Back in October, Coach launched a seriously crazy-cool customization service called Coach Create, and last week I was lucky enough to get to experience it for myself. I had the best time designing a bag that was made just for me, and now I have a look inside the process for all of you.

The first step was choosing a shape that was right for me, and by now you guys know I am the most indecisive shopper ever. It was really hard picking which bag I wanted. In store, I was able to choose from a Saddle Bag, a small or large Dinky (which is a compact, flap-top crossbody bag), a Parker bag, or a clutch wallet, but online there are currently even more options available. Ultimately, I decided that I loved the Saddle Bag the most. Since it’s a pretty casual style, I knew I would mostly be using it during the day, and I loved the functionality of the bag. It has an interior zip pocket, as well as two separate compartments and a snap that keeps the interior closed. I could tell the size would be perfect for holding everything that I carry day to day. One decision down, in a series of many!

So many options to pick from!
It's all the details
Thinking about going floral...
Testing out my options
The final preview

Next up was color, and although I instinctively steer toward the neutrals, I wanted to pick something a bit more fun than white or black. I settled on the light pink, called peony, and I’m so happy I did. Though my bag is pink, it works as a neutral, and because I wear so much black, grey and white, the color will fit into my wardrobe perfectly.

Finally, it was time for the fun part—customization! Currently you can choose to add fun emoji pins called souvenir pins, floral tea rose patches, or prairie rivets. I seriously loved the look of the tea roses on the saddle bag and really considered them, but ultimately I loved the look of the prairie rivets more. You can customize everything from the placement of your details down to the colors. Once you make all of your choices, you can select each one on the in-store iPad to preview how your bag is going to look.

A Coach Craftsman at Work
Personalized hang tags to finish the bag
A preview of the finished product

The hardest part for me came at the end, when it was time to design my monogrammed hang tag. I knew immediately that I wanted gold writing with my initials, but I couldn’t decide on the placement of them and if—or which—emoji I wanted to include! In the end, I decided to get my initials stamped in small writing with a cute bee in the middle, and I love what I chose. The Coach Craftsman who would be hand-making my bag has worked for Coach for over 25 years and was there to assist me through the whole process. He made the whole experience that more more amazing.

In some customization experiences, you make your choices and then wait weeks while your bag is manufactured elsewhere and sent to you, but we watched as the craftsman got started on my bag. First he arranged the template, and then he stamped the holes, after which he began to place the rivets and stones.

We visited the Coach House on 5th Avenue to experience Coach Create, and if you’re in NYC, I highly suggest going the in-store route! The whole process takes about two hours, so even if you’re only in town for the day, you can go grab a bite and pick up your bag later, or you can have Coach mail it to you. They make the whole process super easy and so much fun, and the best part is you have a bag that is uniquely YOU!

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Coach Create is available in select cities, for more info and to find a store near you visit

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