Stella McCartney Sea Grass Clutch

I can not call this handbag a fug bag because I don’t consider it completely ugly, but for this price is makes me have a deep down tummy chuckle. Stella, are you seriously going to charge people $745 for the Stella McCartney Sea Grass Clutch that could easily be designed by me? And trust me, I am an average gal who can get her hands on some sea grass, a charm, and a small accessory body. I could even use simple twine and a hot glue gun and meticulously wrap the twine around the nearly free coin pouch body I buy from the fabric store. Sure it is cute for a summer day, but for this price, I would buy something that does not look MacGyver-ready-in-3-minutes tops. A whopping $745 via Neiman Marcus.

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  • Naggy

    I would not be caught dead using that.(ipad)