Chloe Plexi Leather Clutch

Even though we have only officially lived in South Florida for a few days, the fashionable come out in multitudes everyday. This is the land of dressing up to go get groceries. This morning Vlad and I took the dog for a walk, and if anyone drove by and saw my outfit they would have literally fallen over laughing. Striped pants, purple sandals, and a black vest (on top of my old shirt of course). I realized that there needs to be a little more effort going into my everyday wear, even if it is just to pump gas. Miami especially is the land of glitz, glamour, and barely there clothing. To add a modern and edgy appeal to my outfits, a clutch like the Chloe Plexi Leather Clutch will pop out with its shimmering silver metallic leather and frame body. This clutch would work perfectly in South Beach, as Deco Drive is the place to be when you are fabulous, stylish, or sight-seeing. The closure is made with lucite and finishes off the art-deco appeal. I find this handbag to be a refreshing Chloe handbag, as many of their bags are not nearly as edgy. Buy through Net A Porter for $1,720.

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  • baghag

    metallic was in last christmas and i dont think this clutch really made an impact to the society.why spend this much when you can buy the new prada or the new lv in lesser price than this granny chocolate wrap clutch.

  • mette

    Hello, this clutch is way over-priced. There is simply n o t h i n g in this clutch that justifies the price. Please don´t let the name of the brand fool you! Chloe just hasn´t produced anything worth mentioning for a very long time,if ever.

  • Laura

    Well if you love this bag but not the price check out from some great money saving alternatives! I’ve found some great stuff on there that hasnt destroyed my bank account.

  • Margarita

    Cute, but WAY overpriced. :shock:

  • ChooBlue

    Yikes, I am totally not feeling this.

  • dazzle

    can get a much cuter clutch for 10% of the this price


    If you like this bag, I’m positive you’ll even love the one I find on artful wears even better!!

  • justme

    this bag is fierce! I bought it the other day and I used it in a pary! guess what, everybody loved it! they kept asking me where I bought it. I just use my bags once because I see them as art but I’m sure that I’ll use this more than once! It’s just urban chic, don´t you think?