I’ve been so in love with the Coach Borough Bags since they first debuted, and since I added one to my collection, the bag has made its way into my regular rotation. Even salespeople at high-end stores have asked question about my Borough, and when I noticed how much attention it’s received, I realized I needed to give it a spot in our Purseonals lineup.

This bag is a different direction for the brand, but celebrities and longtime Coach lovers alike have let the Coach Borough onto their arms and into their hearts. See how it scores in our Purseonals ratings below.

Aesthetics 5 Stars

It’s not just me who’s drawn to the look of the Coach Borough Bags, fashion lover Sarah Jessica Parker is as well, in addition to so many others. This bag is classy in every way. I find it hard to pick a bag that is as usable as it is beautiful, and this Coach bag fits the bill. The design is impeccable, and I’ve found myself loving it more with each use.

Usability + Functionality 3.5 Stars

This might be the most improbable thing I have ever written, but the Borough has too many pockets and compartments for me. When I first started using it, I was so thrilled over the three zip main compartments, which are separated by two pouch pockets. The bag has so much separation and usability that it became too much for me. The problem is that even when I try to place my things into the right compartments, I never seem to remember which items I’ve assigned to which pockets. I end up search through all five to find my phone or keys, which gets time-consuming.

While it’s too many pockets for me, if you are super organized, this bag could be perfect for you. The compartments are well-thought out, with one of the pouch pockets having a small interior pocket for your phone or keys. In addition to that, I like the length of the shoulder strap; it makes the bag easy to carry, but leaves the interior easily accessible without removing it from your arm.

Quality + Construction 4.5 Stars

This is a beautifully constructed bag, and that was one of my first thoughts when I got it. The leather is really beautiful and everything is crafted very well. I’ve had no issues with the quality yet, but there are a few things that I would love more if they were a tad different. The double top handles, for example, would be better if they were a little thicker and sturdier (think Louis Vuitton), and the same goes for the shoulder strap. However, every other aspect of the quality of the leathers and materials used are really amazing, even noticeably better than Coach bags from one season ago.

Value 5 Stars

There’s always been a discussion of Coach prices, but the Borough bags really can’t be called “overpriced.” Actually, they are priced extremely well. The size I have retails for $548, which is more than fair for a sturdy, detailed day bag of its size. In fact, this might be one of the best priced bags I have in my collection, when you consider the whole package. It’s rare that we find bags under the $1000 range let alone under $600, and this bag is not just affordable but it feels and looks like it’s worth much more. Buy via Coach for $548.

The ‘It’ Factor 4.5 Stars

This bag is chic in every way. I know some feel like Coach is a brand that you start with and eventually move on from, but this bag gives me and so many others the chance to include Coach in our rotation amongst our other designer bags. This is the sign of a true change for the brand, and I feel like I’m part of the change; I’ve been using this bag more than anything else in my collection right now.

Total Score 4.5 Stars

The Coach Borough Bag is a new classic, and I count myself among the people who are obsessed with it. My only low marks come from the fact that the bag is too organized and compartmentalized for total ease of use, which in most cases isn’t a problem. After seeing the Spring 2014 Coach preview, it’s clear the Borough is going to continue to be a big push for Coach. Buy my Coach Borough via Coach for $548.

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  • Sandra

    I cannot tell for sure but is that forest green handles and strap on a burgundy bag? If this is the case, that is also a plus for me…the color pairings. I have not purchased a Coach bag for ….well, I have no idea how long. One other thing to mention is that Coach provides a mid priced well manufactured bag that is also a new design, they are not just copying another designer. Kudos to Coach.

    • It’s black handles against the burgundy color – I really like how this adds an extra dimension to the bag!

  • Becca

    Do you think it is more of a work bag? I am a stay-at-home mom so I usually like a casual style. Love the bag but not sure how it would look just with running errands and picking the kids up from school.

    • I don’t really carry a “work” bag per-say, and this bag fits into the everyday bag category for me. If you got the large size it might look more work appropriate, but I love this regular size.

      I think it would totally work to run errands and get your kiddos from school!

  • Karen

    I have the medium Borough in green. Though I love the look of it, I agree with Megs that it has too many pockets/compartments. I actually find it difficult to fit all of my things (namely a large wallet, small cosmetic bag, and large sunglass case) into the bag without it looking overstuffed. I find myself constantly trying to rearrange everything, like a puzzle, to get it all to fit better. It would be more useful if they had left out the middle zipped pocket altogether (like the Prada and Tory Burch double zip bags) – it seems like there is a lot of wasted space. So though I love the look of the bag and would like to use it more often, I tend to reach for other bags instead.

    • Mine never looks stuffed and it seems to hold EVERYTHING – but I have the same problem as you, I can’t find everything then.

      A middle zipped pocket and two pouch pockets or vice versa might have been perfect – meaning it has 3 compartments, not 5

  • Amanda

    I’m totally obsessed with this bag! It’s just gorgeous. Thanks for another purseonals Megs!

    • Yes! I know so many of you want more Purseonals so I will be doing more :)

  • kindled

    I like this bag, but I second what other people said–I wish it had one larger internal section like many other totes (prada, etc.). While I like that there’s the option to have the burgundy/wine color with black handles, I wish they at least offered an all-burgundy version. And a teal one. If this were in a dark teal or peacock, I’d be powerless to resist.

    • Peacock would be amazing with this bag!

    • kat

      just so you know, they do offer an all burgundy version in the large size, in polished calfskin though, which takes the price up to 898. And I agree with Megan, peacock would be very pretty!

      • kat

        oops, sorry to post again, but just checked their website and apparently there is an all teal version now in the medium size. Interesting!

      • Yes – all teal version is available!

  • Isabelle

    I absolutely love this bag!

  • Kat

    Ugh, this bag was a disappointment for me. I love the shape and style and was ecstatic to see a coach bag with a simple classic shape. I went to try on the large size in store- a medium or smaller isn’t an option with a ten month old. The strap is not adjustable. On a seven hundred dollar bag. Seriously? Not buying a bag I have to carry by hand (because let’s face it, they’re always full now) or that is going to bang against my knees as I walk. I feel this is a serious flaw in how this bag was designed, even if the larger option is meant to be worn cross body. We’re not all six feet tall. I saved my money and bought a vintage Hermes cabana. Now that’s a practical tote.

    • I didn’t try the larger one one. The medium one has a shoulder strap that fits me properly, but I always love when it is adjustable.

      I think it’s an amazing step forward but it could use some work!

    • kindled

      I am shocked the crossbody isn’t adjustable! I didn’t even realize people made them non-adjustable anymore. I’ve been buying a bunch of cutesy inexpensive Kate Spade pieces recently and they all have adjustable crossbodies.

      • kat

        I was rather surprised too considering how common it is now to wear bags in this style. As Megan also mentioned in her review, the strap on the large is not very thick (it’s the same width on all the borough bags) and even with the bag empty I could see it digging in painfully if worn for a long time- It’s not a light bag! I just think if coach is going to attempt to enter into the higher end of the entry-luxury goods market that they need to hit all the important practical points, not just make a product that looks good on the outside. The shoulder strap on the medium is much shorter and I would have been able to wear it as a shoulder bag; however, it won’t work as a day bag for me if I can only fit my stuff in there and not the diapers/toys/clothes/food and other odds and ends for my baby. Maybe their next “big” bag will be better!

    • L Wilson

      I really feel this bag is for a more mature business mind individual. I have the large borough and it’s perfect in every way.

      • Findus

        What measurements does the large size have?

  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs, thank you for yet another great Purseonals! And Vlad’s talent is so vivid in all the pictures! I looked at this bag last week and even though I liked it a lot ended up buying another bag which they had to order for me. The bag came in a different shade of blue so now I’m returning it today to get the Borough bag! This particular color combo and the leather really looks very high end as you said. I like the green one too. What do you think?

    • I was really really torn between this color and the moss green – I ended up thinking the burgundy is better for me, but it’s a hard hard decision to make!!! Either way, you will have a great bag!

  • Doro

    As a high end bag user, I haven’t bought a Coach in years. I stopped to see the new Borough and loved it! Bought the same classy bag you did and thing overall it is almost a 5. I am sure Coach will add a few improvements and if the do it will become a classic. To my amazement, I bought two bags the same day and the other is the new very large draw string with two straps. Another winner for Coach.

  • Jen

    Love, love, love this post. One, it makes me realize I may need to give Coach another try. They seem more relevant somehow recently and I love they have options that don’t scream logo. Two, I love the Purseonals articles because it gives us firsthand advice and feedback on something current. Thank you so much for this. Keep them coming–I’d love to see Purseonals once a week or at least once a month??

  • Joice

    Megs, I think you should do the many bags of you..

    • Vlad and I plan to shoot it when we have some time!!

      • pbguesta

        totally do it

  • Vicky

    I love this design.Mostly is because the 3 zipper on top.

  • Wendy

    This is such a great detailed review…thank you! I have been eyeing this bag since it’s release. I was running through Macy’s in Herald Square one day and stopped to look at it….I think that it is gorgeous and would definitely suit my needs. Still on the fence though because I am not sure if I want to drop $548 on a Coach bag or put that towards another bag. Hummmm decisions.

  • Drspock7

    My visit to grorgetown last night meg was all on you….

  • Paula

    I just came back from NY. I bought the smaller size in green and I find it to be perfect. Great deal for the money. Well structured and easy to find my belongings. Really happy that I got it and just worried that the long stripe might be too thin to handle too much weight.

  • fifo

    Hi, Do you know who’s the designer of Borrogh bag? Thanks!

    • Lynnie


  • lola

    I bought the bag in the large size in black but it feels crazy big and its true I couldn’t find anything in it. I had so much extra room. I always purchase large size bags but this one just feels bigger, I love it thought. it also feels heavy but I don’t know if its just me maybe its the size and the fact that I carry a lot.

  • Nicola Probert

    I bought an XL Borough bag in polished calf skin in Feb ( and I won’t tell you how much we Australians have to pay) and I am thrilled with it. I think the XL size is perfect for my needs- which is an everyday bag that doubles as a briefcase for work. Personally, I like the five sections as it allows me to separate everything out, which for me means less rummaging around looking for stuff. I put my iPad, phone, cable and any paperwork in the front zippered section ( identified by the coach logo on the outside), my wallet and valuables in the middle zippered section and I use the last zippered section for all the everyday stuff I need to carry – brush, mascara, eye liner, tampons, pain killers etc.. In the open sections are the things I can just grab – reading glasses, sunglasses, keys, umbrella and wrap. I can even slide a pair of ballet pumps in there if the weather is foul and I have to wear wet weather shoes to commute.

    I have to confess I didn’t get on with the shoulder strap but I find I can put the regular handles on my shoulder if need be although I mainly carry it over my arm. Perhaps if the strap was adjustable it would be more user friendly. I’m tall but the bag still sat too low to be comfortable as a cross body bag.

    I’d give this bag 9 1/2 out of 10 for my needs- I wouldn’t use it as a baby bag ( because when my children were little I found I needed both hands free!) but as a work bag it is perfect.

  • Siv

    Do you have the measurements for this bag? I’m looking for one now and wanted this size. Thanks!