I’ve been so in love with the Coach Borough Bags since they first debuted, and since I added one to my collection, the bag has made its way into my regular rotation. Even salespeople at high-end stores have asked question about my Borough, and when I noticed how much attention it’s received, I realized I needed to give it a spot in our Purseonals lineup.

This bag is a different direction for the brand, but celebrities and longtime Coach lovers alike have let the Coach Borough onto their arms and into their hearts. See how it scores in our Purseonals ratings below.

Aesthetics 5 Stars

It’s not just me who’s drawn to the look of the Coach Borough Bags, fashion lover Sarah Jessica Parker is as well, in addition to so many others. This bag is classy in every way. I find it hard to pick a bag that is as usable as it is beautiful, and this Coach bag fits the bill. The design is impeccable, and I’ve found myself loving it more with each use.

Usability + Functionality 3.5 Stars

This might be the most improbable thing I have ever written, but the Borough has too many pockets and compartments for me. When I first started using it, I was so thrilled over the three zip main compartments, which are separated by two pouch pockets. The bag has so much separation and usability that it became too much for me. The problem is that even when I try to place my things into the right compartments, I never seem to remember which items I’ve assigned to which pockets. I end up search through all five to find my phone or keys, which gets time-consuming.

While it’s too many pockets for me, if you are super organized, this bag could be perfect for you. The compartments are well-thought out, with one of the pouch pockets having a small interior pocket for your phone or keys. In addition to that, I like the length of the shoulder strap; it makes the bag easy to carry, but leaves the interior easily accessible without removing it from your arm.

Quality + Construction 4.5 Stars

This is a beautifully constructed bag, and that was one of my first thoughts when I got it. The leather is really beautiful and everything is crafted very well. I’ve had no issues with the quality yet, but there are a few things that I would love more if they were a tad different. The double top handles, for example, would be better if they were a little thicker and sturdier (think Louis Vuitton), and the same goes for the shoulder strap. However, every other aspect of the quality of the leathers and materials used are really amazing, even noticeably better than Coach bags from one season ago.

Value 5 Stars

There’s always been a discussion of Coach prices, but the Borough bags really can’t be called “overpriced.” Actually, they are priced extremely well. The size I have retails for $548, which is more than fair for a sturdy, detailed day bag of its size. In fact, this might be one of the best priced bags I have in my collection, when you consider the whole package. It’s rare that we find bags under the $1000 range let alone under $600, and this bag is not just affordable but it feels and looks like it’s worth much more. Buy via Coach for $548.

The ‘It’ Factor 4.5 Stars

This bag is chic in every way. I know some feel like Coach is a brand that you start with and eventually move on from, but this bag gives me and so many others the chance to include Coach in our rotation amongst our other designer bags. This is the sign of a true change for the brand, and I feel like I’m part of the change; I’ve been using this bag more than anything else in my collection right now.

Total Score 4.5 Stars

The Coach Borough Bag is a new classic, and I count myself among the people who are obsessed with it. My only low marks come from the fact that the bag is too organized and compartmentalized for total ease of use, which in most cases isn’t a problem. After seeing the Spring 2014 Coach preview, it’s clear the Borough is going to continue to be a big push for Coach. Buy my Coach Borough via Coach for $548.

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