most iconic bags, the Bayswater, is also one of the most recognized bags to handbag enthusiasts. The Alexa Satchel may have been named after British rising star Alexa Chung, but its design is clearly a young and hip take on the Bayswater. No copycat here, chaps.

The Alexa also has a top handle, detachable shoulder strap, a fold-over flap, and press stud fastening buckled tabs. Similar enough to the PS1, but for me, still entirely different. Like other Mulberry bags, the Alexa also features ample pockets, with internal pouch and zipper pockets. The bag is slouchier than most PS1 bags, gives a more vintage vibe, but does use thicker and heartier leather than the PS1.

Overall, there are certainly similarities, but I can point out many essential differences as well. Buy the Mulberry Alexa in blue via Luisa via Roma for $1,731 and yellow at NAP for $1,150.

Ultimately the decision is yours, as it comes down to personal preference.

Which bag do you like best and why?

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  • inga

    hate to be the resident hater but bagsnob.com has the exact same post today. how about some originality in your blog postings. :-(

    • not to be the resident hater, but i mentioned the similarities in a post i did here days ago, so bagsnob hardly was the first one to notice it. not to mention that people have been talking about it on our forum for months.

  • 19yearslater

    While I really like both of these bags I chose the Alexa. It has more of a classic, timeless look and some of the colors I’ve seen it in are really beautiful. It’s also a bit more laid back; like it would look great with a schoolgirl uniform but it doesn’t have to be paired with one to look fab.

  • Beth

    I prefer the Mulberry as well. I like that the top handle is stationary and sewn down. I find the PS1 too busy and bulky.

  • mochababe73

    Neither one of them do it for me. The leather is beautiful, but I don’t like the silhouette. It looks a little too much like a man’s purse (or murse).

  • Cynthia

    I’ve been wanting one or the other of these two bags since the Alexa came on the scene, and I keep changing my mind as to which one will ultimately win a spot in my closet. I think the Alexa is currently ahead by a nose, as I prefer its more relaxed vibe and I feel like it’s a bag that will age gracefully. There is something slightly more stringent about the PS1 (perhaps it’s a bit boxier?). The one and only element that I prefer on the PS1 is that I believe it’s strap is a better length (i.e. shorter), and therefore easier for a more petite woman to wear cross-body. I hope to get my hands on the smaller Alexa satchel sometime soon (in Oak)!

  • Thistle

    The way the bag pictures were labeled, if I didn’t already know which was which, I would’ve been mistaken. I was into the PS1 when it came out, but I love the slouched look of Alexa way more.

  • carrie

    The mulberry, simply because it can go cross body. I wore it all over Vegas last weekend.

  • tadpolenyc

    i prefer the ps1. it’s more urban sophisticate. the alexa is on the boho side, which isn’t me at all.

    • marida

      Agreed! I prefer the small bayswater satchel over Alexa. Alexa somehow too girly, British country side type of gals. I like PS 1 that gives me a bit of edgy downtown look, which is me. :P

  • Sue

    …a young and hip take on the Bayswater… with an uncanny resemblance to the wildly successful PS1! Love Mulberry, love the Bayswater, own 3, but geez… I hope they give y’all an Alexa for your blind devotion.

  • atrophia

    I still prefer the PS1. I imagine carrying books in it, and it seems as though it would be more friendly towards them than the Alexa. The Alexa looks nice for what it is, but I have a serious weak spot for stylish, structured messengers.

  • BrittanyAnn

    I got the two mixed up with that photo! voted wrong. PS1 much nicer looking imo.

    • Creative department fail. I fixed it!

  • Merve

    They are both classic satchels, my dad had one from his school days for gods sake. I dont think Mulberry or PS came up with that one.

    • advo

      I completely agree. The style is hardly new at all. But I don’t believe Mulberry copied Proenza at all, because it’s pretty clear that the Alexa also look a lot like the Bayswater which has been an iconic Mulberry bag for years.

  • CarolineLondon

    Alexa for me. I’ve loved the Bayswater for years but too many people have them now, and it’s a tad too dull for me. So the extra straps are bang on. (Plus I’m a good girl – I try to buy British when I can, and this is a splendid excuse!)

    I also don’t like the seaming on the PS1 that totally makes it look like a traditional school satchel in the photo of Leighton Meester.

  • luella crue

    i personally prefer the alexa for its more relaxed take on the chic satchel bag also the PS1 seems a lot more bulky and uncomfortable to carry also i love miss chung’s style and the bayswater so it really was no contest for me. I hope to get one sooon in the tarditional oak

  • Rashida

    Well, i like the Mulberry Alexa better. I like the hardware better. But sometimes designers create similar designs, I don’t necessarily think it is knocking someone off, maybe they just designed two similar items. I don’t think there is any harm done!

  • lillian

    i love both. PS1 makes me think of pantsuit. i can imagine myself using it for work. Alexa is more relaxed and, as someone put it, boho. it can go with a floral dress for sunday brunch. i wish i can afford them both.

  • Margherita

    love them both, but Mulberry is a copy of PS1 that is a copy of men’s briefcase.

  • Loquita

    I love them both…a lot! But I am leaning towards getting the Alexa simply because I trust Mulberry quality more and cross-body styles are my favorites. If I could afford both, though, I would *definitely* get both. :)

  • Ashley

    I like Proenza Schouler PS1 better because it looks more classic, sophisticated but still rugged feel… and I don’t like the oval hardware on the mulberry, hate them.

  • Al

    I, like many others here, love them both as well. I can’t decide between the two. However, I hear the quality of the PS1 is low as is the Alexa’s leather. Someone in the Mulberry thread owns both and posted a great picture of the Mr. (PS1) and Misses (Alexa).

  • lykrealones

    According to experience of my previous Mulberry bag,it must be Alexa for me. I have other known brands but Mulberry is one of my top favorite.

  • MulberryGirl85

    I adore all things Mulberry and cannot wait to get my hands on an Alexa! I love my Bayswaters but tend to resort to a men’s Mulberry satchel when I am carting iPod, iPhone, notepad, pens and a couple of books around – it will be great to have an Alexa for a more feminine take on the satchel!

  • Terri

    I like both but if I had to choose it would be the Mulberry. It has a more tailored and cleaner look. I don’t think tailored means manly? In the corporate world the Mulberry Alexa fits in perfectly but still maintains a feminine feel.

    • Ellie N-H

      ITA with Terri re the “tailored” lines of the Mulberry Alexa – put simply, I love this bag. However, I was disappointed to find it produced in the “Buffalo” leather as opposed to the classic NVT leather. Buffalo lacks the top quality finish and in some bags can seem little better than a department store brand.

  • Paula

    Alexa is my choice, but PS1 has way more variety of skins and colours, which I hope Mulberry should further manage to do.

  • Cheryl

    Merve, I thought the same thing you did when I took a look at both handbags. Plus it reminds me of the bags the men wear in the Western Moves while riding their horses.

    • Merve

      ha ha exactly or indiana jones with a banged up version!

  • Genie B

    I’m torn. I prefer the ‘look’ of PS1, but the bag is so impractical to use. The double straps are too long that they need to be tucked in to look nice. I’ll opt for a different style bag.

  • angels 27

    love this bag! love the classis tan colour the quality looks good

  • angels 27

    alexa is my fave

  • CarolineLondon

    So I caved – I’m now the proud owner of an Oversized Alexa in Smooth Buffalo – currently being used to cart presentations and my laptop around Abu Dhabi!
    I may need to talk to Mulberry about another, shorter, shoulder strap as it’s too heavy to wear that long with all my work stuff in, but I am completely loving it.

  • Ondine

    While I love both, having just bought a Mulberry Piccadilly and LOVING it(!), I must say that Mulberry gets my vote. My husband, who is looking for a large work satchel that will fit many textbooks/files/etc. is seriously considering an oversized Alexa bag. Maybe I’ll be “borrowing” it from him occasionally…. :)

  • Thistle

    I’m not sure if Purseblog knew about this or not, but this article is being used on another site. http://usnews.eu/mulberry-alexa-vs-proenza-schouler-ps1.html

  • sara

    I like the ps1 better! In the first two bag photos i would go with the mulberry, but the mulberry on alexa is so saggy and horrible it doesnt look very chic. It does however look perfect on Leighton so i would say that is my favourite. It also seems like a better size, the mulberry looks huge whereas the ps1 is nice and compact but would still fit a good few things in.

    What other colours do they do the ps1 in? Im imagining it would be great in an electric blue or hot pink. xx

  • loui

    I love Mulberry and am very keen on this bag. However Mui Mui have a similar style on net-a-porter.com, Large Deerskin Leather tote! Love it more!

  • Rachel

    I love that Mulberry bag! it looks classy and gorgeous to me. (fb)

  • dc

    aieaaahhh its sooo…cool!!! like the color too! (fb)

  • Alanna

    i prefer the ps1, the alexa seems halfway between a very nice satchel and the bayswater and i’d rather just have one or the other, y’know? (fb)

  • Elyse

    absolutely like the alexa better! I just think that it is so classy (fb)

  • cc

    Luv Luv the Alexa I have the O/S Alexa in Oak, it’s a dream.

  • Adrienne zedella

    ps1 for me. very cool looking! classy! fb

  • Adrienne Zedella

    i’ll take either one, really. (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    Gosh, this is too darn hard..I would have to say Proenza Schouler PS1 . (fb)

  • Stasia

    Love the Alexa. The PS1 is nice but it seems a bit bulky. (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    I think the the Mulberry Alexa hangs better than the PS1. I just wish Mulberry came out with more colors…(fb)

  • Ellen

    I flip flop between the 2 because I love them both. Right now I like the Alexa better mainly because of the hardware. (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    I love both (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Brown color is beautiful (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    I like the style of the messenger bag..great for traveling (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    I would pick both bags (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Great bag for work (ipad)

  • VSOP

    there is a third one that was missed from this competetion… CHLOE KERALA (ipad)

  • www.purseblog.com

    Mulberry alexa vs proenza schouler ps1.. Bang-up :)

  • Marla

    I thought I’m the only one who torn between these two. I ordered Alexa and eagerly waiting for it to arrive but now I see Proenza I feel so torn I want to buy Proenza too =D

  • Mulberry Alexa bags

    Mulberry has a way of taking its classic aesthetic and making it work with current trends. This Tillie satchel is a great example of how it combines styles in a successful and beautiful way.

  • Mulberry Alexa bags

    The pale, blushy nude color of this satchel is remarkable. It’s feminine, but it also has a modern appeal. The rose colored hardware keeps the tone of the bag consistent, and the brushed texture of the leather is absolutely spot on. Although, to be truthful, this is one bag that will be hard to keep clean, and it doesn’t have the protective feet that you would expect to find on such a pricey bag.

  • kt

    I love both but mulberry wins this one. i don’t know why but the PS1 kind of gives off an old lady feel in my opinion….