Erva Leather Double Clutch

Metallic and flashy yet not bright and gaudy, the Erva Leather Double Clutch is a shining contender for a fun clutch. The silver and bronze double sided clutch sports a frame purse on one side and a fold over top on the other. The frame closure is finished off with wood clasp fastening and brass hardware. On the inside there is floral lining. Being a double clutch, this will give you more room for lip gloss, camera, wallet, keys, etc. That way you can sort what needs to be in the frame purse, and what needs to be in the fold over top (with a magnetic closure). A nice clean design from Erva. Buy through Net A Porter for $515.

biba patent clutch

Correct me if I am wrong but typically a new designer wants to be noticed by their first bag in a good way. Why on Earth would anyone send out one of its first bags with a huge and hideous oversized B on the front? Welcome to the fug that is the Biba Patent B Clutch. A shade of brown that resembles and infants dirty diaper, this camel patent leather looks fug and the B metal detailing is even worse. Does Biba think they are so big they can do this? You have not proven yourself to be able to fling your initials everywhere, and now I can not even take you seriously. I just do not like this bag, not one bit. If your name starts with a B, at least the clutch will look personalized, but if you ask me the B merely stands for downright “BAD”. Via Neiman Marcus for $550.

Prada Flat Ruched Clutch

The craze for the Prada Gaufre has hardly died down and we all know the craze to be in style will never leave. What about the oversized clutch craze? Are you in or out? The Prada Gaufre Clutch features the world-loved ruched supple lambskin leather alongside puckered stitching done by hand. There is a magnetic closure and flirty lavender satin lining on the inside along with a zip pocket. But do you realize how large this clutch is?

Now jump below to see the real size of this clutch, it may make you say ” :shock: ”

B Romanek Rockstar Clutch

Something done right can be done right in a plethora of colors. I fell in love with the B Romaneck Rockstar Clutch back in September and it keeps making its way into my radar. I may consider Starbucks Soy Chai Latte and a movie on a Friday night fun, but I still have a little Rockstar in me somewhere. The purple B. Romanek Rockstar Clutch is a hue to die for on the matte Caiman crocodile wrap around clutch. Perfect to look ravishing in your hand, the clutch measures 10″x5″x1.5″. Buy via Barneys for $2195.

jimmy choo clutch

Ok, I am sure you are thinking to yourself, ‘Get it together, this Jimmy Choo clutch ordeal is getting old’. But I just can not help it. There is an array of versions available and I am completely bummed that I was too lame to nab the shocking blue before it sold out on NAP, so I am woefully basking in my misery and oogling over the new versions. Now I can drool over the shinier patent leather versions and attempt not to punch in my CC numbers to buy one. Version on the left is the Jimmy Choo Mave Leather Clutch in pewter antique mirror. This version also contains a suede panel ans silver square in the middle along with a foldover top. Lilac trim is the perfect clincher on this metallic beauty and price point is $975 at NAP. Version on the right is the slightly larger Jimmy Choo Marin Oversized Clutch which boasts walnut patent leather with suede panels on the back. A brass ring on the front along with a zip compartment on the bottom finish this larger version off at NAP for $1375.

Which do you prefer, if either? Or would you rather I just drop it? (Although I may choose to ignore your wishes :wink: )

Jimmy Choo Mave Patent Clutch

I have been a huge fan of this clutch from the get-go. It is hip, young, and practical. So a new color and a new leather can make its way into my heart. Totally sultry and sexy, the Jimmy Choo Plum Patent Clutch will add a little vavoom with the shining patent leather, rich gold hardware, and perfect plum color. The clutch is a double zip and there is a brass logo plate and stud accents. From shocking blue, to understated gold, to this patent plum edition, I am confident that Jimmy Choo is onto something. This of course is a foldover clutch, with a magnetic snap closure and suede lining. Dimensions are 10½”W x 7″H x 1″D. If you loved this clutch before but wanted something a little more sophisticated, try this option. Via Saks for $975.

Valentino Striped Bow Clutch

Typically a striped ivory/black pattern could scare me away, but for some odd relentless reason, I am completely and totally drawn to this clutch. Valentino has released the Valentino Striped Bow Clutch which shows off an oversized bow that doubles over as a wristlet along with the black/ivory satin that I am now fond of. A zip closure with satin pull tabs finish off the outside, alongside black satin lining on the inside. There are no pockets, just one compartment. The measurements are 5″H x 10″W x 1/2″D. In a larger bag, I would most likely give it a nay, but in this smaller clutch, it provides the perfect va-voom. Pre-order via Bergdorf Goodman for $850.

Pic of model holding the bag below!

bottega veneta knot clutch

As much as we all need an everyday bag, the importance of an evening clutch is just as high. You can not be that person that walks into a nice dinner with an oversized tote bag over your arm, unless you are toting a young child, and even then you at least need to still look stylish. A tad more of an extravagant clutch, but a stunning timeless piece nonetheless, the Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch has been seen on hands of the fabulous all over the world. Anthracite and brown, woven and textured, this leather box clutch is pulled together with a knotted leather clasp fastening. While the leather version is a perfect safe answer, BV offers an array of other materials and colors in the Knot Clutch. Drool worthy via Net-A-Porter for $1780.

Jimmy Choo Rio Oversize Clutch If we were to play the word association game, the term ‘Jimmy Choo’ would most likely warrant the response, ‘Shoes!’. Even being a handbag addict, you would still most likely say shoes, I know I would. But Jimmy Choo is trying to be a brand known for a bit of diversity; stunning shoes and stunning bags. It can be done, but the question is, are they doing it? I have no problem telling the folks behind Jimmy Choo that it is perfectly fine to keep a good thing going by slightly re-inventing it. The Ramona has been a hit along with the recent addition of the Foldover Clutch. A little bit of this and that, and poof, you have the Jimmy Choo Rio Oversize Clutch which bears a resemblance to its big sister, Ramona. This clutch which can also be used as a small shoulder/evening bag is designed with calf leather which is cinched with leather straps through silver rings. The chain link strap is detachable. Two pockets on the inside along with suede lining are found on the inside. The measurements are large, 16½”W X 9½”H X 3½”D, but perfect for the gal who carries a bit. What I am stumped about is the price. Sure I will splurge $550 for a pair of Choo shoes, but ask me to pay $1400 for a Choo clutch and I cringe. I’d opt for the 2.5 Choo’s that I could buy, but the clutch is still cute, just not that cute. Pre-order at Saks for $1395. (more…)

Roberto Cavalli Laser Cut Clutch

Roberto Cavalli Laser Cut Clutch Microscopically fine detailing makes this clutch a piece worth mentioning. When designing this intricate clutch, Cavalli must have wanted to create a masterpiece and a talking piece. The Roberto Cavalli Laser Cut Clutch showcases a multicolor underside which is topped with a detailed gold laser cut leather design. Weaving, cutting, edging, and paying close attention to detail, the laser cut design seems to make lines that form a swirly pattern and even a beetle bug. There is a press stud fastening closure and an optional gold chain shoulder strap. This would not be an everyday clutch, not even a ‘nice dinner out’ clutch, but more of a once in a while at a huge Foundation Dinner or Gala piece. I’d take it to a black or white tie event and if the conversation turned to politics, which I despise, I’d take this baby out and try to get the table to talk about it. That would sure be a conversation starter, or killer, depending on the crowd. But this fine detailed bag is available for a decent price and has great measurements; 12 x 5 x 1.5. For a little piece of conversation and beauty via Net A Porter for $1015.

Devi Kroell Crystal Wooden ClutchFab Sugar has reported that the woodsy accessories and the green movement are making an impact in the fashion world. It can be seen on a clutch like the Devi Kroell Crystal Wooden Clutch. This clutch shows that wood is not only used for floors, pencils, and paper, but can make a great looking clutch too. There are jewels bedazzling the wooden box clutch and a gold clasp closure. A different look, but is it the look for you?

Via Devi Kroell for $1390.

Fab or Drab?

Miu Miu Oversized Suede Clutch

The oversized handbag trend is still lingering, so many designers are deciding to keep riding the oversized wave and move on to clutches. What many designers cease to remember is that a clutch is meant to be carried in your hand. Make a visual image of how large you think Miu Miu has made this clutch, and take a better look and learn more after the jump. (more…)