During NYC Fashion Week Tommy Ton, of Jak and Jill Blog, snapped photos for Style.com. His focus was on street style and what was being worn outside of the tents. There was one photo that caught my eye. A bedazzled Hermes Birkin.

The first thought that came to mind is ‘Why would anyone glue gems onto their Birkin?’. The immediate next thought that followed after looking at the bag was ‘This doesn’t appear to be an authentic Hermes bag‘. Both of these thoughts left me wondering, for the sake of catching attention, would you take the time to buy a counterfeit handbag and update it to stand out?

As you all know, on both PurseBlog and PurseForum we do not advocate fake items. Does it then change if you buy a bag off Canal Street in order to have fun with it, or is it still something you would never do? And could you ever imagine buying an authentic Birkin for near $10,000 and pasting jewels on it?

Let’s have a weekend debate: Would you bedazzle a bag, real or fake?

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  • lyns (outtacontrol on tpf)

    I can’t keep my eyes of that jacket! pretty sure its the balenciaga moto jacket!

    • AA

      I agree, my eyes kept going to the jacket! I am so getting that! :D

  • bag*mad*bags

    wow very creative, its a shame the bags fake! but you couldnt do this to a authentic birkin surely? not after spending that money?

    • Technically speaking you *could*. I just wonder if anyone would want to do that?

      The aesthetic of the bag is very eye-catching and appealing, but I still can’t imagine buying a fake bag and using it.

      • bag*mad*bags

        no it ruins the whole idea i think! fakes still a fake :-(
        would be a different story if it hermes made it that way!

    • Ri

      Well, I don’t see why not. If you’re a creative person with that much money to spend on a bag and you just want it to be unique you can come up with something like that. Another reason would be if the person as that much money, likes the bag but also wants to stand out from the crowd. It got us talking…

      • Kemji

        I agree completely.

      • Ping

        I agree with Ri. While I m not sure i would ever to do that to my Birkin, but maybe if I had money to burn AND “creative,” why not? It’s not that different from standing out by accessorizing it with different scarves. This person seems to have a cool style (evident from her jacket), so why not….life is short and I like individualism!

  • cge

    I saw this photo on Tommy Ton’s site too, and gasped when I saw it. At first glance, I thought it was a real Birkin, so I was appalled that someone would have the gaul and the money to do this to a Birkin. But on second glance, I believe it’s a fake. The fact that purchasing fakes supports illegal child labor practices (in addition to the fact that I’m married to a patent and trademark lawyer who protects the goods of many companies in the realm of fashion) I can’t abide by the purchase of fakes. But it does show a great deal of creativity, so for that, the owner gets some credit.

  • SFitting

    I couldn’t do it to an authentic bag. It’s just CRUEL and WRONG – poor bag.

    Now, if we’re talking about a cheap bag from say JCPenney, Wal-Mart, a gargage sale or any other “NONE big name” bag (that’s not a fake) then I would consider it. But I know that my bag would turn out as ugly as the one above because I just don’t have the eye for bedazzling. I wouldn’t know when to stop and my bag would probably end up weighing 20 pounds due to the jewels and glue.

    • Ri

      Cruel? That’s a bit of an exaggeration…It’s not like the cow is still alive…I think it’s creative and does stand out…

    • Ping

      Cruel is your opinion, as everyone is entitled to their own. However, wrong is too judgemental. Life is short, no matter how cheap or expensive a bag is (let’s face it, that’s all relative anyway b/c there are plenty designer bags out there that are way UGLIER than chinatown versions and hence OVERPRICED), I say a person can whatever they want with their bags, be it a cheap $10 bag or a Hermes.
      I have been collecting bags for years but lately I find there are way too many designers, all knocking off each other and I am becoming a little jaded. While I love Hermes and it’s quality, I, personally, have had no inclination lately to buy another Birkin or Kelly as its becoming so ubiquitous.
      While this bedazzled version left me not quite dazzled, I have to give this persons points for being individualistic.

  • Vivre²

    I couldn’t imagine that someone would do something like that to a Birkin. You wouldn’t put another colour on the Mona Lisa, or would you? :)


  • The Style Revolution

    I would….

    • ahot


  • Dinh

    Personally, maybe.. I would do it to an authentic bag (If I actually had the courage to, kind of lame, but I would be afraid of getting weird looks and comments). Not the ENTIRE bag, and not necessarily jewels, but some sort of personal touch. I kind of admire how the person pictured above has the guts to add their own flair to their bag (except for I dislike how it is not authentic!).

  • mel

    I would never knowingly buy something that was made in a sweatshop or funded things like drugs or terrorism (as I learned about what you’re really buying when buying fake bags and other counterfeit items through “Illicit: The Dark Trade” from National Geographic)
    So no, making it my own doesn’t make it better if it’s a fake.
    But if it’s authentic, that I honestly think would depend on who is doing it. I feel like only certain people could get away with doing that, like celebrities or people whom are famous/semi-famous in the fashion world.

  • mj

    I have wanted to “change up” many bags, but haven’t done it yet! I think that I could add a great design element that is missing off even high end bags like Chanel. But you do run into the problem of: 1) You “add” to a genuine bag and then it isn’t the original design anymore! So everyone would think it was a fake! or 2) you do a bad job and ruin the bag. I’m not crafty enough to take the chance!

  • AA

    I would never bedazzle a real bag or fake. I think it my catch someones eye, but it tooks tacky!

  • AC

    Depends on how boring the bag looks..,

  • Mukik

    I think it all depends, I personally find Birkin a bit too impractical, just because it is heavy on its own and when you run around NYC carrying a house with you it surely gets to you, but if you love the style its great. It is most certainly easier to be creative with a cheaper bag or a fake :) just in case something goes wrong :) and if everything goes to your liking even better you got yourself a gem. I don’t use or buy fake bags, just because I can afford the designers I love like Rebecca Minkoff and don’t feel the need to change a thing about her bags, but for a creative person it is definitely an option.

  • catsinthebag

    I think if you have the money to spend on a Birkin and want to bedazzle it, that’s your money and your perogative. But personally … ick!

  • ingrid

    i think it depends on your personal style. but definitely stay AWAY from buying fakes. i definitely agree with SFitting, it’d definitely be worth doing to a no name or cheaper kind of bag, but the only way i’d do that to a high end designer bag would be if it had rips, tears or was broken.

  • Maryann

    I wouldn’t buy a fake for any reason so bedazzling wouldn’t be a possibility.

    I have however changed up real bags. I once bought a plain satin clutch and sewed an ornate brooch on the front at the closure to make it look more elegant. Though I would be afraid to do this type of “crafty” fun with my real designer bags.

  • An4

    nope, first of all I would never buy a fake and wouldn’t bedazzle an authentic bag like this. not this way, it’s too much for me, I don’t like the look.
    why pay so much money so a certain design and then do something to it? what’s the point? I always justify spending so much money on designer bags by spending a good deal of it on the design itself. on the other hand, I’ve seen some pretty good DIY results form the members here on some coloring of bags and louboutin shoes, so sure, it can be done, but to an extent.

  • LuckylilLady

    umm Fake bags are a no no PERIOD!
    I love sparkle and I also love being original, but I just don’t see redesigning a designer bag working or being appropriate. As someone else mentioned, adding your own twist and some gems to a lower end bag, a vintage/garage sale bag, a bag you make, or maybe even a bag given to you as a gift that you might not like so much (but can’t get rid of b/c you don’t want to hurt anyones feelings) would be a great idea. Being creative and having something personal and unique is nice and feels really good. Just no fakes and no designer bags please!

    I also have to agree with the people who commented on the jacket it really caught my eye as well!

  • Carressa

    Birkins tend to bore me. Sorry (I know it is a sin in the handbag world to say that) so yea I would bedazzle a Birkin to make it fun, I would just make sure it would be something that I would love forever.

  • Flo from Bobandflo

    Speaking as a designer myself, why NOT bedazzel your bag. We designers are NOT always right and maybe the designers at Hermes had not thought of this one. In my way of thinking, style comes from within……so what if you want to customize your bag..? What if your favourite Prada suddenly developed a hole…do you throw it away, or stick an interesting patch over it ? Just wait and see, next seasons biggest bag buy will probably be a bedazzel Birkin at $15,000…!!!!

    • Miss. Eleven

      TOTALLY agree…. Actually this lady inspired me to bedazzel the chanel scratched by my fat cat… totally recyclable!

  • Miss. Eleven

    A designer bag is still a bag practically speaking despite the fact that it might cost you thousands of dollars. So if there’s nothing wrong with adding some special creative thoughts of your own onto a bag you bought from market, I think it is only fair to do the same to a designer bag.

    As far as the authenticity of this birkin goes, I peronally own several hermes but still couldn’t tell if this bag is genuine as it is just such a general shot and didn’t give you any detail of the bag (I do admire her creativity though).

    Besides there are girls who really like certain designer bags but coudn’t affort the genuines or there are people buying fakes just for fun. When it comes down to vanity, there are celebrities buy fakes from various locations and people tend to tolorate them. So please be generous, if you do own genuine design bags because not many people is as luck and fortunate as you are.

    (However it is not very respectful to carry a fake bag to the designer’s show.)

  • edsbgrl

    I personally wouldn’t bedazzle *any* bag. Just not for me.

  • I remember seeing this picture when flipping through the Fashion Week pictures, and I kind of love it. I wouldn’t buy a fake to do it (I wouldn’t buy a fake for any reason), but perhaps an “inspired” bag from legitimate, legal sources. If I had the extra money to throw around on whatever I wanted, I wouldn’t consider it sacrilege to do it to a Birkin – why not? Make your clothing your own. You paid for it, it’s yours, do whatever you want to do with it to make yourself happy. I think this example here looks really cool.

  • RHOmodel

    I would so do this. I just would have a different execution that involves it being cuter LOL

    The funny thing with doing this to fakes is that people will assume that its real or think you on some exclusive ish . Like yes this a limited edition hermes or etc. LOL

    But I would so do this. Off to canal street for some “cavases” lol

  • mochababe73

    I wouldn’t bedazzle any bag that I bought, and I don’t care how much I paid for it. Besides, I am not crafty or creative so I would ruin it. Just think of the money wasted if it turned out wrong-cost of beads, glue, the bag, and time.

  • Claire

    I absolutely would… but only if I can find a pre-loved birkin that has maybe seen better days… what better way to resurrect it then with tasteful embellishments! I would never do it to a brand new one tho!

  • Terri

    Too Vegas for me but like others have said it’s your money so who’s to judge, oh I forgot this is America we all seem to make judgements before knowing all the facts.

  • Daniela

    I think of it as decorating a Rolls Royce with stickers.

    • That is a properly good analogy. Similarly not recommendable.

  • mary s

    i would do it to a “cheap” outlet purchased “designer” bag but never to an LV and certainly not a real birkin. that would not be creative but rather an ASSAULT on a birkin. ok assault is a little dramatic but you get the idea.

  • Lisa

    Come on, who cares if its a fake. There are fake birkins that are identical to the real deal, so why not have a little fun with it. I think the bag looks great. Trust me, if a celeb did this all the sheeple would follow suit in a heart beat.

  • Alyson

    I have a no-name Birkin style bag in a color I don’t like. I never carry it because of the color, so this might be a way to salvage my bag and get some use from it. Perhaps I will go to the craft store tomorrow and see what I can come up with.

  • Alice

    I actually think even if it is a fake… Hermes never made this, so because the owner bejeweled it looks like a crafted bag, and not a fake

    • stephie B

      Thats not a fake bag it is by Leah and Bliss and I OWN one and love it. The bag is very different from a Hermes Birkin . It is fun and girly. NOT FAKE.

      • WTCelesta

        OMG, it is actually right. I just googled them. Funny that other people did not even notice your post.
        Only emphasizes my point that the bag looks fine. I would not be ashamed of carrying one like that, even if it was a homemade.

  • Dawne Strehl

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but aren’t fakes illegal? Illegal to buy and illegal to sell? Wrong is wrong. Period.

    • jaclyn

      Get a life. Period.

  • Karin bag4bag

    Love this shot ! Personally I detest Birkins (they get far too much press for what they are) so bedazzle away if you want to, real or fake.
    I bought a couple of fake bags when I was younger, but there really is a diminished sense of joy when it is not real. Now I stick to less bags with real labels, and do ‘love’ them more!
    It amazes me when I see a bag for $40- hanging in a shop that is a complete copy of a Minkoff or Prada design. I don’t understand how ‘they’ get away with it…

  • Irishlass1029

    I totally agree with the Rolls Royce with stickers analogy. In theory, you bought it, you can do whatever you want with it – no one else’s business. Sure it may catch some eyes, even mine, but I’d be thinking to myself “WTF were they thinking?” But to answer the original query, if I were of a mind to bedazzle a bag, it would certainly be authentic. Be it WalMart or Hermes. Fakes are a no-no for any reason. The reasons most of us have a problem with fakes are still problems no matter what you do to them after.

    • jaclyn

      It isnt an art project, its a new trend and a new company.

  • WTCelesta

    So, you completely dismiss the possibility that the person on the photo could get a customized Birkin? I mean, there are people in the world who can get it and it might be just the very case that one of these out-of-this-world people was caught on this shot :)
    I would not think that someone in a Balenciaga jacket would care to get a fake Birkin.
    Anyway, I like this bag. It’s a statement, and whether homemade or professionally customized, it rocks in my view.

    • RWC

      It is clearly a fake – Birkins do not have shoulder strap attachments…

  • klovebags

    i thought the jewel design is quite outstanding. not sure the bag is fake though…who knows, this might appear on the runway sometime soon.

  • Bex

    It looks disgusting… I would never do that to a real or fake bag.. I hate fake H….

    • tali

      you are disgusting, everyone is entitled to their own style. it is cool and original.

      • TO TALI

        you are insulting another tpf member over a bag?! that is truly disgusting to me!

  • Andie

    Love the Balenciaga Jacket ^^

  • LeighKamira

    ok i would bedazzle ANYTHING! i love rhinestones call it tacky if you want my phone is crazy bedazzle I WOULD BEDAZZLE MY GRANDMOTHER IF I COULD!!!!!

    • JenG


  • FashionAddict

    To answer the question…real or fake, you bought it. It’s yours. As for all the other stuff…how is this any different then buying wholesale blanks, adding your “design” to it and slapping a “label” on it and calling it a designer bag? Designers will have the same exact dress in their collections but suddenly it’s a knock off because it’s showing up on Canal street or Forever 21? I’m pretty sure they ALL didn’t have the same “vision”.

    Don’t be mistaken, who do you think makes our Belinciagas and Guccis and LVs? The same places the “knock offs” are coming from.

    • LeighKamira

      EXACTLY couldn’t have said it better myself ; )

    • sugar


  • amy

    If its fake, hand me the bedazzle gun right now! .. if it was real, hell no.

  • Anna

    Buying a fake and making it your own and putting your own twist into it is a great idea! I’d do it!

  • lilobubbletea

    A fake is a fake – it is, IMO still unacceptable. BUT buying a bag that has been inspired by the design of a real designer bag is different – and a nock-off is not considered one of these. Then, dazzling is up is okay.

    I don’t think I would buy plastic or even s. crystals on a 10K bag. I wouldn’t mind having a custom one with diamonds on the lock though – how cute would that be? :)

  • Maxie

    Judging by the way this woman is groomed and dressed, my guess is it is an authentic Hermes and she had it customized either by Hermes or some professional. I just highly doubt that this woman would carry a fake if she’s wearing a Balenciaga jacket. In any case it’s too “blingy” and gawdy for my taste!

  • cloud

    I would bedazzle a real H bag. in fact I have my son’s stickers on my Birkin. it’s something personal :)

    • gopher

      that’s really sweet :]

  • MAX

    I think it’s authentic birkin and she glued the jewels on it like a lot of ppl celebs in my country. They like even paint color on the bag (look so horrible, but they like it), so it doesn’t matter i think weather it looks real or fake to other u know it cuz u bought it. For me I would do something with my birkin but right now i own only Sophia bag costs far behind a birkin but still expensive to me and i did customized my bags too FUNNN!!!!

  • PhotoGirl

    I love it!
    In a world of derivative everything, here is an individual with great personal style. I can’t applaud that enough.
    I wish I’d thought of it! To do it now, of course, would merely be copying. :)

  • Vanna

    Real or Fake I think this bag is fabulous, I do thing she got it customized, I’ve seen this trend on a few bags.

  • Giovanna

    Ok, honestly it is genius, why not have fun with fashion whether it’s real or not, who cares, everyone will remember this look and that bag, and i actually feel inspired to get myself a fake hermes and the embellishments to stick on, love it….

  • JenG


  • Sasha

    I like the personal touch it adds to the bag. Although a fake is never an option, I have thought about glamming out a pre loved designer bag.

  • tali

    I love the Bag, it is by LEAHANDBLISS, go to leahandbliss.com for personal orders. The bag is so chic and girly! I own one and it adds so much to my closet. It is like wearing arm candy or lots of jewels. In this Photo the Cheif Editor or NYLON MAG is rocking it and it is OBVIOUSLY A SUCCESS is Dani Stahl herself wore it to fashion week; the sole most important week to all fashionistas. Don’t hate the girls who own this company for having a success, it was also featured on Gossip Girl and worn by other celebrities such a Rihanna. The bag is GREAT! girls this is a great buy and let me tell you everyone stops me about it. IT is also a awesome beach bag

    • dela

      Thank you for pointing it out. I must say it is a rather tongue-in-cheek take on the Birkin.

  • silvia

    It’s a Leah and Bliss!

  • Loquita

    This bag is considerably different from a Birkin, so I wouldn’t consider it a fake – more like an “inspired by” design. That said, I actually think it’s pretty cool for being so irreverent…most handbag lovers take the Birkin so seriously that I find this take on it refreshing. I wouldn’t wear it myself, but the person in the photo clearly rocks it!

  • Arielle

    Well, I guess I’m gona be wishy-washy about this one…I like the idea of getting a really amazing bag and adding a little “you” to it but on the flipside, something about keeping the bag the way it was designed apeals to me too. I was reading an earlier comment about a woman who has her son’s stickers on the bag to make it something more special and I thought that was awesome, so why not bedazzle or be-sticker you bag! Hell it’s yours, right? And in the end, these bags are leather, string and metal when it really comes down to it. I know a bunch of bag “purists” out there are mortified but hey, if it looks half as good as the bag in the picture and makes you feel confident when you walk down the street DO IT!! Hmm, I wasn’t as undecided as I thought I was gonna be. :)

  • Dasha

    Not a Birkin at all, but I wouldn’t paste gems on my own Birkin- why would anyone want to glue cheap five dollar rhinestones to their 7,000+ dollar bag, that they’ve had to wait forever to obtain?

    But I suppose if its what you want to do, then that’s your prerogative :\

  • Rach

    Not everyone has to wait forever to attain a 7K bag.

    I think its a cheeky take on a rather average, unobtrusive bag that has somehow obtained cult status – the irreverence and uniqueness of it is refreshing. :)

  • Mona

    But it’s not a fake, isn’t it by this company?

    Here is another photo:

    So you’re not “bedazzling” the bag, since it comes like that.

  • Bella

    I LOVE this bag!!! Does anyone know how much they are???

  • 19yearslater

    Since it seems the bag was made by another brand just this way, it reminds me of the Marc Jacobs fluo tweed bag and Chanel. It’s having fun with high fashion. I wouldn’t put anything other than a scarf on a leather bag, but I wear buttons on bags of other materials.

  • michelle

    ‘I remember walking into an assembly plant in Thailand a couple of years ago and seeing six or seven little children, all under 10 years old, sitting on the floor assembling counterfeit leather handbags,’ an investigator told me… ‘The owners had broken the children’s legs and tied the lower leg to the thigh so the bones wouldn’t mend. [They] did it because the children said they wanted to go outside and play.’
    – from dana thomas’ “deluxe: how luxury lost its luster”. this bag isn’t a “fake” but i think a large part of the reason people have such problems with fakes is because of things like this. even if that passage doesn’t break your heart, the counterfeiting industry is used for money laundering and funds both international drug trafficking and terrorism. if this bag was a fake, bedazzling it wouldn’t change that. i realize bags can be expensive, but either save the money for a birkin or realize that it’s not a necessary addition to your life. fakes and the real deal are NOT made in the same place; there are real reasons the difference in cost is so vast, and it’s not because hermes and co are trying to screw you.

  • Lindsey

    I would never buy a fake handbag – why not just save your money for the real thing? (Even if you have to wait longer) If I wanted to ‘style’ a bag, I might buy a cheap bag (that doesn’t attempt to imitate another designer). Most likely I’ll just stick to buying designer bags off the rack.

  • WTCelesta

    People, please read the posts before you write. It is not a fake birkin, it is a normal (aka manufactured this way) bag by Leah and Bliss. Cool down.
    I think I am out to buy one :)

    • cge

      Yes, it is! I contacted them yesterday about placing an order. They are so incredibly nice, and the cost is very reasonable. The small 25 cm bag is only $395, and the larger 35 cm one shown in the photo above is $495. They also do custom orders. I fell in love with a photo of one they sent me in navy leather, and that would be $895.

  • hect

    fake fake fake hermes would not do this technically they dont say hermes but come on they are confusing us they dont make this abismal try out for the worlds most divine bag this is again fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • georgina

      This is not a fake bag I OWN ONE it is sick and nothing like my moms birkin’s. it is totally different. I get stopped everywhere i wear it and it is also a sick beach bag i jsut wore it in south beach and people died over it!

      get one quick…

  • Sepster

    This bag is GORGEOUS !!

  • dierregi

    I don’t care about the bag but I love the leather jacket – looks like fabulous soft material in a lovely chocolate color – and the scarf

  • Meredith

    Where can you purchase the Leah & Bliss bag and how much is it! It’s so cute!!!

  • samanatha

    what a stunning bag!!!!!! I saw a girl in bergdorff goodman wearing it and couldnt help but stop her!! what a fab design and great concept- A PLUS

  • samanatha

    love it love it love it

  • Janel

    i contacted them via twitter and they are the sweetest people ever. if you want you bag tweet them and they will contact you fast.

  • georgina

    Gorgeous bag! Does anyone know how much it is, I think i wanna buy one!!!

    • WTCelesta

      $400-500 depending on size is what I heard, available in black, white and purple. Wow, what can I say – one Purse Blog posting that started as a critics to a presumably fake bag will bring this brand quite a few new clients! :)

  • Merve

    Put the bedazzler down and step away from the Birkin…

  • Joe

    The designers of this crap unorigional bag are clearly posting on this thread

  • Rosanna

    A little tacky IMO.

    Although, that leather jacket in the picture is GORGEOUS. (fb)

  • Chi

    Hrmm, if it was made with real gems I think that would be cool ..
    It makes your bag a one of a kind .. can’t beat the person for trying!


  • Amy

    Not a chance.

  • gingerk8

    not in favor(fb)

  • JackieR

    why would a designer put out a bag in the exact same shape as pretty much the most famous, easily recognizable, and most sought after bag in the world? a bunch of cheap looking glues on rhinestones dont make up for the fact that this is a complete birkin ripoff, genuine leather be damned. i don’t get it..? (fb)

  • Assiya

    First, I would never buy fake one…I’d rather save money and buy real. And second, if I bought the real one I would never do sth like badazzling to it :) (fb)

    • amyR

      This bag is just U-G-L-Y. but to each their own..

  • amyR

    oops. forgot the (fb)

  • Regina

    The jewels on the bag looks like the artwork that my 4 & 6 year olds can do! I wouldn’t waste my money on it. (fb)

  • Ann

    Yeah, I’m not really liking this bag either BUT am loving the leatherjacket! (fb)

  • Jane

    it’s hideous. (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    JUST one different question about this photo. Would you wear your brown leather jacket with a black leather bag ??? I know I wouldn’t. The brown/black rule still lives for me.

  • bonybynatur2003

    Im sorry, but I think this bag looks horrible. There are so many other ways to adorn and dress up a bag and this “bedazzled” affect really cheapens it and goes overboard. Way off mark here! JMO. (fb)

  • kellie wilson

    I think that is tacky..I am sorry..just not a good thing to do to an expensive or non-expensive bag unless you are like six years old :) fb

  • Anna

    I recognize her brown jacket to be Balenciaga. I want one! I’m not liking the bag. Birkin style + bedazzlers = a different designer bag? IMO, no.

  • Elyse

    this is just not in good taste – it’s as simple as that (fb)

  • Alanna

    not loving the bag in the picture but yes i would customise a bag, admittedly probably NOT one i’d spent hundreds or thousands on!

  • Eric

    if you cannot afford a designer bag.. a luxury bag DONT BUY THE FAKE ONE’s.. its better to fashion out with bags thats fits your budget and carry them with attitude and confidence “AT LEAST IT’S NOT A FAKE”.. lets face it you are not impressing other you only fool yourself by carrying fake ones- ‘(FB)’

    • Jill

      The only people who care about fakes are the people who use bags to show that they can afford one and get jealous because people spend less money. Hardly anyone cares about the actual care that goes into making the bags, it’s all about the fact that you can afford one while others can’t. A purse is a purse is a purse. The end.

    • Jerri R

      My problem with a fake bag is that, its owner gives out the impression that she hopes people will believe that the bag she is holding is real. I would hate this. Would rather buy something special and more suitable to the budget.

  • Eric

    BUT the is Debate: Would you bedazzle a bag, real or fake?” – NO! Bedazzling a real bag NO WAY that bag carries the designer signature label, its the designer’s own creation.. bedazzling it is just like tampering your own birth certificate.. Bedazzling a fake is like two counts of murder: A fake bag stealing the original identity of the authentic ones, bedazzling it erase and burries the reputation of the desingner’s trademark.. ‘(fb)’

  • Eric

    BUT the Debate is: Would you bedazzle a bag, real or fake?” – NO! Bedazzling a real bag NO WAY that bag carries the designer signature label, its the designer’s own creation.. bedazzling it is just like tampering your own birth certificate.. Bedazzling a fake is like two counts of murder: A fake bag stealing the original identity of the authentic ones, bedazzling it erase and burries the reputation of the desingner’s trademark.. ‘(fb)’

  • Marie

    No, I would NEVER do that. If it wasn’t meant to be bedazzled, then why mess with it? Especially such a gorgeous bag as a Birkin. Bedazzling it makes it look tacky, almos cheap. If the designer, who obviously had something else in mind didn’t do it, then why would you?! It completely destroys the spirit of the purse, and its main purpose. (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    Bedazzling isn’t my style but it would scare anyone from stealing it lol

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Joy

    i wouldnt bedazzle it
    it seems a big tooo bedazzled
    maybe a bit would be okay for me ;)

  • ad

    eugghhh thats sooo tacky. can’t she accessorize it with scarves or hermes cadenas?? that would be much more tasteful and elegant.
    or if you really need to bling it up, get sumting that js hangs from your bag. not by sticking something on it. it just destroy the birkin.
    oh then again, maybe this is a fake birkin, thats why she doesn’t care. (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    Although the bag doesn’t look half bad, I could never ruin anything so expensive. (fb)

  • Me

    I think it’s kind of edgy and cute. Maybe it’s not a fake bag, maybe it’s an inspired bag without the name and logo.

    • BagBoy

      I agree. Maybe it is an inspired bag. But if it isn’t and everyone is still debating whether it is or isn’t a fake; I noticed that it if you look closely at the side of the bag, you will see a shiny D-ring, on the outside. So I presume that it is a fake.

  • Ellen

    I definitely think that this bag is fake. I would never bedazzle a bag because I spend a considerable amount on my purses and would not tamper with the original design. (ipad)

  • marianne shaw

    don’t think much of the bag at all.I think it’s very over the top and highly unpractical.Fake or not it’s not a nice design.[ipad]

  • Cindy

    I think it’s fugly. (ipad)

  • mermaid

    The birkin is not really a pretty bag to start with..just a boring block of leather. To most owners, it’s more a status symbol to show that you have arrived and can afford one, rather than any aesthetic appeal. Yeah it comes in pretty colors and exotic leathers..but so do most designer bags!! So I guess you can do just about anything to that bag if you feel that even swinging a plain birkin just doesn’t do it for you! (ipad)

  • Chandra

    No. (ipad)

  • prettynpearls

    Heck no! i wouldnt dare be seen with a fake bag. i work too hard to be able to spend on the Real Deal. To each his own, however, i want the best. i wouldnt spend beyond my means, but i want the best that money can buy. i just bought my first CHANEL bag. and i am proud of it. Now, im working towards my first Louis Vuitton bag.

    hey it may take you a year or whatever, but it is worth it when you get the bag of your dreams. I know it did for me.

  • EW