Chanel Fall 2007 Clutch
Image via Style

It’s raining Chanel, Hallelejia! The dangling chain CC detailing gives this Chanel bag a bit extra flavor for a night on the town. As seen from the Fall/Winter runway, Chanel is bringing dangling chain detailing back. If this encompasses the whole bag, it is too much, but just on the C’s on this Chanel Fall 2007 Clutch, the hang chain detailing really is subtly appealing. On nothing other than supple green leather, this clutch would be sure to catch some attention and make a bold statement. I totally dig it. Inquire further via Chanel.

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  • I-S-F

    Interestiinnggg… I really didn’t like at first glance, but to be honest I think that’s because of the green. If it were a crean background, I think it could look really good. And, if the chains were gold, that would be even better. I-S-F

  • countrygl

    It looks like something that was dragged out from the bottom of a swamp.

  • Roxana

    Haha! yeah, it does. It’ a ‘funny’ item…

  • sjador

    where can i get that white chanel handbag? its the one for 1999.00

  • Kristin

    not my favorite but i love how intricate they make everything.

  • lala

    its pretty ugly but i still like the design that they made on it

  • sara

    I LOVE this clutch!! why is every1 hating!! :mad:

  • natalie

    its not hidoeus, but it looks like the chanel logo is melting. ummm….pretty weird

  • i love chanel and coach their my best designers ever :razz: :lol: :oops: :neutral: :mrgreen:

  • toya

    :sad: thats not a pretty bag at all i wouldnt have it :!:

  • lori

    i LOVE it! does anyone know how much it costs? it’s amazing!! i don’t get why people are hating on it! it’s quirky and definitely not boring

  • mybagbase

    Yes,I think so!!

  • Natalie

    YES!That is what It seem so different from the other bags.I like this sort of desige :novelty !!

  • Anna

    none of u know real fashion….chanel is a fashion empire…..all there items are flawless

  • shadi

    I love chenel:X:X

  • Lesley

    it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Naggy

    They’re like little ugly windchimes. (ipad)