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  • tbestes

    Some of these pieces are spot-on (leather trench-#50, leather hobo-#8, large hand-held duffel-looking bag-#6), while others look cheap, in my opinion—just too much going on. Simple, classic and elegant designs are what make Coach famous way back when, and those are the designs I buy because they suit my taste and style. I just bought a black-on-black swagger this week, loving the bag and feeling like Coach was finding its feet again, but this collection leaves me disappointed. To each their own, of course, but I was more intrigued by Spring 2015 than what’s on the horizon for fall.

    • Stina Sias

      I have the same bag! It’s probably my favorite bag of all time :D

    • kaly

      You are my style twin here! The leather hobo, both #8 & #10 are beautiful in their simplicity and the trench in #50 is gorgeous! As you said, “simple, classic and elegant” are the key words!! I’ve stayed away from Coach for years with all the optic prints and logo jacquard but when I saw some of the Spring 2015 bags (yes, the swagger, of course!!) I was pleasantly surprised. Coach needs keep is classy, and most of these shown are not…in my humble opinion!!! :)

  • ManriqueGaby

    Coach just keeps getting better and better!! I must have the pink mini-bag with the pom-pom’s. I’m in lust!

  • et

    #8 is sharp! The oil slick color/patter in 31/32 is kinda fun!

  • polevshchikov

    The first 4 bags seem like a midget version of Nina Ricci’s Marche especially in the sides. They probably just added a strap/belt in the front to avoid comparisons. Still doesn’t discount the fact that those look like the Marche’s cheaper and tackier-looking sisters. Now upon closer inspection I think it may just be a hybrid of the Marche and Botkier’s Leroy. *shrug*

    • sm

      The Swagger bag is not a copy of anyone’s bag. It is an update on one of Bonnie Cashin’s original designs. It is a classic. The other designers are styling off of it. Do your homework.

  • Lori

    Love those slouchy backpacks.

  • Canuck65

    I’m sorry but these bags just look cheap and ugly to me but I’ll concede the trench in slide 50 is nice.

  • Guest

    I don’t really see a difference between what has been presented here and with other designer Fall features. Every line I’ve seen so far has had some great and some no-so great handbags. Everybody is not going to like everything in the collection and that is fine. I feel that a lot of people bash Coach excessively and there is a lot of bandwagon hate.

    • Sly

      I agree with you

    • Regina Miller

      Totally agree with the excessivness of the bashing. Keep in mind that these pieces are samples for a blogger preview. This is not the final production, nor is it representative of the entire Coach Fall offering. There will still be “basics” and “classics” worthy of the most tenured Coach fans.

  • Edia

    omg i luuuuuuv coach!!!! they get better each season! especially the clothes though.

  • seres

    I like the coats but most of those bags are too busy and a few are downright garish. Pass.

  • jen

    Sadly, I don’t see one thing I like….

  • Babs

    Swing and a miss! This collection is a mess! It’s all over the place. Sad.

  • louch

    I’m with most of the others here – there is just too much going on. Heavy leather, heavy ornamentation, heavy, heavy, heavy. I wouldn’t carry a single one of these pieces. I like that Coach doesn’t stick to a single style, but you can’t beat their simple Legacy pieces. Really disappointing.

    • Renne

      They are not going to get stuck with the simple collections. They are call legacy that means past. Now there is to much competition out there. coach is all about modern luxury and evolving and Im glad for them.

  • Susie

    Finally something different! I was so bored with Coach, it was so plain. This collection looks amazing.

    • yanni

      totally agree

    • Eva Sanvel


  • Grace

    Looks a lot like a tacky take on Proenza’s PS11 line, especially the totes. Don’t like these Coach bags at all.

  • Jennifer

    The hobo is nice, but he is all about some pebbled leather! Not a fan of pebbled….

  • I can’t stand them. I can’t even set foot inside a Coach store anymore. Their bags look like an eyesore to me. They should have stuck with the clean, minimalist look.

    • Sparkletastic

      Agree completely. They look cheap.

    • myel myel

      So true… I love their vintage bags from 70s like the musette bag so much more…

    • Cyn

      OMG i didn’t like a single one of them :( Horrible! just come back with simple, 1 color classic leather bags!!

  • Stina Sias

    I love them all! I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum of many of you I have never cared for Coach until recently. I thought their bags were super boring. I love the swagger bag (I bought one in matte black from the spring collection and I love how modern and simple it looks) and I’m glad they brought back that leopard print but those iridescent bags are amazing. I’m going to start saving now!

    • Dave

      I completely agree with you! Love their style sooo much more now.

    • Pie1973

      I agree as well. I’ve never been a fan of Coach but their swagger bags have lured me in. I love them. Just trying to decide on which color I want for the Fall….

      • Stina Sias

        They are all so cool!

  • Starflower

    This entire collection looks as though it was created for teenagers & raver kids. Smh

  • Mel

    I’m pretty sure I will need to start selling my plasma in order to afford everything I want from this collection! My wallet is quivering in the corner right now in fear………

  • I am actually not under-whelmed…finally….by some. Now, ready to open my wallet?…debating on that…maybe #6….maybe…

  • rashmi

    The hobos had me at the colors! And they are the only ones I like as they look simple yet sophisticated with minimalist chicness to it with the supple leather. Other than that everything else is meh

  • FashionableLena

    Love trench. I don’t even want to know how much that costs. The colors of the hobos are gorgeous. I’m still not inclined to give my business to Coach. However, if I did, I’d take the animal print backpack and the jacket in slide 22.

    The first few bags were too much and overdone. I would say that if you want a classic Coach bag that the outlets would be your best bet. I went the vintage route. Most of these just read too young.

  • MIKE


  • Details Inc.

    Coach has always made great quality bags but most people go with the trend, I own a few LV,YSL, one Celine and $ Gucci bags and NONE compare in quality to my Coach bags, new and vintage, Sometimes it’s not all about the hype.

  • Jacqueline SanChezman

    Spot on Coach! Completely in line with fashion trends! Also, these are clearly the exclusives, the rest of the collection will be more streamlined I am sure.
    Love it all!

  • Rashida

    I am not wowed…

  • Anonman

    The ideas are great: color blocking, shearling, statement architecture. Unfortunately, it comes off looking like a cheap attempt to recreate Fendi. Fendi is just difficult to translate at this price point and with these cheaper asterisks.

  • Sly

    For some reason I just see so much hate and vitriol for a brand that is trying to be relevant now. People will say it’s their simpler handbags that made them popular, but the problem is they can’t comp in today’s market with just simple handbags. And if they were going to just do simpler handbags there would be people that complain that this is boring, where is there anything new? You know out in the real world I’m seeing ladies that I’d never expect to carry coach now carry it. They can now compeye and stand out in today’s market. And as usual there will be some hits and some misses.

  • PrincessCypress

    #33 that Crosby is gorgeous!!! Never had a Coach bag before until yesterday, when I got a croc embossed Crosby in Grey Birch as an anniversary gift from hubby. I absolutely LOVE that bag! All of the other bags in my collection are from premier designers…that said, I am pleased with Coach as the features of the bag are very well thought out and user friendly (easy access to a box-like main compartment, secured zipper pulls to large pockets on the front and back of the bag, optional wings). Also, Coach did a wonderful job with the color and croc embossing…and the SA’s at the boutique were very helpful!

  • PrettyMeka08

    Next year Coach will be 75 years old! I wonder if they’ll do some cool bags to celebrate that milestone?

  • satellite99

    The devil is in the details and that’s where recent Coach has disappointed me. I don’t like shoulderstraps that clip on diagonally from the handles because they keep the bags from opening fully if you try to open them on the shoulder. On hobos with double straps, I’d prefer both came off because I never use the shorter one and it just gets in the way (Anya Hindmarch has done that with her Maxi and Alban lines – very practical). The belt on the Swagger reflects how so many designers, not just Coach, still attempt to create modernity by modifying from Hermes. And I’m tired of the really wide at the top and small bottom bucket satchels because things just get crowded inside since the bag is smaller than it appears. And the plasticky coating makes what is probably a nice pebbled leather seem faux – was enough to drive me to buy 7 Sonomas from the 90’s that felt like real leather, not plastic. I like shearling lining inside a coat or jacket, not on a bag unless its a pet toy.
    What I do like is the mock croc nubuc – It was nice on the denim leather and now the current colorblock. Wish it was used on a more simple style like a basic tote or satchel or even one of the classics, since you can’t put a plastic coating on nubuc or suede.

  • Hua Fu

    Love them all

  • Joan Powell Balbirnie

    Horrible collection.

  • LindaL

    I agree the past few seasons Coach has hit and missed for me. But I saw the Nomad hobo bag in Black Cherry and had to have it. It is GORGEOUS! Every bit as well made as a Prada. The leather is to die for and the inside is also lined in leather. The hardware is heavy and expensive looking. The shoulder strap is comfortable and does not fall off the shoulder. I have took it out once and received 3 compliments. I was stopped in the store and asked where I got it. You have to see this collection to appreciate it. The pictures do not do it justice. I have many high end designer bags and this one can stand up to them all! I say “welcome back Coach”!

  • gurlplz

    I never liked Coach until recently. I don’t like thr C”s on the bags but I’m down with the swagger bags. Just got me the blue suede on a few days ago.