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CC 176: The Collector Who Hates Shopping

"I only go when I have an item in mind and make the decision to buy from overseas or at the shop"

In today’s installment of Closet Confessionals, we meet a collector in her early thirties hailing from Dubai. After snagging her first designer bag at 29, this real estate professional began acquiring a new bag every 3 or 4 months. Just 3 years after beginning her collecting journey, CC 176 has amassed a collection of Goyard, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more. Next up, she hopes to snag a Classic Chanel Flap Bag, and she states that since carrying more designer pieces, her colleagues and clients have started treating her a bit differently.

CC 176 has a very down-to-earth attitude toward bags, stating that she’s inspired by real people and how they style and wear their bags. Rarely does she fall into the social media marketing/influencer trap, and this collector actually doesn’t enjoy the process of shopping. Rather she likes to go in and out when she knows what it is that she wants.

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The Basics

Age: 32
Gender Identity: Female
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Occupation: Real Estate Conveyancer
Industry: Real Estate
Salary: $85,000
Household Income: $170,000

The Bags

Are you a PurseForum member? No

How many bags do you own? 8

What bags are in your collection?

How much is your collection worth? USD 14,000

What is your most expensive bag? LV On The Go MM

What are the most important brands or pieces in your collection? Goyard Rouette Classic Black and LV On the Go MM.

What age did you get your first designer bag, and what was it? Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM (classic monogram), 29 years old.

Is there a specific bag you are looking to purchase next? Chanel Medium Flap.

Any particular bag that holds a special sentimental value? Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM (classic monogram) because it is a limited edition, and I have been dreaming about owning one for about 5 years.

Do you feel like your bags change people’s perceptions of you or how you’re treated? YES! In Dubai, where mostly everyone in real estate (not all) is about the glitz and the glamour, colleagues and clients alike now have “more time” for me when they see I earn enough money to own an expensive bag. I feel I am now being taken more seriously compared to when I was using affordable brands.

Have your bag-carrying habits changed since Covid? Nope

The Shopping

How often do you buy new bags? Once in every 3 or 4 months, “seldom.”

Has the Coronavirus pandemic changed your shopping habits or overall attitude towards luxury? Nope

Which stores do you frequent the most? Harvey Nichols

Do you ever buy second-hand bags? Where do you buy used? Yes, via a trusted consignor/online reseller.

Do you sell old bags to pay for new purchases? Yes, via a trusted consignor/online reseller.

Do you ever feel societal pressure to purchase more bags? Sometimes. When I see colleagues/clients with luxury designer bags and I like how it looks on them, I try to envision myself wearing the bag, too, or try them at the store. If I see they look good on me, I make the decision to buy. I rarely fall to online marketing because I like to see how the bag actually looks in person on people I meet.

Do you consider your bag purchases investments? Yes

Who influences your buying decisions? Random people I see everyday.

Are sales associate relationships instrumental to your shopping? Nope

Why do you enjoy shopping, beyond just acquiring something new? I don’t, LOL. I hate shopping. I only go when I have an item in mind and make the decision to buy from overseas or at the shop.

Have you ever felt like you received inferior service at a store or boutique due to your appearance, ethnicity or gender? YEP. Very common in Dubai.

The Money

Who pays for your bags? ME 🙂

Do you set aside a budget for your bag purchases? In a way, yes. I have a fraction of my pay that I use for non-essential stuff. For example, unexpected commissions or amounts that are not part of my budget & savings breakdown. It could go from like USD 10 to USD 500. That’s the bit of my take-home pay that I usually spend on my bags.

The Taboo Topics

Have you ever purchased a counterfeit because you couldn’t afford a designer item? Nope, because I read an article online years and years ago that money made from counterfeits can easily be related to funding organized crimes and terrorism. I used to just buy affordable brands.

Do you ever hide purchases from your significant other? No.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to afford a bag? Nothing…yet.

Do you think your shopping is ever a problem? Have you ever felt like you were struggling with a shopping addiction? Nope. There are much, much more important things up on my list like travel and food, LOL.

The Rest Of It

Any other expensive hobbies or passions? Travel.

Anything else you would like to include? Do not ever feel pressured to keep up with the trends or the people around you. Buy what makes your heart flutter and your eyes sparkle. Believe that bags can be really good investments but do buy the bags you would also want to use in case they do not turn out to be such a good investment years later for whatever reason. Don’t get into debt just because of a bag. Not to sound negative, but you’ll have better reasons to get in debt for in case the going gets tough.


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