The Coach Tabby Tour May Be Coming to a Campus Near You

The interactive event has 5 more stops

The continued success of the Coach Tabby Bag can be seen across every platform, from being carried in the wild by fellow fashion lovers to influencers and celebrities alike. In an effort to expand on the growth of its younger fan base, Coach launched The Tabby Tour, which will see eight college campuses host this interactive event.

At the event, you will be able to explore which Tabby you are through a fun digital quiz, grab an ice cream, and receive a limited-edition bracelet in collaboration with the Little Words Project.

The event just came to the University of Miami on an unfortunately rainy day, but that didn’t stop people from enjoying it. The remaining dates include stops in Georgia and Texas, so if you are in the area, check it out!

Discover the Tabby collection now!

The Remainder of The Tabby Tour Dates

April 12th – Georgia Tech

April 13th – Morehouse / Spelman, Atlanta

April 17th – University of Texas (Austin)

April 19th – University of North Texas

April 21st – Texas A & M

Coach Tabby Tour UM 1

Coach Tabby Tour UM

Images courtesy of Coach


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1 year ago

It’s cute, but I don’t believe college students are the best target market. Most college students wear backpacks vs. bags because they are unecessary. Also, many don’t have excess funds to purchase these items. Nonetheless, this campaign could plant a seed for future purchases.

11 months ago
Reply to  Samantha

This is the right market because coach is trying to appeal to the younger generation. Also, most college students aren’t broke. So either they themselves will buy it or their parents will buy it for them