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  • Sparky

    Nicely done. Very cute. Won’t buy.

  • I’d definitely pick up the zip around wallet if it goes on sale. Too cute!

  • ECooper

    The wallet and the scarf are adorable. I want them both!

  • HelloHappylife

    I can appreciate the collection however I have never been a fan of anything by Coach and carrying a purse with Mickey Mouse is too childish for me. But I love seeing new handbags,it’s almost like Art :)

  • Passerine

    The wallet looks like Coach is trying to get a piece of the Fendi’s Monster trend. The rest of the collection is a “no” as well. I guess they’re going for free-spirited and fun, but it looks childish. And not in a good way.

  • FashionableLena

    Cute. Not my thing. $400 is too much for something like this from any design house.

  • Amanda

    I was really excited when Coach brought Stuart Vevers on board…but now? Not so much. I feel like all we get are cartoon prints and I am sick of them. Peanuts was a cute one time thing…that they tried to do 2 times. News flash- it’s not limited edition when you re-release it. I also feel like most of the other people who’ve commented here- Disney is cute- but I would never purchase any of these items to actually wear. Don’t even get me started on the Fall preview that extends this dinosaur trend that they are trying to make happen. I was hoping with Vevers at their helm that we would see a higher instance of fresh silhouettes and colour palettes. Instead, I feel like they have dropped back into their old habits- recycling over and over to until I have very little desire to make the minimal effort to follow along. It is highly possible that I am searching characteristics of a more exclusive brand. I just don’t understand why a brand who is seeking to hit that balance of luxury and exclusivity by releasing (supposedly) limited items can’t draw upon their past to bring a new style in each month. And I mean NEW- not a smaller version of one that already exists. Not a new colour/material/print. I may not have loved the Poppy collection specifically, but during that time, there was a large variety of shapes and styles to choose from every month, and I miss that.

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  • Sara

    They are cute but they look like souvenir items you would buy from Disneyland

  • Amazona

    One word: SQUEEEEEEEEE! The prices – meh. Love the understated MM embossing, subtle enough but still a great detail. Would buy if money was no object.

  • otter

    Disney adult sort of gross me out. Just my opinion. Sorry if I offend anyone.

  • Maya

    I’m not 5 anymore but thanks…

  • ?? ?

    slide 4 made me wanna scream!!! beyond adorable!!! soooooo cute!!!! I wanna get rid of my old coach ASAP.

  • Mei

    The bag I want is already sold out!

  • kris

    Very nicely done. Subtle and cute, but not “cutesy” at all. I love it. The prices are high but that should be expected from a limited edition run…at least, the “first” run of the original items.