I think that this clutch is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, but I realize that it’s hardly everyone’s taste. I have a very particular look for things that I tend to buy – I sent Megs a link to a pair of Chloe motorcycle boots that I loved recently, and her reaction was “Oh, those are so you.” They were covered in zippers and buckles, black leather with silver hardware. I have a particular point of view, and I can’t even begin to estimate the amount of times that my friends have looked at something I wanted and said, “Huh. That looks like you.”

Alexander McQueen Knuckle Buster Clutch

Which is not only why I like the Alexander McQueen Knuckle Buster Clutch, but also why I like Alexander McQueen in general. He has a look and he goes with it, particularly in his clutches, and he seems to care little whether or not they have a wide appeal. They’re kitschy, fun, and reflect the punk and goth subcultures in the UK with which McQueen has always been so intimately connected. The scull-topped “brass” knuckles that form the handle to this clutch are so utterly brilliant and weird that I almost don’t know what to say about them, except to say that they are so very McQueen. His insistence on making quirky, interesting things is something that we should all celebrate, even if those things aren’t your taste (but they certainly are mine). Buy through Saks for $1595.

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  • LeaD

    LOVE it! we have similar badass tastes! hahaa

  • Otter

    Someone please alert Danielle from the Real HouseHos of Jersey. This was made for her.

    Oh and if Simon buys this for his wife Alex, Ramona should step in and kick him in the nuts at the next charity event.


  • papertiger

    so me too!

  • spanish moss

    this is SO not me! but i love it.

    i like pretty and elegant and minimal, so this really isn’t my style. but its so out there on the edge that its just brilliant/g

  • Loquita

    Wouldn’t pay retail for it, but this is one BAD A** clutch. I love it! Two knuckles up!

    (Pardon the crappy joke, it’s late in the afternoon and I am getting punchy).

  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    Not really me but AMAZING!!

  • Mandy

    So not me. I could never pull it off. But I can appreciate it! It’s fantastic.

  • fuchsiafury

    I love the iridescent lustre of this clutch. It conjures up images of Tahitian pearls! Love it, but don’t really want it :) Know what I mean?

  • Merve

    I love the originality of this clutch. I dont think i would pay so much money for it but it is truly fabulous.

  • lllfashion

    not my style at all…would never carry it…but i have to admitt its originally punk and innovative….Mc Queen has used sculls and other elements of the goth culture before as an inspiration…its sth he does very well…its him…its original…

    unlike MJ that adds 2 safety pins on the “stam” and call it punk….

  • jo712

    I adore this!!! I wonder if you have to slip your fingers in the rings to hold it…

  • Kimberley

    I love it! I can totally see a celeb like Rihanna pulling it off.

  • Mika

    The knuckles can actually be handy to carry the clutch…good job!! :D

  • Pamela M

    I absolutely LOVE this clutch, only problem is when I pay this much, I’m going to want to wear it to an event. The skulls on the rings don’t really fit in there. But other than that, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

  • Kendra

    This looks kind of painful, I don’t know if I would carry it. It might be too much. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    cmon, really? (fb)

  • Claire Bear

    Fabulous – I love my knuckleduster clutch – looks fab and you don’t want to put it down!

  • Naggy

    I kinda like the oil slick look and am fan of the concept of holding the bag by wearing its rings. (ipad)