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There was a time when huge celebrities who largely avoided domestic advertising in order to maintain their pristine images for fans did ad campaigns overseas for big bucks and Americans were none the wiser. That time was before the Internet, and it has very clearly passed. Via Vogue Taiwan, we now have a peek at Gwyneth Paltrow‘s first ads as the international brand ambassador for Coach.

And although these ads were clearly shot in New York and feature a brand that does the overwhelming majority of its business stateside, these shots won’t be gracing the ad pages of American magazines anytime soon, which sort of makes sense from a branding perspective. American consumers already have a vision of Coach and a vision of Gwyneth Paltrow, and those two vision don’t necessarily intersect. And that’s fine, because Coach is already raking in bushels of money on its current, carefully crafted American branding.

But for an overseas audience that’s less familiar with the position that Coach has in the American fashion landscape, the fresh-faced, blonde, blue-eyed actress against a blurry, fast-paced Manhattan backdrop likely reflects exactly the combination of urbanity and Americanness that Coach would like its foreign customers to see when they look at one of the brand’s handbags. She certainly does look happy with her patent leather satchel.

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  • Mimi

    I’ve always loved her style!

  • kat

    I think Gwyneth is far from “Americanness’ that Coach is trying to appeal. Plus, Coach is already pretty well known in Asia.

  • babe

    this is no way her personal style

  • MsLabelsofLust

    Love Coach and G.Paltrow..

  • Silversun

    I’m curious as I’m not American. What is the American vision of Coach? Is it generally positive or negative?

    • Skylar

      it really depend to what class you are talking too. For wealthier Americans the brand is cheap and the quality is not as good as it use to be and almost anybody and everybody has a coach bag. for other people it is the epitome of luxury so it really depends on who you are talking too.

      • Annalisa

        I think that this is right to a degree, but also, the perception of whether or not Coach is luxurious also has a lot to do with the line and the bag. Coach Poppy? Not luxury. Just an “upscale” teen brand. However, there have been a few of the python Coaches and limited runs that have price points over $1,000, and I think that those are meant to appeal to the luxury market.

        Also, it depends on your definition of “wealthy.” For most Americans, Coach is an upscale and fashion-forward brand that is, and will continue to be, a staple in the up-market handbag and accessories world. If you’re a multi-millionaire, then no, you’re probably not buying Coach, but then again, you’re probably not buying anything but couture and bespoke. Does Angelina Jolie carry Coach? No. Does the CEO of an American company carry Coach? Probably. So yes, it all depends on what status level you are reaching for.

        I disagree that almost everybody has Coach (that may be your perception, depending on where you live and your “place” in society), but I do agree that the brand is very ubiquitous. That having been said, almost anybody and everybody has a Coach knock-off, which may give the impression of everybody owning Coach. Then again, with its numerous retail locations and relatively numerous outlet locations, it certainly is more mass-produced than any brand that is trying to be true luxury, would.

        A lot of people feel that the quality of the craftsmanship has diminished since Coach moved its manufacturing operations from the US to China, and I’d have to agree. However, they are a much more trendy and fashion-forward company today, than they were when it was just basic staples and luggage. It certainly hasn’t slowed their sales any.

        As an easy analogy, I’d say Coach is to Audi or Cadillac what Chanel or Balenciaga are to Ferrari.

  • Leslie

    I love GP and I kind of like Coach, but have grown out of it in the past several years. However, I find these ads rather funny…as in funny, odd. I could never in a million years see GP carrying a Coach bag. I somehow picture her thinking “slumming it,” is carrying a Tod’s bag, etc. Don’t get me wrong…the ads are grogeous, as is GP….The pairing of the two just seems so off…

    • annika

      i agree….Coach and Gywneth aren’t a marriage made in Hollywood or America for that matter. i more kind of expect Gwyneth to be the endorser for Tod’s or Burberry or GAP.

      • Annalisa

        I agree. I could really see her selling Burberry in Asia, and it’s a huge brand there anyway. Maybe it’s because she’s a pseudo-Londoner or what have you, but she seems like she could sell Burberry or something a little more classic, better than Coach. Not that Coach isn’t a classic brand, but the styles they are pushing now are really young and trendy, not so much classic. I’d be truly shocked if Gwyneth actually carried a Coach bag IRL. At least, not the bag from this ad!

  • Cris

    Love Gwyneth and the occasional Coach bag

  • Bagolicious

    I agree with Kat. Plus, Coach isn’t anything new in Asia. I bought a Coach bag while in Singapore probably 10 or more years ago. I had bought some Coach tennis shoes, here at home, and wanted a matching small, cross body bag. The matching bag hit Singapore before it even hit the stores here in L.A. So, I bought the bag there.

  • GlitzyGirl

    She a nice fresh face for coach especially for our classics bags. Eva Longoria would be my choice D much as she wears and loves Coach.

  • Kinahlindsay

    Does anyone know the model of the Coach she’s holding?  I saw one this weekend and loved it, but the owner could not remember what it was called for me to track one down.  It’s different and I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere.

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